David Love: Man on a mission (Journal de Montréal, March 3, 2012)

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by mnql1, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. moarxenu Member

    And you will notice they started falling in 2008. Gee, I wonder what could have caused that.
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  2. Intelligence Member

    Will post ALL of the financials this week in a New Thread. ***<YAWN>***, just woke up
    to text beeps,..., "WTF,..., who the heck is beeping me now,...,LOL?" TV reporter again!

    Makin' cup of strong coffee for interview shortly:):):)

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  3. Intelligence Member

    Anonymous delivers again! Tx for all the Intel on reporter et al - - equipment is now
    set up and ready for beginning of eventual end,..,LOL :)

    YUK!!! Ran out of sugar for coffee (No havingness):)
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  4. Intelligence Member

    Oh', my gosh! Balls of steel reporter. There has been another serious complaint filed against
    NN TR from a patient out West and the parents are PISSED!

    Arrangements are being made for on-camer interviews here in Montreal for this National
    TV Station VERY soon. (English).

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  5. Intelligence Member

    To confirm Reporter's identity, I asked if their Spouse worked at XXXXX?

    The reporter was stunned, "How did you know that", they said? I just said, "{We
    have a very good "Intelligence" network and we are fast for security reasons",..., LOL :):):)

    And just in case TV tapes go missing again, all of this 20 minute interview was recorded. Amazing.

    And I WILL Youtube it if need be!

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  6. AuntAnonymous Member

    The cult is used to keeping critics in little pockets here and there. HAHA No more! The internets has taken care of that plus having journalists with some balls. Keep at it David! More will report and more will hear and more will speak out and then the glorius 'End Days of $cilon Hoard' will be upon us.
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  7. Intelligence Member

    I was quite ignorant of just how big the Journal le Montreal is. A source where I work
    says that they load up a skid of these newspapers every day and fly them to Florida for
    our French Canadian snow birds to read. Just before arriving at work today, an English
    newspaper phoned me and wants an interview tonight.

    I think many of the media now, have shedded their cult fears and are aware of the harms
    and abuses. March should be an interesting month:)

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  8. Anonymous Member

    Anonymous can help make sure that the person calling you is actually a journalist and not a cult spai. Posing as journalists is a trick that cult spais have been known to use.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    A better test would have been to get him to tell you where his wife worked.
    Or ask him if she worked at some made up place and see if he said no or yes.
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  10. Intelligence Member

    Next two are now Sec Checked by Anons, LOL :)

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  11. It's not too late, we should be giving
    Only with Love can we climb.

    Couldn't resist. I just like cheering for the good guys.
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  12. Intelligence Member

    Financials should be posted in new thread tonight if time permits. In Prince George, BC,
    we call Moose "swamp donkies", because they're always up to their "jewels" in the swamps,..., LOL.

    Now I know how it feels,..., lately:)

    Priority to buy bag of sugar on way home tonight.

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  13. Intelligence Member

    Looking to attract United Kingdom media attention on new case being filed end of this
    week with UK Human Right Commission for EXPLOITATION of Disabled (Narconon Case).

    Circumstances similar to Canada Cases - same Common Law principles apply.

    Feel so very sorry for the victim :-(

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  14. Intelligence Member

    Breaking news story in Vancouver, British Columbia - - just got off phone
    to Reporter (Sister to Journal de Montreal - - English Version).

    This Article, hopefully will have a new twist and impact :)

    Interview delayed until a little later tonight.

    USA Investigative Reporter contacted me today and interview for Article will be soon,
    followed by being published soon,.., LOL. (this one will be awesome WINS)

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  15. Intelligence Member

    SHIT!!! No Sugar Tonight - - forgot to stop at store on way home - - bumped into pole while browsing/posting
    on my cell,..., LOL :)

  16. Intelligence Member

    O' - Oh,..., something is wrong with David (speechless LOL) - - he just got off a 46 minute interview
    with reporter from Vancouver, British Columbia. This reporter is hoping to have
    story published this weekend (if their lawyers don't suffer a stroke,..., LOL).

    It almost seems like a race they are in. When I was surprised about it coming out so
    soon, she said they wanted to publish before the media did:)

    We'll see.

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  17. Intelligence Member

    Uploaded by Intelligenceplus on Mar 6, 2012
    March 7, 2012 - - With recent media exposing the Scientology rehab center, Narconon Trois-Rivieres, a reckoning is on the doorstep for cult/sect scams in Canada and other countries. David Edgar Love confronts all aspects of Narconon, as one hundred percent Scientology indoctrination practices, recruiting patients as staff members and up L. Ron Hubbard's "Bridge to the Bridge".


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  18. BigBeard Member

    When I think about the NN 'Bridge', all I can picture is the two shmucks on the dock that hooked the shark in the original "Jaws" movie.

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  19. Random guy Member

    Great work, David!
  20. TinyDancer Member

    Magnificent articles.

    100 GET
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  21. RightOn Member

    who would of thought this one little picture can do so much damage one day?
    Anyone know who the artist was?

    David all your hard work , persistance and determination is coming round full tilt and hittin' COS square in the crotch.
    My sword to you Sir
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  22. Using Nicole Kidman in your video was appropriate. It's like you got her to say all the things she might liked to have said about the cult.
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  23. Yeah. She and all the others who may have been coerced into signing non disclosure agreements, while under duress and surrounded by culties.

    I think the celebrities should lead the way because they have (a) money, (b) resources to help them through Black PR and fair gaming, and (c) they'd probably love the attention and think all PR is good.
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  24. Intelligence Member

    LOL,.., it was intential and perhaps her ex may be in one soon :) - still weighing some thoughts:)

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  25. Intelligence Member

    A journalist just contacted me out of Ottawa. Another victim contacted reporter, indicating
    severe trauma from NN TR experience. Very upsetting that the Gov is so SLOW in acting!
    I will be in contact with victim after work.

    Must be care that I don't express in words, what my mind is raging with. With the number
    that ARE coming forward now, how many are not - - can be frustrating at times.

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  26. Intelligence Member

    Catching another bus in a few minutes. (when I settle down and get a new kitty, I'm going to call it "Bus"):)

    Mmmm,...,getting bored - - I need a Raid or Protest to go to,..., LOL :)

  27. Intelligence Member

    A Magician,..., LOL :)

    I was so very honoured today. I wrote part of a Script for my supervisor a few weeks
    ago; then ran a pilot to see the results. Sales increased by 26%! He doesn't know yet,
    that I wrote and published two marketing books in the 90's and another the week after
    I graduated NN TR,..., LOL.

    He knows I work till 4-5am nearly everyday, then catch a nap before leaving for day job at
    11am or so. He also has a copy of my PTSD Medical Certificate on file to escuse me for short
    breaks when an issue arises that "torments" me back to NN TR scene.

    He once asked me if I was in a War? I said, "No, much worse, I think." He keeps a copy of the
    two page Journal de Montreal article in his office. He is awestruck and amazed at some things.

    This person is special - - a very respectful and compassionate person and I will pen a few words
    about details in my new book. This is NOT the place.

    A Magician? He voiced this to a group of agents today,..., LOL, "Dr. Love - the Magician":)

    How can a person have so much fun as I am, when you consider what I went through and what
    I'm doing? Honestly, I really don't understand it myself. I laugh until tears most days; especially
    on here,..., LOL.

    Simply stated, I am Sooooo very blessed , so VERY BLESSED. Thank you Anonymous:):):)

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  28. Intelligence Member

    This is NOT a warning - this is a promise! I have not received ANY response from
    the person resposible for NN TR Certification. This email last week was CCed to
    prominent agencies and political figures. Perhaps the email was lost or misdirected?

    This next Monday, March 12, 2012, if still no reply, a REISTERED LETTER, with additional
    content, will be sent to the Ministry worker responsible, PLUS far up the political trough, to
    facilitate action.

    For those politicians who may be reading/following this thread, I suggest "Steel-Toed" work
    boots for next week, because I don't give a rat's ass who's toes I step on - - we are going to get
    this done one way or another. So grow some balls and do what is "Right and Just" for your citizens
    who voted you in!

    David Edgar Love

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  29. Thank you, David! <3
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  30. Intelligence Member


  31. Intelligence Member


    This one is the TV Reporter

  32. Intelligence Member


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  33. Intelligence Member

    Well, just got off another (3rd one), interview with Reporter in Vancouver, B.C. - - going on camera
    this week. This is a new to me. It will be a Montreal TV Crew, but will have an Earpiece, listening
    to Reporter's questions coming from Vancouver. But apparently, on TV it will appear as though I
    am talking to a Reporter that's right beside me,..., LOL.

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  34. Intelligence Member

    This might be a decent TV Show - we'll see? This Reporter has dox that I haven't even sent
    to the Government yet (they will receive them end of this week):)

    Reporters investigate FASTER than the Government - - it's all about "timing" in this battle,...,LOL :)

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  35. Anonymous Member

    It's great that the news will report it before official government action. This way they can report it again after official action is taken (or is not taken).
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Once again demonstrating that your OT powers are better than Scientology's.
  37. anoninoob Member

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  38. Anonymous Member

  39. Intelligence Member

    Well, NN TR will be receiving a call today or tomorrow from their favourate CBC TV
    conglomerate who did an Expose in April 2008 by Emilie at CBC TV - Radio Canada,
    which started the QC certification process at that time.

    Considering what this Show is focussed on (abuse and exploitation of a certain patient from another Province), I think the NN TR response to reporter will be "No Comment" :)

    Formal complaints to government pending.

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  40. Intelligence Member

    Just confirmed. Cameras start rolling tomorrow in a discreet location.
    Don't know yet when the piece will air.

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