David Love: Man on a mission (Journal de Montréal, March 3, 2012)

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by mnql1, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Tony Ortega March 20, 2012

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  2. Intelligence Member

    NN TR will be facing an onslaught of Media coverage over the next while

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  3. peterstorm Member

    Dave making his way on english TV at last. This is gonna be good, I know it. Make a splash!
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  4. Random guy Member

    Good luck David!
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  5. Intelligence Member

    Yahooo,...,LOL - - filming is all done I had a ton of fun:) I have it all recorded (25minutes) - - camerman
    was awesome and he took some shots with my camera. So I will put together a ``tease`` video later
    tonight and post.

    Their lawyers better take some blood pressure Meds before listening to ALL of it,...,LOL.

    Also, I went to the Montreal ORG - -they had the door wide open for me to take photos. Baloons eveywhere!
    Is it L. Rons birthday or what:)

    Still at my day job right now:):):)
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  6. GuyFox Member

    Congrats Dave, glad it went so well! :)

    Whoa, if they actually celebrated it today, then they REALLY went out of their way to ensure it wouldn't coincide with any of our raids. The actual birthday was on the 13th...

    Most likely it was something else, there's always some "party" or "celebration" going on for appearances.
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  7. Intelligence Member

    Will post pics later. There were balls of baloons and a FedEx van parked there, with a guy delivering
    something. Looked like opening of a B-Rated book shop,..,LOL.

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  8. Intelligence Member

    Tx Pete. How is the ``àppointment-meeting`` coming along. Is it time for me
    to shop for some chain and lock yet. (gezzze, I hate these FRENCH key boards - can`t do a
    question mark!!) :)

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  9. Intelligence Member

    Thank goodness - - back on English key board now and will post short clip of TV Interview today
    in a few minutes. Uploading to Youtube now:)

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  10. Intelligence Member

    Uploaded by Intelligenceplus on Mar 21, 2012
    March 21, 2012 - David Edgar Love interviewed on CBC TV Vancouver. A very short 1.5 minute clip of a 20 plus minute on camera interview. TV Show is about Narconon in Canada; especially Narconon Trois-Rivieres, and the Church of Scientology relationship to Narconon. This is an in depth investigation report, with other interviews being combined to complete the final show. No date has been set thus far as to airing of show. Scientology indoctrination while at Narconon, as well as other Scientology-Narconon Cult-Sect activities are exposed.

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  11. Dragononymous Member

    +1 Canada for David
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  12. Bravo, David! <3!!!
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  13. I just picture the culties sitting around a table. One says
    "You know what, we should have never fucked around with that Love guy"
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  14. Intelligence Member

    Uploaded by Intelligenceplus on Mar 21, 2012
    March 22, 2012 - Yvette Shank (OSA Canada and President of Scientology Canada), intimidates protester, saying, "we could find you if we wanted to". David Edgar Love responds, "We WILL find you".

    "David Love Vs, Yvette Shank"

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  15. Intelligence Member

    Here's another one just in. Formal Complaint pending to Human Rights Commission
    and Ministry of Health.

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  16. Pique Member

    They just don't learn do they Intelligence?
  17. Intelligence Member

    No they don't, but perhaps a judge at sentencing will give them a few tips
    on what a jail cell and their cell mate looks like if they keep it up?

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  18. Learning from Scientology's mistakes is out-KSW.
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  19. Intelligence Member

    Well, we'll teach them a lesson and they can either "learn it" or lose it":)

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  20. Intelligence Member

    Just going over some more notes from inside Narconon. The Executive Director, Marc Bernard
    at the time, was the MC at one Friday Graduation. On one occasion, Marc said, "I heard some of
    you are having trouble and complaining about having to sit still for four hours doing TR's". Marc
    went on to tell his story of waiting for hours at a time for his drug dealer to show up to deliver
    him drugs. Marc said, "Look you guys, if you can sit for hours waiting for your connection to
    show up, you can sit through a few hours of TR's without complaining. DUH!

    Marc never addressed some of the patients unable to sit for 4 hours because of back surgeries, or
    tougettes syndrome, or neck injuries causing pain if held in one position too long. It was Tech talk
    the entire time.

    But then again, I must remember who Marc is - - un uncaring S.O.B. who told me that, "Don't
    be concerned about John Doe being relapsed, feeling suicidal, and asking for help; he's only 33
    and has a long time left before he dies." When Marc was in my Graduate Office telling me that,
    I felt like standing up and throwing the little prick out my office window; perhaps landing on his
    COS head would smarten him up a bit - - but I doubt it :)

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  21. Anonymous Member

    Spank me! Spank me good and hard!
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  22. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Good man, never can have enough back up when dealing with the cult. Also we don't get a chance to be heard every day so you cant be under prepared
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  23. Intelligence Member

    Just in a few minutes ago from NN TR an ex-staff who has a list that backs up mine:)

    At one time, there were as many as 91 patients at NN TR and three young ladies became pregnant
    while there, including one under-age. Unfortunately, my list indicates more than three - both patient
    with patient and staff with patient. Confirmed minimum of three staff with patient while patient in
    program and within 15 days of patient graduating and recruited onto staff and recruited into veteran
    staffs bedroom.

    Many more intimate encounters with patient and staff on weekends at the NN TR staff apartment
    complex down the road from NN TR, including, but limited to, Qualifications Officer, Head Course
    Room Supervisor, and Legal Liason Officer. Even new Grads with Executives. The most inappropriate
    predatory, exploitive behaviour I've ever seen.

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  24. Quentinanon Member

    I wonder how Marc Bernard scores on the Hare Psychopathy Checklist.
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  25. Anonymous Member


    The Hare PCL-R contains two parts, a semi-structured interview and a review of the subject's file records and history. During the evaluation, the clinician scores 20 items that measure central elements of the psychopathic character. The items cover the nature of the subject's interpersonal relationships; his or her affective or emotional involvement; responses to other people and to situations; evidence of social deviance; and lifestyle. The material thus covers two key aspects that help define the psychopath: selfish and unfeeling victimization of other people, and an unstable and antisocial lifestyle.
    The twenty traits assessed by the PCL-R score are:
    • glib and superficial charm
    • grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self
    • need for stimulation
    • pathological lying
    • cunning and manipulativeness
    • lack of remorse or guilt
    • shallow affect (superficial emotional responsiveness)
    • callousness and lack of empathy
    • parasitic lifestyle
    • poor behavioral controls
    • sexual promiscuity
    • early behavior problems
    • lack of realistic long-term goals
    • impulsivity
    • irresponsibility
    • failure to accept responsibility for own actions
    • many short-term marital relationships
    • juvenile delinquency
    • revocation of conditional release
    • criminal versatility
    The interview portion of the evaluation covers the subject's background, including such items as work and educational history; marital and family status; and criminal background. Because psychopaths lie frequently and easily, the information they provide must be confirmed by a review of the documents in the subject's case history.
  26. RightOn Member

    NN TR....
    harming people daily with their untrained staff in their "Den of Iniquity"
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  27. Intelligence Member

    Mmmm,..., he certainly is quite the liar and the ESTO Officer caught him red handed twice.

    Unbeknown to Marc Bernard, I was having dinner in a cafe with the head honcho of NN TR, Aline
    Proulx, the ESTO Officer at the time, (Marc was demoted to CS from ED). Marc instructed me to run
    a "False Data Stripping" on a First Nations patient. I said no; no way was I going to do this when I had no
    experience and did not want to do it. I don't believe in taking someone's beliefs away and replacing them with
    cult thinking.

    So here I am arguing with Marc and the ESTO Officer listening to the entire call. The next morning Marc writes me up and gives it to NN Int who was there on a mission and corrections. I was called to the ESTO office and the write up was handed to me. I said this is a blatant lie, I never said what Marc is accusing me
    of and the ESTO agreed.

    Basically, I left the ESTO office, walked into Marc's office, calling him a fricken liar and threw the letter
    on the floor in front of NN Int - - said a few (quite a few), choice words and walked out. Marc was also caught in a lie addressing all the staff at morning Roll Call. He said there was NO money for Payroll and I and the ESTO Officer knew there was still $100,000 out of the nearly $600,000 left.

    AND recently, one of the government investigators caught executives in blatant lies that they will never be able to defend.

    Marc is very cunning and manipulative; the problem is that his IQ does not allow for him NOT to get
    caught,..., LOL.

    Perhaps he does have psychopath traits and unstable behaviour. Definately not the sharpest
    pencil in the box of Culties:)


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  28. Anonymous Member

    You should write a book.
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  29. Intelligence Member

    Actually, I started writing a new book a short while after arriving at NN TR and hope to
    have it published end of May 2012. I think it is a book like no other on the market and definately
    don't hold anything back (some embarassing, but it is what is is). This is the most difficult book
    out of the four. The others were business marketing books; nothing compared to this one,..., LOL :)

    Chapters will be forwarded to Editor very soon. Hope to publish in English and French.

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  30. Intelligence Member

    I think some of the dox that will be in the book, opposite the story, will be a jaw-dropper at times.
    The only way to ensure that some of it is believable, is to have the actual dox in the book to
    substantiate the facts. :)

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  31. Quentinanon Member

    Robert D. Hare, PhD. another great Canadian. His research seems to describe the personality characteristics of scientology leaders quite accurately.

    Robert Hare was recently named to the Order of Canada, one of Canada's highest civilian honours. The Order of Canada recognizes a lifetime of achievement and contribution to society, and was presented by the Governor General of Canada in September 2011.
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  32. peterstorm Member

    I remember Jean-Paul Dubreuil did put some documents, mostly letters from the cult, SP declare and such, at the end of his book. It made it more interesting.
  33. Intelligence Member

    I guess I was in a unique position at NN TR. I was a patient for a long time; a total of
    five very long, brutal months - - and during this time, I met and became quite close to
    many, many patients. I was also close to some staff; especially the Junior Ethics Officer,
    who was o0ne of my children and also their staff friends. I was writing "CSW's" before
    I even graduated.

    After graduating, I was on staff for six months, moving up from being Course Room Supervisor to
    Registrar, Graduate Officer and in charge of building new Registered Foundation. Some staff were
    pissed that these Posts were given to me and not them,..., LOL. The reason why is in one of my new
    book chapters.

    On Fathers Day morning, (2:00am), my family member escaped the NN TR apartment complex and
    fled to BC - - leaving $11.000 worth of new appliances and personal belongings. Needless to say, it was
    my worst Father's Day ever. I didn't know she was leaving. The only message I received the first day
    after she left was, "Dad, I know you're very strong now - - KICK SOME ASS" :) - - and I followed
    what she said every day since.

    I've been back to BC twice to visit - - very nice. All my Kids understand WHY I'm here to finish
    what I started - - AND finish, I will :):):)

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  34. Intelligence Member

    WOW! Just finished a one and a half hour conversation with the victim who CBC interviewed
    before my Montreal interview. Hello Human Rights Commission Quebec:)

    This is one of the most bizzar stories yet! Just when you think you've heard it all, another
    mind bender arrives in your mind. I think (and hope undercover agents are), taking the time
    to investigate these ***F_ _KERS*** for criminal charges. This vulnerable, distraught family
    member, found NN TR by one of the most lucrative Fake Referral web sites in Canada. And I
    was informed recently by the web site owner that they no longer deal with NN TR. BULLSHIT!!!

    I was pretty sure it was an OP and I was being played for Intel,..., LOL. Incredible what OSA will
    do and at the same time, thinking that I would fall for it. Nice try.

    All they have done is piss this victim off even more. Each person they dealt with at NN TR, I know
    quite well and the stories the victim was told, was pure Scientology lies and made up stories to get
    their loved one to NN TR. Good luck with Certification Andre - - you're going to need more than luck.

    Another book chapter? :)

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  35. Intelligence Member

    I have to be careful about the info I post right now, but this below might give one an
    idea of how frickin' bizzar things at NN TR and the staff apartment complex were/are at times.

    I have connected a lot of dots tonight and one of the Registrars at NN TR is quite the story teller
    with a gift for wild imaginations,..., LOL.

    Here is the complete article I wrote and published about this gun death^^^^^.

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  36. Intelligence Member


  37. moarxenu Member

    These are accurate psychological profiles for both L. Ron Hubbard and David Miscavige.
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  38. Intelligence Member

    Amazing - - some of these define the character and personality of the Pack-Like thinking
    Scilon Execs at NN TR. Some used to face the Hubbard photo every morning and chant
    some silly thing before work. CRAZY!!!

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  39. Intelligence Member

    Contacted today my Reporter, Emilie - Author of Le Journal Montreal (this Thread Article).

    She wants moar:) - LOTS more,..., LOL.

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  40. YAY!!! :)

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