David Love Needs Help - Narconon/Scientology - Harms Deaths

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. Intelligence Member

    The Dox that the Anons have given me here on ESMB, WWP, and The Tipping Point, are fantastic! It just needs to be complied in an orderly, comprehensive manner, that is so "Hard Hitting", that it will be the "Final Knock Out Punch" for Narconons accross Canada. This WILL happen; just a matter of time.


    Thank you for ALL your help with this. You have saved me many hours of work.

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  2. Anonymous Member

    From the Narconon Exposed site:

    Official evaluations of Narconon
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  3. Intelligence Member

    That's ^^^^^ exactly what they are doing.

  4. Anonymous Member

    More from Narconon Exposed: Note that the US Assistant Surgeon General wrote in 1989 "because of a lack of empirical data, the "Purification Rundown" concept cannot be considered medically sound."

    Letters and correspondence regarding Narconon's therapy
  5. Anonymous Member

    In 2003 the Irish Times reported on a court case:

  6. David; I found a copy of IC - Purif CHECKSHEET - 7 page PDF. It's tied to the "Clear Body Clear Mind" book which I don't have a copy of.

    If you need it, let me know.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Note that Scientology was convicted of fraud in France in a 2009 court case specifically for the purification rundown.
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  8. Intelligence Member

    ONLY by being befriended by Anons worldwide, could any of this been possible:)


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  9. Intelligence Member

    The Dragon Naturally Speaking is going to be my best friend for a few days.

    It writes as fast as I speak:)

    It works awesome; once I trained it to recognize "Scientologyeeze" words,..., LOL.

    Thanks to the Anon who provided this for me. <BIG HUG>


  10. RolandRB Member

    I refer you to the following video clip where you can see an example of its use on a member of the public taking part in a "free stress test". The person administering this test would be a Church member of staff:

    "Stress" is not a medical condition but other things are. At certain times into this video clip we hear the following:
    6:26 we hear a diagnosis concerning a stomach problem
    7:05 we hear direct confirmation that the e-meter can diagnose a stomach problem
    8:12 again the same
    9:20 we hear about the ability to cure bipolar disorder
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  11. Intelligence Member

    VERY awesome stuff! Incredible. Thank you:)

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  12. RolandRB Member

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  13. RolandRB Member

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  14. Intelligence Member

    I have a ton of dox info to work with now. Because the College will not accept email; only fax or mail, I must now print off hundreds of pages. So will organize in Word and PDF Files and hopefully more INK will arrive soon

    Will also begin Burning Videos to DVD Discs.

    If they will permit, I would like to do a PowerPoint Presentation in person to them?
    We'll see.

    I'm blown away by all the help that came so very fast:)


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  15. jensting Member

    References to a death in a French Narconon.

    Dunno if that's the one that caused them to be shut down in France.

    More from WhyAreTheyDead

    Best Regards

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  16. RolandRB Member

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  17. David; there is a $cilon publication called the Admin Dictionary.

    On Page #402 of the PDF, there is this entry:
    It's the only entry with anything narcotic or Narconon. I don't understand the (FBDL 220) reference. Perhaps a better scholar of the literature than I can decode it for us.

    There's that word again: Planet.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Here is the two page policy on how to force &quot;ruin&quot; as a result of the test, and to get them in courses and sell them books.


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  19. adhocrat Member

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  20. Thank you, Sir! :)
  21. adhocrat Member

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  22. yoshiyoyo Member

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  23. xenubarb Member

    You want to date Aaron Barr?
  24. BigBeard Member

    If I remember right, NOTS 22 & NOTS 34 are the ones that lay out for the $cilons how to "cure" physical maladies using auditing and the e-meter. And the way El Ron laid it out, he wasn't talking about "faith healing", he was claiming straight up cures for just about everything if the "Tech" was applied correctly.

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  25. Correct, with #34 riddled with "cure" data. #22 is esoteric; one example below:

    Here's some samples from #34:

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  26. Orson Member

    This thread is full of win. Good job everyone on pitching in to help David.

    I echo the earlier comment....David, if I ever piss you off, please let me make it right before you go to war.

    You magnificent bastard!
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  27. David;

    I'm going through the entire shit heap of the NOTS Series, flagging anything involving medical remedy, illness treating, e-meter medical diagnosis, etc. I'll post the collection of references here when I'm done, unless you would prefer a PM.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    I wish I could add more than my admiration for David and the relentless energy and passion he has for Doing The Right Thing. And all the dox-givers. This is an awesome thread and This Is Why.

    If this thread alone saves just one person from the obvious harm and disregard for life these fucking clam creeps have in store for unsuspecting victims, it's all worth it.

    Just when I think I couldn't get more disgusted with $cientology, I read threads like these.

    AGP nailed it when he wrecked their little prince & princess on a horse fantasy is the parking lot - "you should be ashamed to be $cientologists!".

    Sure he sniggered darkly in that annoying way, and he enjoys fucking people's lives up a little too much, but he was right when he yelled that at them.

    And they wonder why we protest. Unfuckingbelievable.
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  29. Your Protesting is a massive contribution to this effort. Yes, David is a Titan, and I know he appreciates everything Anonymous is doing to stop this vile, evil cult. Make no mistake, the cult is caving in and the pressure now must be relentless. Fight on, Anon!
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  30. Intelligence Member

    :) Six cases/boxes of ink was delivered to me today. Thank you:)

  31. Okay, FYI, while NOTS Series #34 is the smoking gun, here is a summary of the NOTS Series:

    From NOTS Series #18

    The Pre-OT probably shouldn't watch movies or TV during this Rundown, as BTs tend to make pictures of the movie and hang up in them, requiring handling at beginning of session. If too much restim occurs due to watching movies or TV, get the Pre-OT to stop watching them during the Rundown.

    I had earlier found that Vitamin B1 would turn off dreams or nightmares and that a lack of Vitamin B1 would make a pc more susceptible to having dreams or nightmares. Apparently lack of B1 makes BTs stick to bone structure, more susceptible to restimulation, and harder to blow. A session done on a Pre-OT who had a B1 deficiency ran very slowly with great difficulty blowing BTs and clusters. The session was very "gluey". Taking Vitamin B1 resolved this and BTs and clusters became easy to blow again. Pre-OTs on NED for OTs should take 500 Milligrams of Vitamin B1 (Thiamine Hydrochloride) daily, and if they experience dreams, nightmares or difficulties blowing BTs and clusters, then the dosage should be increased.

    From NOTS Series #31

    EP (F/N TA), (c) lack of sleep or tiredness of the Pre-OT, or (d) a deficiency of Calcium or Vitamin B1. Those are the most common reason for difficulty and are easily remedied.

    From NOTS Series #27 - page #2


    (Establish this by folder or by D of P interview or
    both. You should also check on what his attention is avoiding.)

    1A. Repair using LDN OT IIIRB, if needed.

    1B. Repair of any recent bad session.

    1C. Any needed Assist.

    1D. Remedy of any vitamin or mineral deficiency (especially
    Vitamin B1 or Calcium).

    From NOTS Series #27 - page #3

    Phenomena you are likely to encounter on Past Auditing

    * Dormant BTs woken up by Dianetic or NED auditing.
    * A Shell BT.
    * Body itself being a "magnet" for BTs/clusters due
    to a dietary or mineral or vitamin deficiency.
    #47 - missing a page - end of page #2 note. Document moves to page #3.
    From NOTS Series #48 - page #1 - interesting set of references to the HCOB set.

    Tape 6308C15, SHSBC 295, THE TONE ARM
    HCOB 4 Sep 68 "Don't force a pc who is ill."
    Rev. 24.7.78

    Series #48 is interesting as implied ‘treatments’ are involved and should perhaps be given a close reading. As batshit crazy this series is, it may warrant a very close reading for the reason of bizarre strategies recommended for cases involving a case that is physically ill. Especially page #12.

    At this point the Pre-OT was put onto a biochemical handling in addition to the auditing. This consisted of: vitamins, minerals, and Cal/Mag to remedy deficiency; freshly squeezed fruit juice as Vit C is said to go out of fruit juice within half an hour; and because the Pre-OT was underweight and had been off oils and fat, a supplement of a blend of oils (soy, walnut, peanut and safflower) preceded by taking a balanced combination of enzymes a few minutes before eating to help digest the oil/fat. These were taken as a supplement to te Pre-OT's diet.
    The reason for the biochemical handling is that in order to accomplish recovery from a recurring physical condition, it is necessary to have the enzymes, oils, minerals and vitamins necessary for physical reconstruction. In the absence of these one could continue to have trouble. Quite in addition to auditing, experience has told that biochemical necessities are needful in full recovery.
    (This point has earlier been made in HCOB 12 Mar 69 PHYSICALLY ILL PCs AND PRE-OTs.)
    Here’s a link to NOTS Series #48 that is nicely formatted - about 1/5 of the way down the page:

    NOTS Series #50 is the Drug Rundown. Probably worth a very close reading.

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  32. Anonymous Member

    Needs a glossary for hubbard-speak words so that officials can make some sense of it.
    Needs a translation into English

    Words needing explanation appear in the post above:

    NOTS series
    NED for OTs
    EP (F/N TA),
    D of P interview
    Past Auditing
    Dormant BTs
    Shell BT
    HCOB set
    Tape 6308C15, SHSBC 295, THE TONE ARM
    Rev. 24.7.78
    biochemical handling
    physical reconstruction
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  33. I'll post a link to a set of $cilon Dictionaries. Two Editions of the Technical Dictionary for Dianetics & Scientology and an Edition of the Administrative Dictionary.

    I'm having problems with Hotfile at the moment, but as soon as Hotfile smartens up and flies right, the link will show up ITT. Watch This Space! :)

    EDIT: got it!
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