David Love Needs Help - Narconon/Scientology - Harms Deaths

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. Intelligence Member

    Oh', I love how fast the maintenance/back-up tech person gets our WWP Forum back up:)
    I've got it figured out pretty close now and know when NOT to be writing a long post on here,..., LOL.

    Here is a file I just found that's of a Dianetics Book that was given to me to read while was in
    the program. I was not the only one given these books from a NN Staff member.

    Can I absolutely prove I was given this book while on the program? Without a doubt!

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  2. Anonymous Member

    Just submit the post into a new tab so all your typing isn't lost in the existing tab. This works in Firefox using middleclick on the "Post Reply" button after installing the TabSubmit extension
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Actually that only works in the "More Options" mode, not the quick reply mode.
  4. Intelligence Member

    I'm working on two files here at once, but I think I've got the "Pharmacutical Video 'Handled':)
    At least enough to buy some more time.

    I've got till about 9am to finish this - - 5hrs will be enough,.., LOL.

  5. Intelligence Member

    This stuff below is in book 5 of NN books. The more I look closer at this stuff, the more I shake my head and have to go for a walk to digest,..., LOL.

    We had to memorize this and quote back to Supervisor. Are they playing scientology cures over and above what they say doctors don't know? "ALL" illness? WTF!

    I have to review all 8 books to help the College and Human Rights Commission. I wish
    I could just send them all 2,800 pages of nonesense and say, "Fill your boots - have fun - enjoy."

  6. No such word as "fune" - that I can find.
    Lousy proof reading. They must be stoned.
    The literacy rate leaves a lot to be desired.

    WTF is a "senior situation" in the context used?
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  7. Intelligence Member

    ROFLMAO!!! No, when I copy-pasted it from a PDF download, it was a little bit messy/garbled,..., LOL:)

    I just cleaned it up fast and posted:)

    Here's without cleaning it up: ,..., :)

  8. Intelligence Member

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  9. jensting Member

    How about the apology read out in the High Court in London in 1999?

    Some critics have been harassed much worse, of course, but few have had the lawyers for the criminal organiation known as the "church" <spit> of $cientology read out an apology in court as the cult settled with no condition on the critic while the cult had to submit to an injunction :)

    Best Regards

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  10. Anonymous Member


    Now anyone looking to spend money on Narconon can stay at home, read this bullshit and eat stupid overdoses of niacin and it'll have the same effect as an expensive Narconon course.

    That is, no effect whatsoever. At least it's free!
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Except that niacin can kill those with compromised organs. Niacin poisoning isn't pretty. I've seen it.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    You saw it at NarCONon??
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  13. BigBeard Member

    Regarding those NN Int folks from the US that traveled to NN TR...since this involves an international situation, you may get more traction with the US State Department than the FBI. Not saying you shouldn't keep the FBI in the loop but, especially if US citizens are at NN TR and having their passports held, the State Department should be involved too. Your local US Embassy or Consul office should be able to point you at the right section within the State Department.

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  14. How about some truth in advertising and add their hero's name, yes that 'great' humanitarian:

    The L. Ron Hubbard Narconon program.

    It's all Hubbard crap, every word of it, his name would be the death knell for this abusive, medically insane 'treatment' program.

    They know it too and have always tried to deny the Scientology connection, Narconon is 100% Hubbard's Scientology courses and programs, nothing else. Can they name any aspect of this drug 'treatment' scam that is not?

    It's amazing how many Hubbard front groups have scammed people over the years. It's ok to scam others for Ron hidng behind his phony 'Religion". Every 'charitable' contribution they make to society is designed to promote Hubbard's courses, materials and mind-controlling bullshit.

    The countless victims and their families that have been scammed is disgraceful.

    Every single front group adds to the criminal cult's coffers in one way or another.
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  15. Intelligence Member

    I'm still working on ths aspect. There are some laws in Canada, which CAN hold NN Int accountable.
    Proving NN Int was at NN TR administering and directing the NN TR program is a done deal, No problem.
    Still working on the money trail. I have a hand written letter from Eduardo (NN Int) that he gave me
    while at NN Int. Same goes for ABL Canada and much easier to serve a subpoena.

    It really sucks trying to shut down NN in the USA! I must be done Federally or each state governing
    laws must be used in the battle plan (huge!)

  16. Intelligence Member

    Yes, I need the IC - Purif CHECKSHEET - - I now have the "Clear Body Clear Mind".


    - - Never mind, I found your link and have the Checksheet.

    Thank you:)

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  17. Intelligence Member

    You beat me on this ^^^^^ - - you're fast,..., LOL :)

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  18. Anonymous Member

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  19. I loathe computers and endeavor to always be faster than they are. :confused:
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  20. Intelligence Member

    Ok, I'm all done with all these links and making PDF Files to use early next week.
    Thanks everyone for all the help - - tired, going to nap until about 10am or so,
    then continue onto the next one.

    The next one is yummy indeed:)

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  21. another123 Member

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  22. Intelligence Member

    Now have Book 2, "Clear Mind Clear Body" in PDF format - - will upload and post later today or tonight.

    Jacky Blue Note, I need to know ABSOLUTELY for sure that this Checksheet is one from Narconon and NOT
    a Purif Checksheet from the COS Rundown. These dox are going to be used in court and they must be right?

  23. Can't be certain or confirm that the document is from or used by Narconon. It could be CoS material. It is is the only one I have archived, in terms of having the title Purif.

    All I appear to have is a PDF of The Auditor Magazine - Number 81, which has the article about Narconon.
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  24. Intelligence Member

    I need some help,..., Pleeeese?:)

    I am up to sore Irish arse to &quot;Time Sensitive&quot; files and massive document leaks
    I'm preparing right now. Massive!

    I don't know who made this web site or HTF it got started; they seem to popping up all over the place.
    Anyway, I just received this email for me to &quot;Moderate&quot; four comments that are awaiting my approval.
    I don't even klnow the password to this site,..., LOL :)

    Is there anyone who would like to manage/moderate this site for me? Here is the email I just received:

    And here is an image of the site: dbk1x.jpg
  25. Seems to be an authentic, legitimate Anon Ireland site.

    Comment approval may be an easy breezy thing to do that is not heavily time consuming.

    Your call though. If your time is entirely consumed with your central projects, decline the invitation.

    I wanna moderate another site like I want some holes drilled in my head. No-can-do.
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  26. Intelligence Member

    LOL,..., I don't blame you one bit:)

    Ok, I have a password now and it was easy to approve the 4 comments - - some were very old:)

    As long as I don't get anymore notices and stuff, I will be ok,..., LOL.

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  27. Intelligence Member

    I wonder who made the "Header" - - I sure didn't. I do remember clearly Sparrow and I standing
    together is the ball busting freezing cold protesting in Montreal,..., LOL.

    Whoever made the "Header",..., Thanks:)

  28. Zhent Member

    Whoa, hold on there. That is an INDEPENDENT checksheet. That is, freezone squirrel stuff, and is NOT FROM NARCONON, SCIENTOLOGY, or any related entity.

    Are you sure this is the dox you need?

    Update: the checksheet was compiled by Dan Koon for the independent field, you can download it and more from here -
    Its claimed they are close to what LRH had intended, but they are from 2010 and are NOT from CoS/Narconon.
  29. Intelligence Member

    Yes, I know it is for sure not the Narconon one.

    We have the Narconon Book Two and that's all we need.

    Thank you:)

  30. Intelligence Member

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  31. Zhent Member

    Alright, glad thats sorted out, would hate for you to have squirrel dox!
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  32. Anonymous Member

  33. sBWe7.jpg
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  34. another123 Member

    Thanks, Dave. Uploaded & linked. Later, I'll split it up so it can be viewed in Gdox (max 25meg for viewing)
    Should I "86" the checksheet? since it's not official?
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  35. Intelligence Member

    I would dump the Checksheet.
  36. Stealth Member

    Why is the image of Yvette Shank gone/removed?

  37. Not sure. Will try to get an answer for you.

    The image may not have been initially supplied by an image hosting site like Imgur. It may have just been grabbed from some WWW page somewhere. That page gets edits and - Poof!!! No more image. Beyond this, I dunno.
  38. Anonymous Member

  39. Yvette is living proof that scientology makes people look very ugly.

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