David Love Needs Help - Narconon/Scientology - Harms Deaths

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. Intelligence Member

    I can't comment right now, but an FSM did on Facebook recently;

    Perhaps the stress of the past two years?>

  2. Could very well be! :)
  3. another123 Member

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  4. I would love to be in contact with some people doing lawsuits or is there some way we couldn't get a class action suit going? We have the exact complaints and were lied to same as everyone else but fortunately I didn't loose my brother to them. We got him out but seriously this goes on all over and we can't seem to stop them. My 50 yr old brother was paralysed in a CA hospital when Narconon conned us into sending him to medically supervised treatment all the way to MI!!! His already f up kidneys couldn't have been helped by their bs niacin in his system. I have some of their books and all the statements in them explain this is NOT FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT. Except you don't know any of this until you slam your precious loved one in their nuthouse. Appreciate any links or contact info on attorneys working on this because normal attorneys can't comprehend how big this is and will donate to any cause that goes for it.
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  5. We've got an International situation going on here.

    Large projects in Canada/Quebec, and several more in USA States. We're not all in the same place, or always entirely on the same page, except for the page that states "we're gonna shut this shit down."

    Class Action may be of some interest to some WWP Anonymous, but I recommend a thorough examination of the Narconon and Anonymous vs. Scientology forums to become familiar with the current projects and all those WWP member that are involved with them.

    Any questions, contact a WWP Moderator or use this thread:

    Thank you.
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  6. I guess all us newbies come in looking to stop the world right now. I will read and study and appreciate the steady approach. :)
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  7. With a WWP registration date of Feb. 09th, 2010, you've aged nicely for a n00b. I <3 the Avatar. 1937/38 Ford?
  8. Anonymous Member

    good strategy
  9. hushpuppy Member

    Welcome to WWP ILoveMyBrother - You've just found the primary site for kicking Narconon's behind into oblivion, and in no small part thanks to David Love aka Intelligence.

    I hope and believe you will find kindredship and documents here, that will help you help your brother <3
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  10. Anonymous Member

    <3 and welcome to WWP ILoveMyBrother!
  11. 37 Ford Phaeton. Used to be my dad's and now the only stress reducer my husband and I have. It has taken me this long since registering in 2/10 to complete PTSD counseling to get over the RAGE I felt at finding him on the floor almost dead and then the suffering they put us through in sending him to MI thinking we wouldn't or couldn't come get him out of L. Ron's asylum. They were wrong. Messed with the wrong person and now this has become my mission. Not 1 more family should go through this pain and deceit.
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  12. Nice ride!

    I fully understand the time needed to heal. I believe that you have come to the right forum.

    In time, you will notice a significantly large number of WWP Anons that are completely committed to the destruction of this vile, evil cult and all of its many metastasizing abominations. Thank you for joining the cause! <3 it!!!
  13. Intelligence Member

    Wecome to many steps to freedom. This Forum has been very theraputic for me and there are many
    willing to help. If I can help, please ask - - it may take some time to respond, but I will.

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  14. Beautiful quote...After 3 weeks visiting family including aforementioned brother I need some bolstering up that this fight inside is worth it to me. I'm a bit down but certainly not out. I've pulled out all the Narconon & COS paperwork gearing up for tell my story that I haven't put on paper yet & talking to a lawyer and getting our word out. Sigh...
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  15. Intelligence Member

    This has been a very "trying" week for me. Indeed I had times of dispair and frustration.
    Very seldom do I share negatives; rather just keep pushing forward in the belief that good
    will overpower evil no matter what - - "In the End".

    So, I grabbed a few hours of Audio Files and Radio Show Files, and just poured myself into
    "pushing forward."

    "...A person shows what he is by what he does with what he has..."

    This ^^^^^ quote was posted on the internet by an "Anonymous". I LOVE it :)

    I am still here battling in the trenches AND I have many special people to thank. But there is one
    VERY "Special One" who sent me a couple emails tonight with some files I was looking for,..., etc.


    Now, back to work on some more Videos :):):)


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  16. Anonymous Member

    Damn David! You sure do alot and seem to have it all! I know what you are!
    You're the best! And you show us that all the time! Don't forget it!
    I'm quite amazed by your actions and so very proud of you!
    Love for David Love
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  17. Intelligence Member

    :) - - Part Three of "The Edge" - Tom Smith - David Love - Narconon Sauna Dangers
    will be posted over on "Narconon in Trouble" ASAP: Uploading now:)

  18. Intelligence Member

    .....Its like a warm embrace, a taste of a home far away...

    Going to bed early:):) :)

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  19. Intelligence Member

    NEED SOME Tech Help/Advice???

    My main laptop won't charge - - I'm in Vancouver and have my mini-laptop
    with me too, so I'm ok for now - - except I'll need my files off my main one
    when I return to Montreal later this week.

    This is what happened: yesterday, it wouldn't turn on, so I removed the battery, put it
    back in and it worked fine. Then today when I plugged in the charger while using it, a
    window popped up saying my charger was not high enough/strong enough??? So I plugged
    in a different charger off another HP that my daughter has (same charger.)

    Same problem with pop-up window saying charger too low. After a while, I ran out of charge
    and computer shut down.

    My computer still does not fire up/turn on. Could it be my battery????? If t is, no problem
    becuase I have a new one back in Montreal.

    Or could it be some other problem?????

  20. xenubarb Member

    How old is the battery?
  21. Intelligence Member

    About one year, but I have worked it very hard.

    I think it could just be a worn out battery, don't you? I hope so:)

  22. DeathHamster Member

    The connectors might be dirty/copper oxide. Take out the battery again, and when you reconnect it, work the connection around a bit.
  23. Intelligence Member

    Just tried that - - no go? When I plug in the charger (tried two different ones), the light
    that used to come on right next to the jack on the computer, doesn't come on???

  24. Anonymous Member

    Type the problem into your search window be sure to include make a model, does appear to be the battery
  25. xenubarb Member

    They do have to be replaced once in a while, yanno. Until we find Xenu's prison with the eternal batteries, we're stuck with the infernal ones we use now.
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  26. Intelligence Member

    Yes, I think it's the battery. Just confirmed it was purchased August 2010. I did get the computer to turn on without battery in, but it shut down shortly after. Now when I put battery in, the blue/white light beside
    charger plug outlet, blinks off and on from red-blue-red-blue continually.

    So, I'll try a new battery (which I have), when I return to Montreal.

    Tx Anons:):):)

  27. Quentinanon Member

    The eternal battery keeping Xenu imprisoned is at La Palma, Canary Islands in the Roque de los Muchachos.
    The William Herschel Telescope is really a monitoring base for Loyal Officers of the Federation Fleet.
    Prove me wrong.
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  28. One thing I learned this year - regarding batteries and chargers - the chargers can burn out. I had an old Canon Camera battery charger and it failed and I had to replace it.
  29. Intelligence Member

    Charger is fine, I tried mine and my daughters's. Could be battery or mayber motherboard.
    Will put in my new battery on wed when back in Montreal.
  30. another123 Member

    ODIT: Eternal Battery was featured in TC's Knight and Day
  31. Anonymous Member

    Just got a link to this thread. I set up the website.

    Remember that you were posting on our ning?:

    We migrated from the ning to our current home of Not knowing what the plan was for the ning, and not wanting to leave you in the lurch should the ning be shut down, we set up a blog for you to use in the same manner as you have been using the ning blog.

    Shortlinks for the blog include:

    Don’t know whether you intent to use it or not though, but it will be there if you do.
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  32. Intelligence Member

    Thank you very much for doing this for me - - yes, I will use it for sure. The more sites that the info sre
    on, the more Google picks it up when people are searching Narconon. AWESOME!!!

  33. Intelligence Member

    Still have power issues with my main HP Lap-Top, but it's up and running again, but limited.

    The battery takes about two days to charge up tp 76% but only if the unit is turned off. When it's on,
    a window pops up saying my charger is not sufficient. But it's NOT the charger and NOT the battery.
    I put a brand new battery in. AND I plugged my daughters charger in and same pop up notice.

    Will call HP next week. At least I can access my main files now, so stress is gone:)

    Happy NEW to ALL:)

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  34. Intelligence Member

  35. telomere Member

    The battery charging electronics inside the laptop may be dying.
    If that's the case, it's very likely not fixable/repairable unless you're still under warranty.

    (second most common "power issue" I've seen in portables,
    failed battery being #1,
    failed transformer/cable in the external power adapter being #3)
  36. Anonymous Member

    Your laptop may require a 90w charger, and the chargers you are using are of a lower wattage. Model # of your HP laptop may help shed some light on this.
  37. Anonymous Member

  38. Anonymous Member

    Have you checked the laptop for CTs (Computer Thetans)? They're like body thetans but they attach themselves to computers. Emergency auditing by hooking your computer up to an e-meter is highly recommended. Be aware though that if your computer is found to be an SM (Suppressive Machine) you may have no choice but to disconnect from it.
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  39. Paulius Member

    are you Celebrating any fuking Celebrations ????
  40. Anonymous Member

    Have a fantastic year David Love. Hope you kick their ass in 2012!
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