David Love Refuses To Be Bought By Narconon

Discussion in 'Media' started by Intelligence, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. Intelligence Member

    April 8, 2014: David Love refuses to sign Non Disclosure agreement with Narconon Trois-Riveres following a Quebec Human Rights Commission Resolution Decision that found Narconon in violation of numerous human rights violations and abuses at their drug rehab center in Quebec. Narconon threatened the 3 Plaintiffs/Victims with filing Bankruptcy if ALL three did not sign agreement. Quebec Human Rights Commission Resolution Decisions will be released to Media in due course.

    MORE TO COME SOON With the Human Rights Commission Decisions

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  2. BlooAnon Member

    We're all behind you, David!
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  3. anon8109 Member

    David Love Delivers again as promised. Bravo!

    The Canadian Human Rights Commission finds that Scientology's Narconon violated people's human rights.

    Narconon tries to bury the findings by bribing the victims into silence, but David Love says No Thanks!
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  4. Anonylemmi Member

    David Love, your integrity is noted. I wish more of us could be like you.
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  5. The Internet Member

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  6. rof Member

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  7. Random guy Member

    How many years have you worked in this one David? I am an awe of your tenacity! Looking forward to the dox!
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  8. Intelligence Member

    Nearly FOUR (4) years so far. The dox should come as soon as a certain Journalist/Reporter gets 'er done and Published concerning the Resolution Decision .... I expect before this Friday???

    Then more to follow about the Investigation, meetings, and Sworn Affidavits etc ASAP.

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  9. Random guy Member

    Man, I look forward to this one!
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  10. Intelligence Member

    Just off the line to a TV Producer who contacted me for a 4-5 Film shoot of all this in a few
    locations in Canada, and interviewing Victims and government officials and agencies. :)

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  11. amaX Member

    David, thank you for your perseverance, integrity, and compassion.

    I also look forward to this one!

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  12. Anonymous Member

    Well done David. Hate to say it but most people would eventually take the money.

    Lets hope eyes open on this side of our border once all of the records are available.
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  13. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  14. RightOn Member

    oh snap!
    Wow David! Because of your courage, stamina and extra thick skin (and head).... only kidding <3
    Many people will be saved from the evil tentacles of Narconon. And those who suffered and sadly perished in the past, are finally getting a bit of justice.
    My sword to you Dear Sir.

    question.... I am confused (what else is new? :confused: )
    How can Narconon offer someone a sum of money as a settlement and then file for Bankruptcy if the settlement is not taken?
    Is this a stupid question?
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  15. Coming soon...
    Any Day Now ....
    This time I mean it ....
    Stayed tuned!!!!
    Any second now ....
    Cancer pants
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  16. peterstorm Member

    lolyers are involved etc.
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  17. Intelligence Member

    Finally had some time to post a couple dox/comments now after forwarding several
    that should be seen here tomorrow in an EPIC fashion. :rolleyes:

    Back in the early 90s after my 4th back surgery ... (now have Titanium Rods &amp;amp; Screws
    that helped fuse my L-4 L-5 S-1 Lumbar area) I wrote and published 2 marketing books
    with my Company Name: Smart People Today -- Self published books. One was How to Make
    Money off the Internet and the other was Drop Shipping - Smart People Today -- both books sold
    out in 3 months and I went back working as a Realtor and Sub-Mortgage Broker with a healed back.


    My files were on 4.5 Floppy Discs in Vancouver, so when I was at NN TR, I wrote a revised Edition
    by Memory as seen here:


    This ^^^ Draft - LOL - has been sitting around my apartment for over 3 years now
    and it's seen it's wear and dirt. Too busy with other more pressing matters to Edit
    and Publish for now.

    This below is an Image of the Bank Card I still have from a Registered LLC Company
    in Florida where I had a partner for this Revised edition. Still have all the Bank
    and Contract Dox, but no time to waste on derail post stuff.


    I own outright - Smart People Today Publishing in Canada now.

    These ^^^ books were not a big deal, but fun to write, publish, and Market :)

    I am working on 2 more books right now:

    1 - Post-Traumatic Cult Disorder

    2 - Baby Boomers In The Bedroom - Still Doing it After 65

    AND THIS ONE IS READY TO PUBLISH ASAP -- Transcript in Quebec City right now :)

    Took 4 years to complete ... was waiting for the Final Chapter that I think should be
    posted her tomorrow about what the content revolves around. Because I said NO to
    Narconon's offer that included a Non-Disclosure GAG Order, I must publish this book

    'Roller Coaster Out Of Hell'

    THIS is ONLY the DRAFT COVER - Changes are being made by this weekend in the USA


    Hope you ALL have a nice evening. :)

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  18. BlooAnon Member

    Yes, please change that cover, I beg you. That cover hurts me and my sense of proper typography and graphic design.
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  19. Intelligence Member

    LOL ... it's being done ASAP :)

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  20. Intelligence Member

    Just received from message Reporter/Journalist that Story with Dox being Published
    will be, QUOTE: "... and delay your story until Friday."

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  21. Random guy Member

    I assumed that would be the case. It does give the media the weekend to chew on the cult a bit though. Dox on Monday or thereabouts, then?
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  22. vaLLarrr Member

    Well done Mr Love. Your integrity shown in one day is more than David Miscavige has in a billion year contract worth of midgeting.

    Keep up the good fight, we salute you Sir.
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  23. I just knew, somehow, that Mr. Love would end up posting an IndieGoGo or GoFundMe request for money. Classic.
    David Love
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  24. vaLLarrr Member

    ^^^ So he might make some of the money back that he wasted on the Narconon scam? I approve.

    Anyone profiting from the cult apart from the cult makes little Davey mad, so this is a good thing.
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  25. jensting Member

    Quite right. Threatening bankrupcy can hardle be legal, now can it?
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  26. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Its not legal in the US but Canadia IDK.
  27. The Wrong Guy Member

    VERDICT: Scientology’s Quebec rehab facility violated human rights of David Love and 2 others

    By Tony Ortega

    David Edgar Love and two other former patients of a Canadian drug rehab facility run by Scientology’s front group, Narconon, have won a stunning victory from Quebec’s human rights commission.

    More than three years after Love complained about the way he was treated as a patient and employee of the Narconon Trois-Rivières facility (now closed), the Quebec Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse has produced a scathing finding of fact that Narconon did violate Love’s human rights.

    “This is a big win,” Love told us during a Skype conversation Wednesday night.

    Over several years, Love has won several victories against the Narconon facility, which was closed down in 2012 by Quebec health officials who were acting on Love’s complaints and voluminous documentation. He also had earlier won a labor settlement over his work at the facility, and convinced the Quebec College of Physicians to ban a doctor from the facility. But it was the human rights commission that Love especially wanted a result from. (See our previous story with extensive background on his experience as a Narconon patient and employee.)

    Love was able to bring a complaint to the commission because it investigates cases of discrimination against the “disabled” — and Canada’s supreme court has found that drug addicts fall under that designation. (Narconon fought that application in this case, Love says, but the commission ultimately sided with him.)

    “They went out and interviewed people right across Canada,” Love says. And he thinks the commission’s decisive statement of findings will reverberate across the country and internationally.

    “Here Scientology has a ‘Citizens Commission on Human Rights,’ and what happened? They were found to be violating human rights. After a three and a half year investigation, it was found that Narconon violated the human rights of three people. I think this will help people down south and around the world,” he said.

    The commission agreed with what Love has been saying since he left the Narconon center in 2009 — that the rehab facility’s operations were based in deceptive business practices which put its patients in danger. The commission’s report lays out a damning litany of conditions that were imposed on Love and the other patients.

    – Charging him considerable amounts for a detoxification program which was not scientifically approved and which involved health and safety hazards;

    – Failing to provide him with care suited to his medical condition, despite the sums he paid;

    – Providing information, before and during treatment, which could be misleading as to the likelihood of a successful outcome, and which gave the impression that the results were guaranteed;

    – Charging him large sums for a service provided by unqualified people;

    – Forcing him to work and perform various tasks without pay….

    – Forcing him to submit to humiliating and degrading practices;

    – Failing to properly bear the responsibility for confidential information obtained from the complainant after prompting him to open up about personal aspects of his life;

    – Using controversial teaching methods that were not based on any scientific study;

    – Submitting him to poor living and food conditions;

    – Submitting him to forced confinement and coercion.

    Continued at
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  28. anonamus Member

    ^^ GREAT news!!
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  29. anon8109 Member

    What a beautifully poetic sentence Tony Ortega crafted here.

    David Edgar Love
    and two other former patients
    of a Canadian drug rehab facility
    run by Scientology’s front group, Narconon,
    have won a stunning victory
    from Quebec’s human rights commission.
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  30. Incredulicide Member

  31. wolfbane Member

    This was well worth waiting for. <3
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  32. RightOn Member

    pretty darn sweet
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  33. McLOVIN_1982 Member

    DEL you are the man! Much Love!
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  34. Random guy Member

    David, you are a bloody hero!
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  35. RolandRB Member

    I think somebody should report Narconon to the CCHR.
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  36. You clearly need to work on your doublethink. Back to the RPF for you.
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  37. Anonymous Member

  38. peterstorm Member

  39. Random guy Member

    There's some potential serious lulz right there. Depending on how how you word it, you could string them along for quite a bit for some very nice entubulation!
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  40. Aurora Member

    Shouldn't this be enough to get some criminal investigation going?
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