David Mayo Posting on ESMB

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by annoncangirl, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. annoncangirl Member

    Things could really start to get appears (and has been confirmed) that David Mayo has joined ESMB and one can logically assume he has come out to clarify some of Marty's recent posts. David could pose a real threat to both CO$ and Marty!! I'm getting some popcorn...this could be good!!!

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  2. Anonymous Member

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  3. COREarg Member

    Wait,then they will just start to bite and beat each other,and we will just have to wait patiently for them to fall?

    ...I like where this is going.
  4. Ann O'Nymous Member

  5. Smurf Member

    Marty has banned him from his blog. <snicker>
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Has David Mayo started posting yet? Did he sign up under his real name? Is he hoping to take over the freezone universe? [Sorry, I don't know the guy].
  7. Ogsonofgroo Member

    *massive bowls of popcorn and barrel of beer*
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  8. Anonymous Member

  9. Kilia Member

    Read the thread at ESMB, but came out empty handed. Dunno if the guy ever posted there.
    Anyone privy on this?
  10. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, I had a look at ESMB, but didn't really see this guy posting there. Unless of course we don't know his alias.
  11. DeathHamster Member

    Squirrel fight!


    Interesting since there was the theory that he took a settlement with a STFU gag clause. (Aha, he must be OSA OSA OSA.)
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  12. bAnon Member

    Seriously? C'mon guise! Stay on target!

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  13. Anonymous Member

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  14. Smurf Member

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  15. Anonymous Member

    Those gag orders are not what they used to be. Or maybe he is not the David Mayo. Who knows? The ESMB people are talking about him as if he is the messiah. I know nothing about him, but in all honesty - what can one person do against the CoS freaks? [Unless he is in posession of all the OSA documents from the last decade].
  16. Anonymous Member

  17. Smurf Member

    He's a relic of the cult's past that took a $3 million+ settlement to go away. He also signed a gag agreement. The cult felt he violated the gag agreement before & went after him and his wife just as they had done with Gerry Armstrong. Nothing came of it.
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  18. Zhent Member

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  19. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Do not let ignorance prevent you from letting us know what you think about it...
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Cool. Thanks for the link. Well, maybe now that the tide is turning against Scientology, he might feel confident enough to speak out. I'm not even sure whether gag orders apply to information about the commission of crimes. I'd suspect they don't.
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  21. RightOn Member

    soooo..... is Mayo on ESMB to say what then?
    is he carrot dangling? I dont' get it
    just there to defend himself then?
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  22. Anonymous Member

    David Mayo showing up is probably going to rattle Marty and his coterie more than Squirrel Busters Productions goons.
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  23. Xenu Is Lord Member

    I guess these guys are used to people falling Hook Line and Sinker for the Tech
    This has the potential to be the epic smackdown of our times! Only on Pay Preview!!!

    The Three stooges!
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  24. Smurf Member

  25. Anonymous Member

    So whats Mayos alias?
  26. Anonymous Member

    David Mayo.
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  27. He seems like he's just chilling out over, he seems pretty low key.

    I think he is fully over Hubbard's batshit crazy con game, but isn't interested in talking about it much one way or the other.

    But I do love them fact that people like him are around to show Marty's ass lickers just what a clueless noob he is.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Dave & Julia have been quietly in contact with the FZ for years. He's still a firm believer in the tech. He knows he's being monitored by OSA.
  29. So he's still all fucked up on Scientology ... that's too bad.
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  30. Hubbard was a Great Psychologist being a Hypnotist working with the √ľnconcious"mind.

    Hypnotism is a form of aplied psychology

    Intrestingly he tackled systematicly what was left unresearched for a long time by mainstream psychology but often recorded clinically

    Dramatization = Behavioral re-enactment.

    So Freud was wrong and one has to "proces out" the "The Compulsion to Repeat the Trauma"
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  31. There's one small problem with Hubbard's Tech that resulted from his so-called 'research',

    The only reproducible results it has ever managed to produce is insanity.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    this is interesting.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    He long ago put scientology behind him.
  34. Anonymous Member

    ^^^And he has no interest (unlike Marty) in leadin Scientology 2.0 when the crash comes. Marty is fearful of him because of the power that he represents in terms of respect from prior members.
  35. Anonymous Member

    this is interesting.
  36. Anonymous Member

    regarding the vids posted above featuring David Mayo...
    I could actually listen to Mayo. he sounds like he has done a lot of contemplative work on himself...
    whether or not i agree with him, he is intelligent.

    a world apart from Marty, who comes off as being a dumb oaf.
  37. Zhent Member

    Julie Mayo is now posting on ESMB as well. Perhaps we can expect to see some interesting developments soon...

    Also, David has changed his avatar to a really fat squirrel. I was most amused.
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  38. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Wow, Zhent... I was just about to post the exact same thing.

    Yep, this is going to be fun. That posting is on page 42 of now 59 in that thread, and I (and you?) still have the rest to get through....

    brb, popcorn

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  39. Zhent Member

    Unfortunately most of the thread is spam (at least in my mind), so I have only been skimming through in relation to David's post.
    But yes, it is worth keeping an eye on this, David and Julia could cause some real upsets for M&M and perhaps CoS in general.
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  40. Thats because he did not aply the principles he set for others himself.

    The Church. Is not the Tech and not Scientology
    Sea Org. Is not the Tech and not Scientology
    Xenu. Tought up in moroco high on drugs (Robin Scott) I regard it as a collosal joke played on his own flock.
    Yes there is some Tech in there. In Psychosomatic Illness treatment the therapist asks sometimes to picture your problem sitting in a chair. Bodythetans can be Imagined to look like anything. He confined it to that making his own "Tech" less workable. Alsoo it touched on shizophrenie and multiple personality disorder.

    KSW is only partly the "Tech"but it is alsoo an undercut. It's Hubbard establising his authorithy. In KSW wich is a third dynamic piece of work it leaves out the individual. That is not Scientology

    Look and see for yourself have been undercut by KSW doctrine.

    I can rewrite this whole piece with Scientology and Dianetics terminology and it would make sense to a Scientologist

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