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  1. At the behest of Kenji, I'm writing this. ;P

    It was a nice summer's day, a good 31 degrees Celsius (no clue what that is in Fahrenheit for you Amerifags - but it was nice and hot) and Mr. David Miscavige was enjoying the warmth, a glint in his eye at having the Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Robert Doyle, coming to attend his opening ceremony of Melbourne's Idle Org Morgue.

    Scientologists, lined the street, waiting to get inside, when a tram stopped by and disgorged it's deadly cargo, filling their hearts with dread: Melbourne Anonymous had arrived. How could the SP's have know? HOW?

    Anon knows all. >.> Silly Scilonz.

    Now, I must point out that Trev6, wished for me or another member of MelbAnon to hold a sign bearing Japanese text for the Japanese head of CCHR, who was to be in attendance, but unfortunately, I was unable to get the text in time (timezone differences, grr).

    Upon seeing us, the Scientologists still outside double timed it inside and left the security guards/mercenaries they hired to keep us out. Let it be known these men were from a legitimate company this time.
    We set up and began doing our thing, talking to people, getting drivers to honk in support. The cops that came to keep an eye on things were incredibly accomodating and friendly - they even engaged us in lengthy conversations about the horrors of Scientology (I remember hearing one Anon describing the cult's stance on child labour).

    At this point, I went to get food so I don't know what went on for about 20 minutes. Supposedly David Miscavige arrived, as well as the Lord Mayor.
    They gave speeches, to which unconvincing applause was piped through speakers and then Kate Cebrano began "singing." Teh horror!
    David Miscarriage's presence was confirmed by the sound of his voice wafting over the high wall the scilons were hiding behind and the fake applause sounded even louder and yet oddly identical to the first - not enough cash for original soundbits? It sounded like the louder applause for Slappy was him compensating for a few insecurities.

    I shamefully inform you that my camera died as I was attempting to take photos :[ so I didn't get any. However, I know Kenji got a few with his camera as did a few media workers.

    All in all, a fun raid. We proved Slappy's notion of "victory over Anonymous" wrong and we trolled hard.


    This one seems to have been made BY the Scilons:

    The Age:

    And lastly, I think this one was linked into another thread concerning Scientology's shenanigans with their Morgue:
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  2. BigBeard Member

    I love the fact the Herald Sun's picture for the opening is fun loving Anons, and not the $cilon's event!!

    So, were there anywhere near 1,000 LOCAL $cilons there?? Or was it mostly imports and security guards??

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  3. Senator Xenophon said he would write to the lord mayor proposing a meeting with Scientology victims.
    ''He's over 18, he's entitled to go wherever he wants, but to say that he's going there as a private individual because of a friendship with Kate Ceberano is a bit cute,'' he said.
    ''The fact is that he's the lord mayor of the City of Melbourne and his presence will be seen as a seal of approval for an organisation that has caused so much harm to so many.''

    They must have audited the Lord Mayor, how could he think the "But she is my BFF"excuse would work?
  4. Anonymous Member

    I envy u guys for not having 2 freeze 2 death while raiding
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  5. Shinythings Member

    The article said something about a continuos procession of scilons. I guess they must have been around 500. Ausfags please confirm/deny
  6. amaX Member

    LOVE you AussieAnons for making sure that the world and David Miscavige all know that there is no victory over Anonymous.

    LOVE the picture of y'all in The Herald Sun!

    Well done! <3
  7. exOT8Michael Member

    DITTO X 2

    Awesome job, Anons !!
  8. subgenius Member

    Herald Sun got its priorities right.
    Good show aussieanons.
    I bask in the warmth of your win.
  9. CarterUSP Member

    I applaud heartily.
  10. Zhent Member

    Very surprised DM actually showed his face in Australia.

    Also very surprised the LORD MAYOR of Melbourne attended, thankfully SENATOR XENOPHON is already manning the harpoons:

    Post photos, videos, and more info ASAP, I have been looking forward to this raid (and postgame report) for a very long time.

    Looky looky here is the official PR shot:
    High res here:
    Looks like a 1000 to me. though theres quite a few SO, and quite a few appear to be random people who were not celebrating and wondering WTF they were doing there.

    Edit: Harpooning time

    Justin Madden:
    Address Suite 1, 28 Shuter Street, Moonee Ponds, Vic, 3039 3039
    Phone (03) 9370 7777
    Email Address

    Paul Giuliano:
    Phone: 0423 699 646

    Gary Bouma:
    Tel: +61 3 9903 4587
    Fax: +61 3 9905 2410

    The Right Hon the Lord Mayor Robert Doyle
    Phone: (03) 9658 9658
    Fax: (03) 9654 2628

    Couldn't find anything on Bob Randall

    Edit: And LOL how did I miss this one:

    Aside from the obvious poke at us, I can't believe they are trying to claim that number is on the rise, despite us proving a while ago it was around 500 or near.

    Edit: Found some more images:
    [IMG] Doyle.jpg
    Wow, I think Robert Doyle is going to regret that last one. Perhaps in any harpoons to him it would be good to draw attention to David Miscavige and that he beats people.
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  11. Miranda Member

    That picture is GREAT. And what's hilarious is that casual readers will think, Why do Scientologists wear masks and feathers?
  12. Anonymous Member

    Ghey-lord Mayor Robert Doyle has got some 'splaining to do. His current statement doesn't cut it.

    I've been in a large audience like that, at a Scientology event. You really stand out if you don't clap and cheer. Plus, if there's loads of ticker tape/confetti, balloons etc. it's unlikely people are going to just stand around going 'meh'.

    Here's the opening of 146 Queen Victoria Street (London) in 2006:


    And since that day, it has been deserted. (Apart from Feb 10, 2008 ;D )

    aside: I fucking love you Aussies

  13. Anonymous Member

    Nice work Aussies, in case you're wondering about the numbers of scilons at the event, at the IAS 25year anniversary, some anons, including myself spoke to some people in East Grinstead and some were actors who were going to the event..yes, the cult actually hire extras to give the illusion of greater numbers!
  14. CarltonBANKS Member

    Kudos to Zhent and Aussies for their vigilance, and all their ongoing work.

    Mubarak should go open new buildings with balloons, ticker tape and confetti, to "prove" how successful and popular he is.

    btw, Zhent, the >9000 was possibly a lulzy coincidence?

    Went to look up Kate cos I have no idea who she is. Interesting

  15. Herro Member

    OP, you misspelled David Miscavige's name in the title.
  16. Mark Cabian Member

  17. loligagger Member

    31, degrees Celsius (°C), converts to, 87.8, degrees Fahrenheit (°F)
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  18. CarltonBANKS Member

    When I type Miscavige into my iPhone it autocorrects to 'Miscarriage'. It's funny because the world would have been better if his mother had had a miscarriage. Which she did, sorta.
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  19. A pox upon you my Pickled friend! I wanted to do teh write up! Oh well.

    Here's a smaller update with more info on what was going on on our end. It would appear to be around 300-450 mark of Scilons there.

    We arrived with balloon swords in hand, singing pirate songs and anti-Scilon chants. The police were rather accomodating. I mean, they made us move to the other side of the road, but they stopped the traffic for us! The only qualms they had was the use of noise. So our vuvuzela went to waste, we wern't allowed music. This was annoying for me at least, because how else were we supposed to ruin their day? By our sheer presence? We have presence, but I wanted to spoil their fun. Still, it was the head Policeman of the area, so I didn't want to piss him off.

    We had our sign that asks drivers to honk if they hate scientology, the cops said we had to put it away because the honking counts as noise, but they didn't try very hard to stop us. Again, very accomodating.

    Kate Cebrano, I'd hate to put it bluntly, but you are pretty bad when it comes to live music. That was such a bore-fest. Slappy Miscarriage, you really need some tips from Epic Anon on how to rally the troops. Robert Doyle, I am sincerely dissapointed with you, and I hope Xenaphon lays you across his knees and smacks you around. If you took money to be there, I'm going to need you to go to your room and take a good, hard look at yourself.

    We had a jolly old time, Rootsy came over with a small smile upon his face. I'm glad they're feeding you now Rootsy, because you do try so bloody hard to take care of those dastardly Anon kids and fail repeatedly. We also had our Scilon nice-guy come over and really put the moves on us. If I've said it once, I'll say it again, I'm totally convinced that he is a well paid Scientology handler, trying to soften us up so we don't protest as hard. With the scilon victims being fed poor people skills, a distinct hatred of Anons and being starved of money and success, I can't think of one good reason why there'd be one damned Scientologist with the ability to come over, have a level-headed conversation, and try to tide us over so effectively. I mean look at the facts, he's got an accent (people with foreign accents are well known to be better at sales because they are percieved to be more honest), he's been with them for 30 years supposedly and never once tried for OT. I don't like him, and if any Anons have been asked to get in contact with him outside of protests, I highly advise against it.
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  20. Zhent Member

  21. Sponge Member

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  22. Sponge Member

    ^I tried too. It's one of those with the flash in a plugin container or something, so things like FlashGot for Firefox doesn't see it.
    The free Hypercam realtime screen grabbing prog would do it but I can't ever get it to stop missing frames and gradually messing up the audio sync. So I only ever use it for short stuff and where I've got the time to fuck about with the sync and reprocess the whole video in an editor, which is not practical for me for this video at 24minutes. I don't know whether my Hypercam problem is just me failing to stet it up right or that my CPU/GPU is not powerful enough.
    There is someone on here who's done some stuff with difficult to grab videos. I think it was themadhair.
  23. Anonymous Member

  24. loligagger Member

    Nope, the downloadhelper isn't seeing it either.
  25. Orson Member

    A related article:

    Well done, faggots, etc. :)
  26. subgenius Member

    Mounted police for 3 protestors. Seems a bit of a waste of hard earned tax payer money.
  27. Trev6 Member

    The lame thing is, Japan and Australia are more or less in the same time zone. I just failed hard.
    Bah, I don't care. If Mr. Ogura did attend the idle morgue opening, as we have every reason to believe he did, then he saw firsthand that he's got to deal with us no matter where he travels to. That's good enough for me.
    Going to have to send the MelbAnon pics to him to rub salt in the wound.
  28. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Funny, coming from you.
  29. CarltonBANKS Member

    This Bellaiu premier. What's a Premier? I thought Gillard (Ginger welsh lady) got elected. Forgive my ignorance of Aussie politics

    Glad he seems to have brains. Is he Boyle's boss? Maybe the rotund Boyle just wanted to get his end away, inside singer Kate. Well, to quote a phrase from Fogetting Sarah Marshall, I hope he managed to get his P in a V.

    I hope reporters grill him (Boyle). I hope his aides try to explain what a gullible fuck he has been. When are the next mayoral elections?
  30. Anonymous Member

    cross-posting from

  31. Anonymous Member

    A Premier of an Australian state is like a Governor of a US state. You're forgiven.
  32. Great work, Melbanons - wish I was still there to party with you after this one.

    I guess DM must have had a melt-down over the press He got from this stunt - and there's something one Channel 7 tonight on it too.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Apparently the protest will be on Channel 7 tonight - is someone able to record it?
  34. Triumph Member

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  35. Sponge Member

  36. Orson Member

    Video is in the other thread that Sponge just posted above me.
  37. supafreak Member

    I wouldn't awallow anything that comes out of his mouth. *boom-tish*
  38. AnonLover Member

    Are they elected officials or appointed? and if elected - when does this cult lackey dumass come up for re-election?
  39. supafreak Member

    They're elected. Elections for the Premier's job come up every 4 years. The last election was in November 2010.

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