David Miscavige in Tel Aviv Ideal Org opening event

Discussion in 'Media' started by YouSeeNothing, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. YouSeeNothing Member

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  2. Anonymous Member

    That little dwarf should have been arrested at the airport.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Lets hope he takes a round from the Palestinians .
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  4. MagnumBerlin Member

    One can see that the female laudator leaves the stage very quick before lil' David enters it. I can imagine how OSA pressured the woman to drill the "Leave the stage before COB RTC enters it"-hat.
    The woman is not significantly taller than Miscarriage but I think she is a tiny little bit taller. But even if Miscarriage was as tall as Shaquile O'Neal is - he's an asshole anyway (Miscarriage, not O'Neal).

    Maybe I will listen to his speech one day. For so long I will make fun about him being so short. (he's the only person on earth that I bully with this)
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  5. YouSeeNothing Member

    I noticed that too. Also noted DM's hand positions on podium, and his hinting at the "new era of Golden Age" or some shit to get them all riled up. Guessing he's alluding to new OT levels and SupahPowah quagmire.
  6. Anonymous Member

    fify, nc
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  7. Tourniquet Member

    I wonder how COB's Communicator handles ordering up a short girl to announce COB... without snickering to herself just a little :p I mean, you just KNOW Miscavige is sensitive about that...
  8. anonsparrow Member

    Here’s the tl;dr and important parts of his speech (imo).

    (Yes I carefully went through it all so you wouldn’t have to. Just pay it forward.

    - Three times Miscavige says the org. was a gift from the IAS

    - He references all four ABLE front groups (including Narconon) w/o saying their names

    - says Tel Aviv Org. equipped to handle drug and alcohol abuse

    - Super Power still isn’t done. GAT II is the next big release. (reading between lines a bit)

    - Dan Sherman is still smoking bath salts and sucks as a speech writer.

    Speech Duration: 11 minutes, 45 seconds

    Number in Attendance: 200-250

    Most Used Words: “Golden” x7, “Graciously” x4, “Glorious” x4

    Most Meaningless Word: “Insofar”

    Most Meaningless Idea:

    “Needless to say it begins with that fundamental of all fundamentals, namely the fact that LRH not only left us a bridge to higher states of spiritual freedom, but also an organizational design to carry the weight of the spanning. Whereupon we advance to an equally fundamental proposition that only an org of this lineage can carry the weight of that better bridge LRH long envisioned.”

    (cool story bro)
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Reading that made my brain fart so loud it scared the cat.
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  10. anonsparrow Member

    And the extended version:

    (My comments are in parentheses :)

    “As the first word on what this center signifies, let it now be said, the International Association of Scientologists has provided a place that speaks to the essence of Scientology as a religion, of and for all religions, as a universal religion and a pan-denominational religion that strives to help every other religion to fulfill itself, to fulfill and achieve their aspirations and dreams.”

    (Ok first of all, he makes it sound like this org. was a gift from the IAS but we all know the public paid for it and the building actually belongs to RTC. Second, in this behemoth of a run-on sentence he uses the word “religion” five times. Really Dan?)

    “To exactly that end, the genesis of a glorious future, this center carries the full complement of LRH technologies and road ramps for shoring up civilizations. To begin with it is already passionately mentioned there is a way to happiness. Providing that first point of common agreement regardless of nationality, social standing or religious affiliation. And yes it is a new way of understanding the purpose of humanity with precepts that touch the heart and only the heart, not politics.”

    (Hahaha, a joke about politics in one of the most politically charged areas on Earth - I see what he did there. But besides that, now he’s getting into ABLE front groups like TWTH. Maybe he’ll talk about Narconon!? Let’s listen...)

    “Then there’s our parade of programs addressing every other point of tragedy where hearts are broken and lives are lost. Drug and alcohol abuse for which this center is now equipped to organize and deliver for a drug-free Israel in total.”

    (Ah he doesn’t say the word Narconon here. Must not be kosher anymore.)

    “Crime prevention and criminal reform for which this center is equally equipped for nationwide delivery. Remedial education for which this center is just as well arrayed to provide the full body of LRH scholastic tools for a veritable revolution in learning. Human rights awareness for which this center is likewise designed to protect every inhabitant from human rights abuse whether Muslim, Jew or Christian.”

    (So without naming names, Miscavige hints at all four ABLE front groups - TWTH, Narconon, Criminon and Applied Scholastics - for which this center is able to deliver them all!! Yeah baby. But besides that, notice that he uses the expression “for which this center” four times in four sentences. WTF? Dan Sherman, put down the bath salts and pick up a thesaurus for fuck’s sake. But I digest..)

    “In a word, and quite beyond the sheer grandeur of this center, you are looking at the Ideal Org that’s indeed designed to accommodate a release that will impact every level of the Grade Chart.” (Ooo! Ooo! Please be Super Power!! Please be Super Power!!)

    “So yes, if you’ve already witnessed a Golden Age of Knowledge, wherein it’s possible to walk the path of LRH research and development as if literally following in his footsteps, well, what’s about to come is a new golden age of tech (Aww, it’s Golden Age of Tech 2) to consummate it all in the name of experiencing and achieving all LRH ever wished for you to achieve with that technology.”

    (tl;dr - Super Power’s still not done. Deal with it.)

    “ (inaudible) have one more word to requisite (sic) to formally opening those doors and it follows what this center represents to humanity as a whole, for which in turn is the whole point of an Ideal Org so magnanimously and generously bequeathed by the International Association of Scientologists”

    (and a bit later...)

    “So if only for the record, on this momentous day of days, let it be said, if religion is the first sense of community by reason of mutual experience, then today is our religious experience. And since there’s so many coming from so far to witness the fact that we now bestowed this center of Scientology to Israel...”

    “... And with that we come to the next momentous page of the history of those who will now take possession of the center and thus command the entrance gates of our Bridge to Eternity.”

    (Again with the possession of Ideal Orgs - nothing was bequeathed or bestowed Dave you fuck. The Israeli Scientologists paid out the ass for it and you are the one that owns it.)


    That is what I took away. Painfully, took away.
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  11. YouSeeNothing Member

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  12. YouSeeNothing Member

    Thanks, Anonsparrow for deciphering that diatribe for us newbs. Strangely, I think I understood it all too.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center and ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion (center) dedicated the Center. Participating in the ceremony were (left to right): Jaffa Arab Christian Community Chairman Peter Habash; historic preservation architect for Jaffa, Eyal Ziv; Office of the Prime Minister Director for the Bedouin Sector Mohammad Kaabia; Tel Aviv City Council Member Meital Lehavi; Office of The Prime Minister Senior Coordinator on the Status of Minority Women Rania Pharyra; and Biblical scholar and author Rimon Kasher.
  14. YouSeeNothing Member

    Oooh! A real Espinolian whale fur rug! Classy!
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  15. Internetzin Member

    I see his failure to identify Narconon by name when talking of the orgs ability to handle drugs and alcohol, as confirmation that they have decided to stop using the name Narconon into the future.

    However now comes the rolling out of not one but multiple new names for same. so if their drug rehabs take a hit across the bow, the shot will only sink a proportion of them. It seems the target has not just moved but has in fact splintered into several different identities. Makes it extremely hard to bring them down now.
  16. Anonymous Member

    lurk moar
  17. Anonymous Member

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  18. Anonymous Member

    I wonder, will Davy make a side to trip Haifa. The sleasiastical leader of scientology should be able to straighten that sit up in no time.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Whoever designed this piece of shit......must have been on a cheap "thrift shop" budget.

    Ya get what ya pay for, Davy....

  20. Anonymous Member


    I wonder if the neighboring Islam businesses and Mosques have seen a copy of the Scientology Handbook, which clearly shows in a large picture, of all other prophets (including Mohammed) looking up to the Scientologist minister for guidance. Mmmm....

    Author: Hubbard, L. R.
    Book title: The Scientology Handbook based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard
    Publication date: 1994
    Location: Los Angeles
    Publisher: Bridge Publications, Inc.
    Description: Scientology claims to be the religion that enables Man to save his own soul with Hubbard's technology. Scientology indoctrination instills Hubbard's superior positioning of Scientology and Scientologists relative to other religions and religious leaders. The Scientology minister at the top of the mountain is holding a copy of Hubbard's Scientology Handbook.


    And a friendly reminder to all new FSMs in the Mid East......don't be discouraged if this happens to you........

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  21. Anonymous Member

    Why how generous of lil actually GIVE AWAY FOR FREE an ideal org. I wonder how other scientologists in other countries feel about this? After all, most of them have been very loyal parishioners for decades, and have bankrupted themselves to pay for their city's ideal org, depleted their retirement accounts, second mortgage on the house..... mmmmm....

    Church of Scientology opens center in Jaffa

    "In dedicating the center last week, David Miscavige, chairman of the board of the Religious Technology Center and ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion, said the new center was “a gift from the International Association of Scientologists to Israel."


    All other international scientologists.......Feeling jealous, envious, bankrupted, unappreciated much?


    Well then you obviously need additional auditing.....that'll be $10,000 more.......thankyou very much!

  22. anonysamvines Member

    ooh that was so painful to listen to - glad i was playing solitare and didn't have to see him as well
    the awful cadence, tge drivel he was spouting and i never noticed such a lispth before - jesus no wonder i kept tuning out
    but i am sure i heard him say at one point about walking literally in elwron's footsteps - oh my heart skipped with joy until i realised he didn't mean hiding out in the desert, raddled with psychosi (pl?) hooked on drugs with a munchkin stealing his money

    but seriously that lispth/speech impediment - has it always been that bad? sounds like his teeth aren't fitting properly
  23. Anonymous Member

    Question is this or is it not the Israel center that blew with the leader sending the letter of crimes/whatever to slappy?
  24. JohnnyRUClear Member

    His damn brain isn't fitting properly. Can you blame it though? Imagine 30 years of delivering all those cheap melodramatic lines to wide-eyed suckers. It's a wonder he can even speak in complete sentences.
  25. anonysamvines Member

    no that was a mission not an org and in Haifa
  26. Wouldn't be too hard to phone or email a few of the local mosques and pretend to be a cult member, and read some LRH horseshit he wrote about Mohammed and Mecca to them and make sure to let them know about the new Jaffa org.

    I reckon calling them a few times a week, and making sure to phone those guys that get very angry every day will ensure that the stupid org is eradicated very soon, the Arab Jews don't have much of a sense of humor when fat ignorant folk like Hubbard talk shit about their religion.

    I doubt it will be left alone by the locals anyway, but it might be nice to speed up the process.
  27. *Arab Israelis, not Arab Jews LOL
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  28. anonamus Member

    DM's brain size is direct proportional to his body size. And 99% of his brain activity is busy being a scumbag.
    The remaining is used for thinking.
  29. YouSeeNothing Member

    I always found it strange that his speeches sound more like a sales pitch than a sermon. Besides "David Love," I wonder how often the word "love" gets used in the CoS.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    LOL planitary pivot points??? You mean like the North and South pole???
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  31. RightOn Member

    thanks Sparrow!!
    I can't read any of his words without the sound of his fluctuating Snaggle Puss sounding voice in my head. LOL
    I see his wedding band is still on. ( he was seen with it off one or or two events, can't remember which)
    What a great husband he is!
  32. Anonymous Member

  33. Nada Member

    I always found his speeches very soporific - even when he was my leader (lol). I think it's because whenever he delivers a talk, it sounds memorized and not natural. Also, his slight lisp is distracting. I'm told that ever since he got his teeth capped or veneered, he started speaking with a bit of a lisp - as if his new teeth were too big. I'm not even talking about the content which is a lot of 'blah-blah-blah'. I glazed over almost immediately. Thanks for suffering through it, Anonsparrow. I loved your analysis. What a huge building - I wonder how much it cost and how much they will need to make per week just to break even. Does anyone know how much they make on average and how many public they have? It's hard to imagine they have enough customers for this big a building.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Has anyone noticed how his speaking has changed over the years. How he speaks now is very different from that interview he did on TV. His voice is more resonant, he sounds like a movies voice over guy, or an announcer. I'll bet he has has voice coaching.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    but most apropos
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  36. Anonymous Member

    All I could find were phone numbers. Anyone know how to google in hebrew?
    Contact Information for UTJ

    phone: (02) 6753501 / 6753556
    fax: (02) 6540471
    Contact Information for Shas:

    phone: (02) 6753550
    fax: (02) 6496543

    We need to put together something to poon them with.


    The following site has links to many news stories about the cult in Israel:

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  37. anonysamvines Member

    that's cos ya thinking of a church having sermons
    sounds like a sales pitch cos it is a sales pitch
    businesses haves sales conferences to get the business hyped and working
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  38. anonysamvines Member

    good work Isrealis
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  39. anon walker Moderator

    Well, the cult certainly made no bones about Scientology, the Religion. I thought they were trying to avoid the whole religious angle in that sector.
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  40. Nada Member

    True! It never even occurred to me that it was some inspirational sermon but completely a pitch to whip-up the masses and get them to spend all their money on the way out the door. There are regges at all exits catching people to 'buy their new basic books' or whatever the pitch and purpose of the evening was. It's all about money.
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