David Miscavige in Tel Aviv Ideal Org opening event

Discussion in 'Media' started by YouSeeNothing, Aug 26, 2012.

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    DM knows that the narconon brand is now toxic. How could he not? DM doesn't know (or realize) that the scientology brand is toxic, so, he dauntlessly, defiantly and resolutely goes on with the the show.

    Please understand, that dwarf has an IQ the square root of its shoe size.

    It matches his height, also quite small.
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    Any other small bits we should know about ;)
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    yup all about da money
    always has been always will be
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    I was the guy dressed as Jesus in this picture! The guy behind me Gary "Luigi" Lew, was farting pretty much the entire time this picture was being taken. The guy behind him is out now - Hiro Kimoto. The guy in front of me is out of the Sea Org as well but still drinks the Kool-aid. All the other guys are either still in or dead.

    Until next time..
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    LOL you should wear that robe more often.
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    OMG, should wear it to a raid! That'd be lulzy...
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  10. So in spite of Israel's anti-cult stance, and all the terrorist attacks by scientology employees on the building, in spite of clear evidence of illegal construction practices, in spite of the fact that Miscavige lied and said the building was already open for business when it was still a burned out shell - somehow he was allowed in to Israel and opened a cult building??


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    Another one I had high hope for and I am disappoint. Fucking cult! How did they manage to open yet another building??
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    Bob Duggan donated the money for it.
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    Scientology makes few waves in Israel - The Sun Chronicle

    By The Associated Press

    Posted: Thursday, November 8, 2012

    TEL AVIV, Israel - The Church of Scientology has apparently found one place where its presence doesn't set off alarms, protests and demonstrations, and that place is one of the world's most religiously fraught countries - Israel.

    In August, Scientology opened a gleaming new headquarters in the ancient port city of Jaffa, part of Tel Aviv. Since then, visitors and the curious have streamed through with no incidents.

    And this in a country where Jews and Muslims harbor clashing claims over the same holy sites, sometimes sparking violence, and competing Jewish streams disparage each other openly and often.

    Scientology has confronted charges in many countries that it is a dangerous cult that brainwashes its followers and confiscates their assets. Its leaders deny that.

    "Like any new religion, people have misconceptions and much doubt, but we simply use logic to think life out for ourselves and are taught to question and debate everything," said Sefi Fischler, the church's spokesmen in Tel Aviv.

    According to its website, Scientology believes man is an immortal spiritual being with unlimited capabilities. Its practices include spiritual counseling.

    Created by American science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard in 1954, the Los Angeles-based movement claims millions of members worldwide, including celebrities like actors Tom Cruise and John Travolta. It has been blamed as the catalyst behind the well-documented breakup of Cruise and his ex-wife Katie Holmes.

    Germany, France and Russia are among the governments that keep a close eye on Scientology, and court cases have been filed against the church in some places.

    In contrast, there hasn't been much public opposition in Israel.

    While a 1987 Israeli parliamentary commission declared it a cult, the practice of Scientology in Israel is legal. The new headquarters has some 200 staff and claims to serve thousands.

    Eytan Schwartz, a spokesman for Tel Aviv's mayor, said the new center is a testament to Israel's spirit of religious tolerance.

    "Within just a few blocks of the center, you'll find numerous synagogues, several mosques and churches, 4,000 years of Abrahamic monotheistic religions expressing themselves," he said. "The Scientology center is simply showing that Tel Aviv is one of the most pluralistic cities in the Middle East."

    "When it comes to all we strive for, for freedom, to be included and embraced by one's fellow man, there is no group that better bears these marks than Scientology," Mohammed Kaabia, the prime minister's adviser on Bedouin Arab affairs said in a statement issued by the Scientology center.

    Kaabia and another representative attended the August opening, but the prime minister's office has since distanced itself from the event, saying the two officials were not there in an official capacity, attending as individuals invited by an anti-drug organization.

    Despite the lack of public protests at its new center, the church has no shortage of detractors. A group of Israeli Scientology defectors, claiming corruption within the church, started a breakaway center in the northern city of Haifa.

    Yad L'Achim, an Israeli anti-missionary group, criticized the government for what it said was too warm a welcome.

    "Politicians have diplomatically welcomed the center, because politics is all about being nice," says Daniel Asor, a spokesman for the group. "Scientology is a cult, and this is a dangerous development."

    Israeli movie director Erez Meshulam said the presence of the new center is disastrous. "Scientology ruined my marriage by convincing my wife, in return for thousands and thousands of dollars, that her soul could be cleansed," he said. "I fear this means more people will be fooled."

    Church officials dismiss such criticism as baseless.

    Fischler said the center hopes to bridge gaps among religions in the country. He noted its anti-drug and literacy efforts and outreach programs to prison inmates.

    "Now with the building open, we can invite everybody in and show them who we are," he said.
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    Well, "Israel" is built on stolen land and ethnic cleansing, so what's a little Ponzi scheme?
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    The cult has just issued a new press release:

    Scientologists and Druze Leaders Join Hands to Combat Drug Abuse and Addiction

    A recent wave of arrests of youth caught smuggling drugs in the region prompted a search for solutions by community leaders of Isfiya, a hub of the monotheistic Middle Eastern Druze religion in the north of Israel. On learning of the Truth About Drugs program, they turned to the new Center of Scientology of Tel Aviv for help.

    Every year, the Isfiya City Council selects a theme for their annual parade. This year, they transformed the festival into a way to combat drug and alcohol abuse and invited the Scientologists to set up Truth About Drugs booths around the village.

    The parade was led by local religious leaders—Muslims, Christians, Druze and Jews—who marched side by side to show their solidarity on this issue. After the parade, at one of the five Truth About Drugs booths, they pledged to live a drug-free life. Some 1,500 other festival-goers made the same commitment.

    More at,c9335730
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  17. Chief Sitting Bull would probably say that if you follow that logic, the US really shouldnt bitch about their Ponzi schemes either. But they do.
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  20. Hmm... let's see... the most litigious "church" in history, rumoured to be a Satanic cult and multi-level marketing scam, with a track record of relentlessly harassing its critics, is going to mediate the world's most delicate negotiations.

    It'll probably end well.
  21. Will there be a Scientology/NOI/Israeli/Palestinian Unity breakfast following 'Ecclesiastical Leader' David Miscavige's sermon on the mount?
  22. [IMG]
  23. That^ would never offend anyone's religious sensibilities.
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    Scientologists open church in Karmiel | The Jewish Chronicle

    By Nathan Jeffay, November 22, 2013

    The US-based Church of Scientology has just opened a centre in the Jewish city of Karmiel, which it hopes will serve the entire northern region. It will run courses in Hebrew and Arabic on the philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard, the 20th-century science fiction writer who founded Scientology.

    The emphasis at the centre appears to be on self-help and anti-drug programmes. It comes a little over a year after the opening of a Scientology centre in Tel Aviv, which claims it has welcomed 12,000 people.

    Sefi Fischler, a spokesman for Scientology in Israel, said that the centre will not undermine the existing identities of those who attend, as one can remain Jewish or attached to any other faith while being involved in Scientology.
    But some Jewish groups say they are concerned, and suggest that Scientology is not being straight.

    Mr Fischler confirmed that Scientology in Israel deliberately dropped the word “church” from its title as it does not create the impression it wants. “They present themselves as a secular organisation — they are lying about their identity,” claimed Binyamin Kluger, a rabbi with the anti-missionary organisation Yad L’achim.

    Rabbi Kluger said that his organisation plans to warn local Jews, through posters or newspaper adverts, about what it considers the dangers of getting involved with the new centre.

    Ephraim Schwartz, rabbi of Young Israel of Karmiel, an Orthodox synagogue, said that he will not be concerned if the new centre limits itself to fighting drugs and other social-oriented activities, “but if there is some kind of ulterior motive to get Jews to convert or to give up their heritage that is something else.”

    Thecult announced a “ScientologyCenter” in Karmiel, Israel, about 50km (30 miles) from the Haifa mission, which seceded from the cult and “went independent” about a year ago. Yeah, that’ll work. Interestingly, they got a spokesman from the Druze minority (the smallest religion in Israel) to speak at the opening.
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    Poons are needed to tell people about their CCHR display and the holocaust stuff inside and all that good shit

    Sefi loves da Abestos Barge
    Sefi Fischler ABILITY CONGRESS COURSE Freewinds 40 2000-11-01
    Sefi Fischler STATE OF MAN CONGRESS COURSE Freewinds 40 2000-11-01
    Sefi Fischler STATE OF MAN CONGRESS COURSE Freewinds 41 2001-01-01
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    A New Center in Israel? Not So Fast

    By Tony Ortega


    The defection of the Dror Center was significant in a country that otherwise has only one org, in Jaffa/Tel Aviv, and no other missions. Scientology has always been a tiny presence in the country, and it cannot call itself a religion there.

    But then, this week, there was a news story that a new “church” had opened in the northern town of Karmiel, which is only about 50 kilometers from Haifa. The story was very short on details, so we asked Dani Lemberger what he had heard about it — was this a new mission? A new org? What’s happening in Karmiel? He sent us this response:

    The Karmiel Center is just another PR hoax.
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    And here I was trying to figure out exactly where in Karmiel this new place is for my map.
  28. BigBeard Member

    Sounds like Mr. Jaffey needs to do a little research into 'Training Routine - Lie' (TR-L) and "Acceptable Truth", because Sefi is dumping a bit of both in there.

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    We're not a dessert topping -- in your country. Cuz, like, you wouldn't want us if we were, and stuff.
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    It must feel bad when the SPs can just fire off an e-mail and have a report on your tall stories within 24 hours...
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    What Is the Church of Scientology Doing in Israel?

    By Julie Gray, The Huffington Post, November 13, 2015


    The Scientology Centre in Jaffa sticks out like a store thumb. Located in a richly renovated and cavernous theatre evidently from the 1930s, the centre is pristine and gleaming on a street mostly populated with kiosks selling candy, cigarettes and falafel.

    Jaffa is one of the oldest cities in antiquity, said to be where Andromeda was rescued by Perseus and where Jonah came forth from the belly of a great fish. Jaffa has been conquered and ruled by King Solomon, Saladin and King Richard the Lionhearted. Today the population in Jaffa, which is part of the municipality of Tel Aviv, is a mixed population of Jews and Muslims known not only for its history and beautiful architecture but also for poverty, crime and violence. Hipsters love Jaffa. It is, in other words, a very mixed plate and a very peculiar place to find the only Scientology centre in the Middle East.

    The Church of Scientology opened its doors in August, 2012, and has drawn little attention except for some mildly uncomfortable coverage of an anti-psychiatry exhibit in 2013 in which the suicide of a faded Israeli celebrity, Dudu Topaz, was used as an example of psychiatry gone wrong.

    I have walked by the incongruous Scientology Centre in Jaffa many times and have never been able to wrap my mind around why on earth they have a presence in a country that is overwhelmingly religious, with Jews, Muslims, Druze and Christians. Who is the target audience of Scientology here?

    Having recently delved into the world of NGOs and other peace organizations operating in Israel I have learned quite a lot about the numerous programs here, who funds them and why. I have been doing so out of my own curiosity, as a way to assuage the despair that sometimes comes over me, and because I have my own baby peace initiative in early stages, Truth & Beauty, which teaches media literacy and diverse thinking. I have been looking for partners and funding.

    So Scientology -- I thought, the other day, as I walked back through Jaffa to catch the bus home after having sat with yet another NGO to discuss their efforts. Huh. I couldn't help but wonder if this large and legendarily monied organization also has initiatives to address the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

    What would be wrong with simply asking, I thought, as I prised open the very heavy door to the centre. What I found inside was not surprising and yet still so out of place in Jaffa. The interior of the centre is a gleaming expanse of rows and rows of Dianetics books in English, Russian, Hebrew and Arabic. Several wall mounted televisions showed videos about Scientology, available in a number of languages, on what seemed like a continuous loop.

    I introduced myself to the receptionist and asked if I could speak to anyone about peace initiatives that Scientology is involved with here in Israel. This seemed to set off a flurry of activity and some concern. In the 40 or so minutes I was there, I was plunked in front of one of the videos and asked by four different people, four different times, what my name was, who I was writing for, and why I was writing an article about them. I'm just a blogger, I said. I'm just curious. I'm interested in the peace initiatives in Israel and I simply wondered if -- how do you spell your last name? It was written down scrupulously -- again.

    You blog at the Huffington Post? one of my chaperones asked, with a smile. I spend every afternoon dealing with the Huffington Post. Are you sure they'll publish this? He smiled broadly. It only struck me later that I had been given a warning of some sort. Or had I? Being in a Scientology centre comes with a degree of paranoia.
    Scientology isn't new to Israel and in fact there was a major falling out between the Church and the Haifa branch -- the entirety of whom are considered "suppressives" now, which is to say that they have been excommunicated.

    After a pleasant yet strangely arduous period of time, being bounced between two Scientology leaders in allegedly important positions, two receptionists, a very nice woman who, it was emphatically pointed out, was not a Scientologist, a brief tour of the cafeteria and an awkward elevator ride, I still hadn't had my simple question answered. What does Scientology do in Israel connected to the conflict.

    Finally, I eked out a kind of an answer to my question about Scientology's possible programs connected to this conflict. Many things! Drug prevention programs and -- no, I mean the conflict, I said. Do you have programs specifically to address this conflict in Israel or in the West Bank? Well, yes, in the West Bank.

    I was incredulous. What is it called, what is the agenda, where is the cooperation coming from? These, apparently, were questions not of particular interest, as they were not answered.

    There are two ways to operate a conflict/resolution program in the West Bank. Under the radar, at your own personal risk, without the cooperation you need and therefore with a minimal promise of impact, or on the radar, with the permission and cooperation of the Palestinian Authority and the US or other foreign consulates. Being on the radar is obviously the more productive way to go but it does mean closer scrutiny of your program.

    Having not found any actual answers of substance at the Scientology Centre, and after having politely declined a longer meeting the next day, and a tour of the facility, I went home and began to Google, and found that several years ago, there was some suspicion cast on a youth group activity here found to be backed by Scientology. It wasn't anything shocking, necessarily. I was slightly put off by the fact that the gentleman mentioned in the article was the selfsame man who I had just spoken with at the centre. Eli is very handsome and charming, actually. As I left the centre and headed toward the elevator, he called after me -- Julie! I turned. Are you sure you know how to get out of here?

    Israelis and Palestinians alike are generally very dubious of any "foreigner" who tries to insert themselves into the conflict here. They come by their suspicions honestly; unless the party in question is transparently on one "side" or another, or can convincingly prove that their efforts are truly only humanitarian in nature, resistance will be met. Just about everybody has some kind of agenda when it comes to this place and this conflict. A less pleasant agenda that does seem to rustle around in an under current is, of course, greased palms.

    I didn't find any answers but you will forgive me for wondering -- what is the Church of Scientology doing in Israel?


    Also, here's another thread:

    Google ads for Scientology on children's Internet game in Israel
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  32. The Wrong Guy Member

    Field report: Visiting the mission that told the Church of Scientology to take a hike

    By Tony Ortega, July 2, 2016


    It was here in Tami’s office that we met their three partners, auditors who had been trained by Tami and then were made equal owners of the center with Dani and Tami in 2010. Even then, Dani pointed out, they had ideas that were more democratic than a typical Scientology organization. But what finally pushed them to the brink, he says, was reading Debbie Cook’s infamous letter that she put out on New Year’s Eve, 2012. If someone they respected like Cook, the former “captain” of Scientology’s spiritual mecca in Clearwater, could explain so clearly why David Miscavige was the problem with the church, then that was something they had to take seriously.

    After their 2012 breakaway, the Lembergers went through some pretty typical harassment. But they tell us that for the most part now, they’re left alone. And they really have no interaction with Scientology’s “Ideal Org” in Jaffa.

    Dani is suing Scientology, and we hope to have an update on that for you soon. For now, Dani says he can’t talk publicly about it.

    At his office, Dani told us again about his own changing relationship with David Miscavige. When he started Dror Center in 1992, Dani says, there wasn’t really anything by L. Ron Hubbard in Hebrew. So he took it upon himself to translate the beginning text, Learning How to Learn, and printed up 1,000 copies at his own expense (see photo, above). He sent the very first copy he received to Miscavige, who sent him a letter calling him “highly commendable.”

    Later, when Dani was kicked out of the church for breaking away, in his “declare” document, which we printed recently, his translation of Hubbard material into Hebrew is now listed as a crime.

    Well, that’s Scientology.

    Continued here:
  33. RightOn Member

    Not a fan of continuing the mind fuck.
    Comes off as an ad for Indie Scientology. Sorry Tony, not my cup of tea.
    Glad they are suing the COS, but they are still recruiting people into the BS and charging money for a complete sham.
    The emeter is not a religious artifact or anything more than a simple lie detector. There is no such thing as the road to total freedom, the tone chart is absurd, people will never have power over MEST, Hubbard was a fraud and THERE ARE NO OT's, NOT ONE!
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  34. Dani Lemberger replied:

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Dani Lemberger • 12 hours ago

    Dani Lemberger says:
    Thanks, Tony, for coming to visit us. I enjoyed your stay and our conversation.
    When Tony and I first met, exactly four years ago, Tony mentioned he had relatives in Israel. I invited Tony to visit Dror on his next trip to Israel and also offered him some free auditing. It surprised me that a researcher of over twenty years into Scientology has never been "in session".
    So Tony has taken me up on the invite and still holds a rain check for his free auditing.
    In our conversation three days ago, I found out that Tony does not believe that "thetans" exist. He holds the weird view that Man is a brain with a body attached. He has been misled into believing that Life is a "biological-chemical" phenomenon.
    I attempted to demonstrate, in the little time we had, that Man is a spirit, is immortal, does replace his body once every 70-80 years, etc... Tony scoffed and I was not offended. He has such a charming, captivating smile.
    I do believe the crux of the difference between us is the question, "WHAT IS LIFE???" Hubbard attempted an answer, I think he did a better job than most other thinkers.
    To judge Hubbard and Scientology by Miscavige and his "Church" is tantamount to judging all Germans by Hitler (or all Russians by Stalin, or..., or...).
    I am grateful for Tony's post because I hope it clarifies that not all practitioners of Scientology are crooks. I'd rather be viewed by the readers as dumb than as a villain.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
  35. RightOn Member

    Wow. Always trying to recruit. Have to keep it KSW!
    Anyone who charges people for this utter CRAP is not only full of shit, they are continuing to brain wash people and keeping them in Hubbard's grasp.
    So um....sorry, making cash off a scam? = CROOK
  36. Report on Flag and Saint Hill auditing from a Kazakh at the Independent Scientology Mission in Israel.

    This is a bit dated, from June 1, 2016, but I found it interesting for two reasons. First, the report is about auditing at Flag and Saint HIll. Second, the report is from a resident of Almati (Almaty), Kazahstan, the home of Regina (Rigina), a recently much discussed subject on this forum.

    Free Scientologists Israel: Marat is on Solo NOTs!

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    AFSI would like to present to you Marat Iskanderov, a special guest of Dror Center.

    Marat has lived all his life in Almati, Kazahstan. He started his Scientology adventure at the St. Petersburg Org, Russia, in 2009 and continued his services at the Almati Mission.

    In 2012, Marat decided to go for the best the Church has to offer and traveled to Flag, the “Mecca of Technical Perfection”. Marat finished his Grades and NED Full Program at Flag. He was then “C/S’ed” to do three L’s although he originally paid only for L11. He was audited on the three L’s in English, which he barely speaks, since his native language is Russian. Marat tells us that the auditor gave the commands in English while he read the auditing questions from a printed sheet in Russian.

    Marat felt terrible after the three L’s and his life and business went into a steep decline during the year after he completed the rundowns. When Marat asked Flag for help, they promptly offered him to buy a few review intensives of L’s. In the state he was in, he barely made it to Flag. When he asked the L’s D of P what is the reason for his condition, after completing three L Rundowns, he was told that this happened because he was given the Rundowns in English, not in his native language.

    When Marat further wondered how could it be that the C/S allowed him to do the L’s in English, Marat was told that he demanded the L’s, it was not the C/S’s recommendation.

    Needless to say, Flag did not offer any “on the house” repair. And, just to give you an idea, an intensive of L’s auditing costs about $11,000 dollars and Marat had already spent $120,000 on the three L’s.

    Extremely dissatisfied with Flag, Marat went on to try his luck at Saint Hill, England where he arrived at the end of 2014. At Saint Hill he did his Clearing Course and continued all the way up to New OT V, Audited NOTs.

    Marat tells us that at Saint Hill he was subjected to numerous overruns and suffered major upsets due to forced “hard sell” cycles and gross out-tech. Completely devastated and with little hope left, Marat flew back home to Almati in February 2015.

    We are amazed that Marat did not give up at this point. Yet he tells us that deep in his heart, based on his early wins, he knew that LRH’s Technology does work, when delivered genuinely by honest people. It was this knowledge that first brought Marat to Dror Center in January 2016.

    When Marat first came to Dror, his OCA looked as follows. We publish it with Marat’s permission.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

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