David Miscavige Kills Survival Insurance

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Sep 21, 2011.

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    I find their short list of creditors very questionable when you consider that quite a few of the creditors are commercial property related. In other words, they were evicted from their office space and owe back rent.

    These stories are interesting too:

    I'm looking for more stuff. I suspect there are actionable items with the California Dept of Insurance but I haven't found any yet.
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    Found this on the DOI site:

    Name: SURVIVAL INSURANCE, INC. License#: 0B44840
    License type: Casualty Broker-Agent Status: Active Status Date: 11/21/1996 Exp Date: 11/30/2012
    License type: Property Broker-Agent Status: Active Status Date: 11/21/1996 Exp Date: 11/30/2012
    Business Address: 2550 N HOLLYWOOD WAYSUITE 120 BURBANK, CA 915055044
    Number of 2007 Justified Complaints with the Department : 5
    Number of 2008 Justified Complaints with the Department : 1
    Number of 2009 Justified Complaints with the Department : 3

    Bond Information
    Bond Amount: $10,000 Bond #: FX - 69831110
    Surety Co: 13188 - WESTERN SURETY COMPANY

    Company Appointments
    This licensee is authorized to transact on behalf of the following insurers:
    VESTA FIRE INSURANCE CORPORATION For: Fire and Casualty Broker-Agent Effective: 06/26/2003
    VESTA FIRE INSURANCE CORPORATION For: Casualty Broker-Agent Effective: 06/26/2003
    NEIGHBORHOOD SPIRIT PROPERTY AND CASUALTY COMPANY For: Property Broker-Agent Effective: 01/10/2002
    NEIGHBORHOOD SPIRIT PROPERTY AND CASUALTY COMPANY For: Casualty Broker-Agent Effective: 01/10/2002
    EXACT PROPERTY AND CASUALTY COMPANY For: Property Broker-Agent Effective: 01/10/2002
    EXACT PROPERTY AND CASUALTY COMPANY For: Casualty Broker-Agent Effective: 01/10/2002
    CIVIC PROPERTY AND CASUALTY COMPANY For: Property Broker-Agent Effective: 01/10/2002
    CIVIC PROPERTY AND CASUALTY COMPANY For: Casualty Broker-Agent Effective: 01/10/2002
    AMERICAN MODERN HOME INSURANCE COMPANY For: Property Broker-Agent Effective: 06/10/2010
    AMERICAN MODERN HOME INSURANCE COMPANY For: Casualty Broker-Agent Effective: 06/10/2010
    AMERICAN FAMILY HOME INSURANCE COMPANY For: Property Broker-Agent Effective: 06/10/2010
    VESTA FIRE INSURANCE CORPORATION For: Property Broker-Agent Effective: 06/26/2003
    AMERICAN FAMILY HOME INSURANCE COMPANY For: Casualty Broker-Agent Effective: 06/10/2010
    Records 1 to 25
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    More - here is a list of licensed agents for Survival from the DOI:

    Licensee Name License Number Appointed Class Effective Date
    ALAM ANGELICA 0F71194 Personal Lines Broker-Agent 08/05/2008
    ALLEGRO SARA 0D39616 Property Broker-Agent 12/28/2007
    ALLEGRO SARA 0D39616 Casualty Broker-Agent 12/28/2007
    ARUTUNIAN ARSHAK 0D05011 Property Broker-Agent 09/09/2008
    ARUTUNIAN ARSHAK 0D05011 Casualty Broker-Agent 09/09/2008
    BAHRAMIAN SUREN 0D95105 Property Broker-Agent 07/12/2011
    BAHRAMIAN SUREN 0D95105 Casualty Broker-Agent 07/12/2011
    BAIRD AMEER HASSAN 0B70231 Casualty Broker-Agent 06/25/2008
    BAIRD AMEER HASSAN 0B70231 Property Broker-Agent 06/25/2008
    DELGADO DAVID EDWARD 0D42679 Casualty Broker-Agent 05/12/2006
    DELGADO DAVID EDWARD 0D42679 Property Broker-Agent 05/12/2006
    GROVE CHRISTOPHER PATRICK N/A Casualty Broker-Agent 11/21/1996
    GROVE CHRISTOPHER PATRICK N/A Property Broker-Agent 11/21/1996
    GUTIERREZ VANESSA MONIQUE 0G14987 Casualty Broker-Agent 08/18/2010
    GUTIERREZ VANESSA MONIQUE 0G14987 Property Broker-Agent 08/18/2010
    HARUTYUNYAN DAVIT 0H39985 Property Broker-Agent 09/15/2011
    HARUTYUNYAN DAVIT 0H39985 Casualty Broker-Agent 09/15/2011
    KARAPETYAN HAYK 0E94849 Property Broker-Agent 05/15/2008
    KARAPETYAN HAYK 0E94849 Casualty Broker-Agent 05/15/2008
    KELEDJIAN HAROUTOUN ARTHUR 0731499 Casualty Broker-Agent 08/28/2006
    KELEDJIAN HAROUTOUN ARTHUR 0731499 Property Broker-Agent 08/28/2006
    KING LAURA MICHELLE 0H07823 Property Broker-Agent 05/25/2011
    KING LAURA MICHELLE 0H07823 Casualty Broker-Agent 05/25/2011
    LA FAVE TANYA LYNN 0755077 Casualty Broker-Agent 07/08/2008
    LA FAVE TANYA LYNN 0755077 Property Broker-Agent 07/08/2008
    OUK CHANSITHA 0B43713 Casualty Broker-Agent 04/03/1998
    OUK CHANSITHA 0B43713 Property Broker-Agent 04/03/1998
    PERRYMAN VICTORIA DENISE N/A Casualty Broker-Agent 04/12/1999
    PERRYMAN VICTORIA DENISE N/A Property Broker-Agent 04/12/1999
    RICHARDSON LAURE MORRISON 0C36162 Casualty Broker-Agent 09/07/2006
    RICHARDSON LAURE MORRISON 0C36162 Property Broker-Agent 09/07/2006
    TAYLOR MORELLA LANORE 0B24387 Casualty Broker-Agent 01/11/2008
    TAYLOR MORELLA LANORE 0B24387 Property Broker-Agent 01/11/2008
    TORRES EVERARDO N/A Property Broker-Agent 04/20/1999
    TORRES EVERARDO N/A Casualty Broker-Agent 04/20/1999
  6. Triumph Member

    Clam Attorney Michael T Stoller Is Representing Richie A-Cunt-O
    "helped sue CAN" cult awareness Network
    and defended the CoS in several cases

    Michael T Stoller service completions

    Clam Law Fag is shady too
    civil suits In Illinois against Michael T Stoller and Mortgage Assistance Solutions
    fraudsters Mortgage scammers banned in Idaho too
    and Maine Mortgage Assistance Solutions, LLC Michael T stoller&cd=15&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=firefox-a
    Arizona too
    also Michigan Mortgage Assistance Solutions, LLC&hl=en&gl=us&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESg63fWiteob9xJpU5YQATy0V94ZqHYlkxv2qD2Lo3gZKX6XP7U0Bkz7AuELDim3IeEcp0VzsvvGlXtO4Gp3QkAYTlkqgYZ-N_eLj_vPDjHy0EjjHZGFUfUWl7TZ7fcV3bFj2iy1&sig=AHIEtbQJ6zMTdWGwQfJw0KXKizxlQ5NwwA

    racketeering Rico!
    can be found here
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    Even moar - list of licensed solicitors, part 1, for Survival from the DOI (this is all public information for anyone that wants to bawwww):

    Licensee Name License Number Appointed Class Effective Date
    WILKINS KAREN HELEN 0735631 Casualty 10/01/2010
    WILKINS KAREN HELEN 0735631 Property 10/01/2010
    WILLIAMS MADISON MAC 0738939 Casualty 08/09/1999
    WILLIAMS MADISON MAC 0738939 Property 08/09/1999
    BRADLEY KENNETH DANIEL 0741560 Casualty 02/21/1997
    BRADLEY KENNETH DANIEL 0741560 Property 02/21/1997
    PROBE PAULA JEANE 0744243 Casualty 04/01/1998
    PROBE PAULA JEANE 0744243 Property 04/01/1998
    SHABEL PATRICIA ANN 0747990 Casualty 09/30/1997
    SHABEL PATRICIA ANN 0747990 Property 09/30/1997
    BAUER JAMIE WYND 0748310 Casualty 02/28/1997
    BAUER JAMIE WYND 0748310 Property 02/28/1997
    BAILEY JODI LYN 0751241 Casualty 10/07/1998
    BAILEY JODI LYN 0751241 Property 10/07/1998
    FABREGAS RAMON DANIEL ROCO 0751566 Casualty 05/22/1998
    FABREGAS RAMON DANIEL ROCO 0751566 Property 05/22/1998
    BUTLER KATHLEEN FRANCES 0759640 Casualty 12/23/1998
    BUTLER KATHLEEN FRANCES 0759640 Property 12/23/1998
    BURNS DAVID JAMES 0759758 Casualty 08/12/1998
    BURNS DAVID JAMES 0759758 Property 08/12/1998
    FUMANTI JESSICA 0766213 Casualty 02/11/1998
    FUMANTI JESSICA 0766213 Property 02/11/1998
    SYSLO MARIE 0766936 Casualty 09/24/1998
    SYSLO MARIE 0766936 Property 09/24/1998
    STRONG RONALD LEIGH 0776230 Casualty 05/12/1998
    STRONG RONALD LEIGH 0776230 Property 05/12/1998
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    Part 2 of the licensed solicitors:
    GARLAND CHERYL DEAN 0777696 Casualty 12/20/1996GARLAND CHERYL DEAN 0777696 Property 12/20/1996EHRICH RONALD AUGUST 0780147 Casualty 11/17/1997EHRICH RONALD AUGUST 0780147 Property 11/17/1997CHEN PETER CHIETU 0781258 Casualty 06/26/1998CHEN PETER CHIETU 0781258 Property 06/26/1998DECKER DAMON PAUL 0784331 Casualty 04/02/2002DECKER DAMON PAUL 0784331 Property 04/02/2002WALLACE CAROL JEAN 0785790 Casualty 12/31/1998WALLACE CAROL JEAN 0785790 Property 12/31/1998SANTOYO CONCEPCION AGUILAR 0786103 Casualty 09/12/1997SANTOYO CONCEPCION AGUILAR 0786103 Property 09/12/1997WELCH MADELYN BETH 0786752 Casualty 02/07/1998WELCH MADELYN BETH 0786752 Property 02/07/1998MEHRASSA AFSHIN 0787264 Casualty 03/05/1998MEHRASSA AFSHIN 0787264 Property 03/05/1998WEISS DEAN 0788471 Casualty 04/10/1998WEISS DEAN 0788471 Property 04/10/1998JOBLON JAMES THOMAS JR 0789230 Casualty 06/03/2002JOBLON JAMES THOMAS JR 0789230 Property 06/03/2002TORRES DAVID GILBERT 0790929 Casualty 01/20/2000TORRES DAVID GILBERT 0790929 Property 01/20/2000LEGMAN DAVID JEFFREY 0801485 Casualty 02/13/2003LEGMAN DAVID JEFFREY 0801485 Property 02/13/2003GHAZI HASHEM 0802219 Casualty 06/04/1998GHAZI HASHEM 0802219 Property 06/04/1998MORRIS WILLIAM 0802826 Casualty 06/09/1999MORRIS WILLIAM 0802826 Property 06/09/1999KARBASSION MASOOD 0804104 Casualty 01/31/1997KARBASSION MASOOD 0804104 Property 01/31/1997WINSTON JOSEPH BERNS 0814166 Casualty 05/02/1997WINSTON JOSEPH BERNS 0814166 Property 05/02/1997SHAKOOR NYLE 0819137 Casualty 07/21/1998SHAKOOR NYLE 0819137 Property 07/21/1998CHAN KEVIN TAI SING 0819901 Casualty 01/14/1998CHAN KEVIN TAI SING 0819901 Property 01/14/1998SALLIE APRIL LYNN 0822109 Casualty 04/10/1998SALLIE APRIL LYNN 0822109 Property 04/10/1998HERNANDEZ SYLVIA CASTRO 0826034 Casualty 01/08/1998HERNANDEZ SYLVIA CASTRO 0826034 Property 01/08/1998ARTINIAN JULIANA 1841055 Casualty 01/16/2001ARTINIAN JULIANA 0841055 Casualty 01/16/2001ARTINIAN JULIANA 1841055 Property 01/16/2001ARTINIAN JULIANA 0841055 Property 01/16/2001NOLIND SCOTT BARRY 0A40136 Casualty 04/02/1998NOLIND SCOTT BARRY 0A40136 Property 04/02/1998STEINMAN SUZANNE CATLETT 0A43653 Casualty 12/20/1996STEINMAN SUZANNE CATLETT 0A43653 Property 12/20/1996BARAJAS FRANCISCO VELA 0A53091 Casualty 11/20/2000BARAJAS FRANCISCO VELA 0A53091 Property 11/20/2000ANDERSON MATTHEW
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    And part 3:
    WAYNE 0A53826 Casualty 01/31/1997ANDERSON MATTHEW WAYNE 0A53826 Property 01/31/1997PRICE EDWARD JOE JR 0A54134 Casualty 01/31/1997PRICE EDWARD JOE JR 0A54134 Property 01/31/1997VARNER GEORGE RANDALL 0A74760 Casualty 12/20/1996VARNER GEORGE RANDALL 0A74760 Property 12/20/1996GUEVARA EUFEMIO SALVADOR 0A92045 Casualty 09/02/1998GUEVARA EUFEMIO SALVADOR 0A92045 Property 09/02/1998LANSANGAN LEONILA MATIAS 0A92412 Casualty 06/09/1998LANSANGAN LEONILA MATIAS 0A92412 Property 06/09/1998ATHANS KIMBERLY JOAN 0A95282 Casualty 04/20/1998ATHANS KIMBERLY JOAN 0A95282 Property 04/20/1998SOTO RICHARD HENRY 0B05065 Casualty 07/16/1998SOTO RICHARD HENRY 0B05065 Property 07/16/1998JOSHI PARDEEP 0B25304 Casualty 04/20/1998JOSHI PARDEEP 0B25304 Property 04/20/1998ENERVA REBECCA DE GUZMAN 0B25397 Casualty 06/29/2000ENERVA REBECCA DE GUZMAN 0B25397 Property 06/29/2000LAHIJI KAMRAN 0B27009 Casualty 06/03/1998LAHIJI KAMRAN 0B27009 Property 06/03/1998GALLARDO RICARDO 0B27588 Casualty 02/05/2003GALLARDO RICARDO 0B27588 Property 02/05/2003FERRER CLAUDIA GUADALUPE 0B30792 Casualty 11/03/1998FERRER CLAUDIA GUADALUPE 0B30792 Property
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    Moar sciFail falls by the wayside!
  11. Anonymous Member

    Strangely enough, Richard Acunto's license shows his business address is a firm called "GGIS Insurance":

    Name: ACUNTO RICHARD JOSEPH License#: 0646511
    Resident Insurance Producer
    License type: Casualty Broker-Agent Status:
    Active Status Date:
    03/30/1989 Expiration Date:

    Resident Insurance Producer
    License type: Property Broker-Agent Status:
    Active Status Date:
    03/30/1989 Expiration Date:

    Business Address: GGIS INSURANCE SERVICES, INC., 2550 N HOLLYWOOD WAY STE 120 BURBANK, CA 91505-5044

    But When I look up GGIS Insurance Services, I get the following:

    Name: GGIS INSURANCE SERVICES, INC. License#: 0D21170

    License type: Casualty Broker-Agent Status: Active Status Date: 03/30/2001 Exp Date: 03/31/2013
    License type: Property Broker-Agent Status: Active Status Date: 03/30/2001 Exp Date: 03/31/2013
    Business Address: 2550 N HOLLYWOOD WAYSUITE 120 BURBANK, CA 915055044
    Number of 2007 Justified Complaints with the Department : 2

    The following agents are licensed with this firm:

    Licensee Name License Number Appointed Class Effective Date
    KURUGIAN JOHNNY OVANES 0681173 Casualty Broker-Agent 03/30/2001
    KURUGIAN JOHNNY OVANES 0681173 Property Broker-Agent 03/30/2001
    MCFARLANE SUSAN 0660621 Casualty Broker-Agent 03/01/2002
    MCFARLANE SUSAN 0660621 Property Broker-Agent 03/01/2002
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    More handiwork from "the most ethical people on the planet." Money.. Money.. Money..
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  13. Triumph Member

    Richie A-Cunt-O's Clam Lawfag is a real piece of work himself!

    USA Today 2007
    Con Artist circle over Homeowners on the edge
  14. Triumph Member

    everything must sale
    sell Miscabbie your used up cycles
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  16. Saul Goodman Member

    It seems Amy made her Facebook page private in the last 8 minutes.
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  19. Random guy Member

    This is interesting.

    According to Marty "clam-om-the-run" Rathbun, these companies used to bring in quite a bit of money to the cult. With a diminishing pool of gullible customers (i.e. scientologists) and economic downturn combined with the insane "never downstat" Hubbard management, I guess this was inevitable. I think we can also fairly safely assume David Nipplehead Miscavige have had his dirty little hands in the cooky jar.Could this be a result of him bleeding the company dry for short term profit, eating the chicken laying golden eggs so to speak?
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  20. Smurf Member

    "I am a ex-employee of Survival Insurance Brokers in Hollywood. I worked for them in the sales department for more then 3 years. Survival Insurance actually promotes, encourages, & rewards their salespeople for taking advantage of people and overcharging them for insurance. Their insurance programs suck, and they actually recruit people from the street to sell their crap to the general public for outrageous prices. Also, they are strongly associated with the Church of Scientology. Most of the upper management and the owner Richard Acunto is a Scientologist."

    "I also worked for Survival Insurance. When I wasn't being dragged down to the Scientology Church I was tasked with billing customers their "annual brokerage fee". a completely bogus bill created to get additional money from customers whose renewals were being billed directly from their insurance companies. These customer didn't have to come in to the the Survival offices, so Survival had no way of getting additional fees out of them. So, they invented a way.

    Customers were sent an annual brokerage fee bill. ($150.00 at the time) A good number of people paid this bill out of fear that their insurance would be cancelled if it wasn't paid. In fact, Survival could do nothing if the customer didn't pay the bill. While I was in charge of this billing activity. Survival thought I was aggressively calling those who didn't pay. Not only did I not call customers to collect this fee, but when customers called to complain about it I told them not to worry about it. I even returned checks to customers who told me they couldn't afford it.

    When I was replaced in that department, I remember the girl who took my place coming to me to excitely tell me that she had beaten my record for collections. If she only knew I was handing the money back to the customers almost as fast as it was coming in.

    At one point I was promoted to "Quality Control." It was my job to make sure the applications submitted actually met the underwriting criteria. Nice premise, but the office manager could overrule my decisions and ALWAYS did when it involved losing commission and broker fees. I was forced to willingly sign Richard Acunta's name to insurance applications and submit them knowing full well they didn't meet the insurance company's underwriting requirements."
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  21. Anonymous Member

    A cunt? Oh.
  22. Anonymous Member

    SO courses and auditing were often paid with credits. I remember, in the 80/90 credits and mortgages used to be covered by life ensurances. The insurance broker often arranged for the necessary credit. Possibly this was a profitable deal for both survival insurance as well as CoS, if survival insurance arranged for the credits scilons took to pay for Co$ services. Of course CoS would pamper the CEO who does that at the same time as make him pay by saying that without all those scilons taking credits/insurance through him, he wouldn't be so rich. I bet the regges often would call a guy like this, just in case their victim thought it can't afford to pay for more services.
  23. RolandRB Member

    I like Amy !
  24. Anonymous Member

  25. Triumph Member

    from A-Cunt-Ohs facebook

    another Scientology case of crash and burn
    with noted FOM & SP Tiziano Lugli
  26. Anonymous Member

    Hm... there's no "Scientology insurance"... liek, ya know, if it doesn't work... ? ;)
  27. DeathHamster Member
  28. Anonymous Member

    How can he sell life insurance if the stupid Cunt-Oh believes in reincarnation??
  29. RightOn Member

    they look like gay Power Rangers
    Tizie is a damn good looking man, but in that suit? uh nope
  30. PodPeople Member

    Let's not leave out Guardian Claims Service, LLC
    Lol All with members formerly of the Guardians Office, some Operation Snow White names,
    with Acunto, Reitze, Ohl, and here's David Morse, who also owns David Morse & Assoc, who last I heard (2 years ago) had Duke Snyder, another Snow White'r, previously in NY but then in Los Angeles offices.

    Also, as usual I see many posters (in above marty thread) commenting that either they personally, or another person which they name or generalize , witnessed IAS staff pushing members to fraudulently take out loans, mortgage, rack up credit cards, with the knowledge couldn't pay and to plan on filing bankruptcy.
    Not that any IRS or federal authorities would be interested in this kind of thing.

    Lucy James
    Ted Bragen (not sure if I spelled his last name correctly), IAS reg, use to bragg to UK public that he had declared bankruptcy and that it was okay to blow your finances apart for the IAS.

    The bankruptcy line was being promoted as far back as 1991 when Vic Scelza and 2 other IAS regs stormed into my motel room in Clearwater demanding $20K which I didn’t have. No problem, get a loan and declare bankruptcy.

    Karen #1
    (Jentzsch) La Carriere
    Maurice. This is why so many of us have come to realize that the “Church” has morphed into a criminal entity.
    In the early 1990s another generation of regges were were forcing people to take out $40,000 for Patron status and declare bankruptcy.
    “The greatest good” was to fraud the Bankj. American Express was one the biggest victims of the FRAUD. I will testify with names on camera or in a court of law……..

    Jethro Bodine
    Also, I vividly recall IAS Reg Howard Becker encouraging someone who was on the verge of bankruptcy to go ahead and just do it. Howard was encouraging him to just do one thing first – make a large donation to the IAS on his credit card, and THEN declare BK.
  31. DeathHamster Member

    It's hard to find one-piece suits that don't look power rangerish. There are lots that are much worse. I do bet that it's hot as hell in that thing. (Too bad there no pix of his chicken strips to see if he really needs a full suit.)
  32. RightOn Member

    well I guess if you go skidding on the pavement, those suits are good protection, but I wouldn't have the nerve to wear one or the money to buy one
  33. subgenius Member

    fify, n/c
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  34. subgenius Member

    ATGATT= All The Gear All The Time
  35. omg really?!
    Some hand that man the biggest dose of Valium or a heroine needle to calm his ass down.

    As much as I'm sure its bad what they are pulling with this fraudulent bankruptcy scam, it can be as bad as our resident sci martyr makes it out to be.
  36. Smurf Member

    Tiziano is a hot piece of meat in or out of the cycle suit and I'd like to... umm.. never mind.. sorry, Jamie.. couldn't help myself.

  37. AnonyVix Member

    You can never over estimate the church of scientology and those in its thrall such is the nature of the "uber machen".
  38. SOJOA Member

    IMO if you can survive Scientology and get will never need insurance. Thats an act of god. (so to speak)
  39. SOJOA Member

    Also, kudos OP and Smurf... :)
  40. It just begs the question, "Do you need that often?"

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