David Miscavige / Kim Bellotte Perjury

Discussion in 'Anon Sparrow' started by Ackerland, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. Ackerland Member

    I recall that Kim Bellotte testified the OSA office was not under orders of the local org leadership, while Miscavige testified to the contrary a few years back. Is there any room for prosecuting this or would any prosecuter run into statutes of limitations?
    It might still be a good idea officially reporting this.
  2. BLiP Member

    Yes. And you have struck upon on a significant issue in relation to legal matters when dealing with the cult: the dichotomy between "civil" and "criminal" law. Also, and to the detriment of the sentiment, you are talking about the United States; there, you will find, principle, logic, and justice are subordinate to cold hard cash.
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  3. Smurf Member

    No. What's to stop the cult from claiming that both spoke correctly and that the cult went through a re-organization? Kim spoke this year and DM spoke about it years ago. But Kim is correct. All DSA's from the orgs take their orders from OSA Int in Los Angeles or Gold Base.
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  4. That wouldn't be hard to prove, you would just need to provide the HCO describing the change.

    In any case, I think it would be up to someone pressing the point that this perjury may have screwed up a verdict.
  5. LarryBren Member

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  6. RightOn Member

    ^^ you rock BTW :) <3

    In a case like this, who would have press the charges? The court?
  7. anonsparrow Member

    I think it is worth following up on. The context of what Miscavige said is that he disbanded the Guardian's Office because of all the illegal shit going on and that under his new re-organization, Office of Special Affairs, that stuff could never happen again.

    Part of the reason why, according to his declaration, is because Directors of Special Affairs are now under direct supervision of each Church's Executive Council. So there would no longer be this concentrated, unchecked power like we saw with the GO.

    Only problem of course is that it's a total lie. That was one of the few things that Belotte told the truth about under oath - the Office of Special Affairs IS a separate entity that does not answer to her or anyone else at the org. They take their orders directly from the top, starting with Miscavige, through Warren McShane, and on down the line.

    So the Guardian's Office was given a new name but nothing changed. All the evil still originates from the little punk himself. And still blindly enforced by the rest of them.

    Scientology is the road to total freedom - get on it and shut the fuck up.
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  8. Interrobanger Member

    Q1. Is OSA Int a single administrative body with people in two locations (LA & Gold) or is it more complicated?
    Q2. Ms. B testified that security at the Washington org reported to New York. How would the full chain look, assuming she told the truth?
  9. Diablo Member

    When are you going back to visit Tiny Balls, Vickie, Kimmy, fat ass Sylvia and the rest of the dysfunctional assholes who are trying to bring in victims to their little cult so they can make some $$??

    I can't wait to see you in front asking them "why hasn't the Midget handled me yet? I thought Anonymous was handled.....hmmmmmm!!!"
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  10. xenubarb Member

    I probably already mentioned it, but that Moxon-coached witness for the plaintiff, Bernadette, committed the most obvious perjury of all in that case, flagrantly contradicting the plaintiff.

    Moxon. Perjury. Hmm, again? It follows his presence like a stinky fart.
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  11. anonsparrow Member

    We take notes. I kinda feel bad for these people that have committed. Not really though.
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  12. xenubarb Member

    I hope they get called to task for their blatant lies in court. The transcript should be required reading for any lolyer taking on a Scientology related case. It is a showpiece of their tactics, and how to counter them, coupled with notes explaining what's going on, what part of Scn it relates to, and how it has been used in court before.

    It's kind of a primer, Scientology Law 101. Thank you for helping make it. :)
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  13. Anonymous Member

    It would not work as she was on record as having said it had always been that way. She was in that position when DM gave his Depo. As two Titans in Scientology who would know what the policies are one being the current COB and the other holding a hallowed title that the founder of scientology created and help the Executive Director of the Founding Church one of the two is lying. The real question is do the courts care? They would not relate to the importance of this topic as we do because one would need to be educated in subject matter. What it did and will continue to do is look bad for Kim as the civil case unfolds. Furthermore it will shed doubt on other cases where OSA is involved because no matter what story they give there are now two depo's people can choose from calling what ever answer the cult gives as questionable.
  14. anonsparrow Member

    In due time my friend.. in due time. What will they say under oath?

    Interesting to sit back and watch. I don't have to lie about anything but they are scrambling to get their stories straight right now. Hard to phantom.

    "Your honor his erect cock was pointing northwest when I saw it. I couldn't look away from the stalker's crotch area."

    If Scientology wins the civil case I'm moving to Clearwater. Period.
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  15. Chipshotz Member

    Xander and Sparrow together in Clearwater.
    I can only dream.
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  16. Intelligence Member

    If those "Jerk-Offs" win, I'll move to Clearwater and stand with you:)
  17. Smurf Member

    LOL. Yeah, that I'd like to see.
  18. Demented LRH Member

    I am not familiar with the case and I do not follow the discussion. Could anyone give me a link to the pertinent court data?
  19. Anonymous Member

  20. Demented LRH Member

  21. Demented LRH Member

    I read xenubard's presentation of the case. The case is completely bogus, like everything else CoS does. Still have to find out DM's role in it.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Good, I'm glad someone is going to do that.
  23. Anonymous Member

    From the DC Civil Case Docket:

    "08/23/2011 Order Granting Motion * Entered on the Docket Order Granting Plaintiff's Motion for Additional Time for Deposition Entered on the Docket 8/23/11. Signed in Chambers by Judge Macaluso on 8/22/11. E-filed and e-served on 8/23/11. It is ORDERED, that Plaintiff Kim Belotte's "Motion for Additional Time for the Deposition of Brian Mandigo," filed July 29, 2011, is GRANTED. It is further
    ORDERED, that Defendant Brian Mandigo shall appear for two full days of deposition, of up to seven hours of questioning each.
    DGS/JAA "

    Cruel AND Unusual Punishment.

    Make sure to wear a condom, and DON'T look into Moxon's eyes. ;)
  24. Anonymous Member

    I don't agree with this advice. I advise putting your right eye on Moxon's right eye and keep it there. If Moxon looks away, wait for the gaze to return and resume using your right eye on his right eye. This is the opposite of difficult.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    It really boils down to of Sparrow can stand the smell. I hear Moxon has this toe cheese thing going.
  26. moarxenu Member

    Also, Hawaiian shirt.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    ... or other shirt of indeterminate color and design.
  28. xenubarb Member

    Agreed. Staring down someone who has paid money to learn how 2 staring contest is teh lulz. I stared down Abelson outside of HGB once. Then yelled FLUNK! START OVER and other stupid stuff for 10 minutes.
  29. Sponge Member

    2 day depo? That's quite a lot of time and money to waste on a case for which a criminal version has already been trounced. Oh well, sucks to be you, Moxon.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Start the deposition with "How is Stacey doing, I haven't seen her in a while?"
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Or ask the bailiff, "Where can I dispose of these bbq'ed rib bones I had for lunch?"

    Trust me, he'll get it.
  32. Sponge Member

    "Sorry, Mr.Moxon, I cannot confirm or deny actions I did not witness"
    Next irrelevant question.
    Rinse & repeat.
  33. adhocrat Member

    ah, but who will be in a lather?
  34. Anonymous Member

    Then there's always the entirely appropriate response to the leading question...


    try again...

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