Davis, California ORG

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by pixnood, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. pixnood Member

    Davis, California ORG

    I'd like to report that a small org has opened up in Davis, California above Drom's Comics and Cards on G street.

    Their address is 231 G Street, Suite #25. They were out today in front of their complex with a table doing free stress tests. Two dowdy looking women.

    Could we get some anonymous blackup and fliers up in this piece?
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG

    Not to derail, but that appears to actually be Mission, not an Org.
    Also, other places have the address as 231 G Street, Suite #23
  3. pixnood Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG

    The city of davis wiki had it as #25... but people have been screwing with the wiki. I spotted it on the second floor, but didn't note the number. Since sources conflict, I'll go walk by next time I'm downtown and physically verify the suite number.

    If it's a mission and not an Org, that means they don't really have a foothold in the town, right?

    They had two dowdy women at tables and I THINK one younger fatty woman chasing people down with pink sheets that looked like they might have been mail order type things where you enter your information. I am not positive she was affiliated, because I walked pretty quickly, not wanting to be made.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG

    Foothold in the city? No. That will never happen in my United Soviet Socialist Republic of Davis! LOL

    There are WAY too many critics and exes that will NEVER let Scilons back into Davis.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG

    A nest is a nest. And yeah, those fliers were probably fill in the blank stress test questionnaires which, if returned, would then be used to hound the recipients for the next billion years or so.

    Whatever you do, do not collect these forms and fill them out in the name of any city council officials.

    That would just be wrong.
  6. pixnood Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG

    I know they were here in 72. Sigma Chi bought their old house, and when they went in to remodel they found doors with handles and locks on the outside and food slats in the bottom.

    I also know we've got a pretty active community with a good immune system... but the problem I see is that Davis has way too many ditzy baby boomers with nothing in their lives except for plenty of home equity, 401k's and empty nests. These people are ripe to get scammed.

    There are complications to this though. I think the target demographic to be innoculated here isn't college students... it's aging boomers. Closed-minded, clueless, internet-retarded, aging boomers. The kind of people who are trained to ignore anyone under 30, because this town is swarming with college students they would prefer didn't live here. The scilons know who they're going after too - they're manning their tables with two old ladies who look like they stumbled out of a quaker meeting.

    I'm not sure how to crack the boomer demographic, really. Magoo is perfect.
  7. Re: Davis, California ORG

    New signs

    Scientology walks on your lawn
    Scientology loves that awful trendy music
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG

    lmao so the aging "i really wasn't a hippie" crowd or the "we really did something" at woodstock crowd?

    K, found 'em

  9. EmptySuit Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG

    Scientology used to (maybe they still do i dunno) setup tables outside the Davis borders, probably to sell Dianetics, not sure they were for stress testing BS.

    SacAnons and anyone near by need to start picketing these scumbags. I'm down for whenever lets get some anons out there, scare the ladies back inside with out lulzy signs and musics.

    Anyone want to raid?
  10. EmptySuit Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG

    Just quick BTW: Davis foot traffic is insane on the weekends, especially Saturday, would be prime territory for raiding, gonna see if I can lookup some municodes.

    found municode, Raid picket would most likely be considered a parade, permit required from chief of police
  11. e1337anon Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG

    Ill be there if we do i dont know if i want to protect the davistards from them.:rolleyes:
  12. pixnood Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG

    I went by yesterday. It's #23.

    Their hours are W and F 7:30 to 9:00 pm, and Saturdays 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. A pretty minimally active cult.
  13. anonakatie Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG


    Do you have any links for this?
  14. pixnood Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG

    anonakatie, town lore, generally known around here. If you need some INTERNET OR NOT REAL links, someone was blabbing about it on the town's wiki site.

    Scientology - Davis Wiki

    check the comments
  15. lostatsea Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG

    Ok, I've been aware of the CoS "dark side" for a really long time, and yet reading this bit still made my blood run cold. Creepy ass cult.
  16. Re: Davis, California ORG

    That sounds like our kind of people. Even if the actual owners aren't with us, I'll bet quite a few of their customers are. Maybe contact them and ask nicely about sticking some flyers in their windows. I'd go for ones with the Guy Fawkes mask - as "V for Vendetta" was graphic novel and therefore somewhat related to their business.

    It would drive the Scilons completely insane to have an Anonymous flyer posted legally in the same building as their mission - with no way for them to take it down.
  17. pixnood Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG

    I went by this "mission" today. They hired a big fat security guard to stand in front of their door all day. He was there early on, and still there late into the day.
  18. timthephoto Member

  19. pixnood Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG

    Oh, I've been around since day 1, I have some damn good flier material... I prefer chalking the entryway on this particular place, though.
  20. timthephoto Member

  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG

    The move in '72 wasn't disappearing, it was getting bigger digs on Olive Drive. They continued to operate there, grew like mad through the '70s, and continued until the Finance Police looted and closed the place in the mid-80s. Meanwhile, they spun off new missions in Sacramento, Portland, and San Francisco, as well as starting the Delphian Foundation (where all those Delphi schools came from). That mission, directly or indirectly, was responsible for recruiting several thousand public scilons, a few hundred staff, and some dozens of SO. The new one may be a joke compared to the old one, but you shouldn't take it lightly.

    Also, the entire time they were there, their demographic was 95% students. I don't think it's safe to assume that the boomers are their target.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG

    The old COSMOD (Church of Scilontology, Mission of Davis) was established by Martin Samuels, who lost everything after the infamous 1982 Mission Holders Conference at Flag. The various branches (COSMOD-Sac, COSMOD-Portland, etc.) were generating one-fifth of Scilontology's worldwide income before Miscavige seized control.

    Martin Samuels, former scientologist
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG

    I was there. It was on Olive Drive, across from Slater's Court (if that still exists). So those old davistards who don't know anything about anything will remember when the Olive Drive mission was there, and doing well at that. Chances are some of those close-minded boomers who write letters with a quill, will have bad memories of it. I do.
  24. Re: Davis, California ORG

    Heh, next time I go to California to visit the family still living their, I'll have to pay a visit to the mission. I don't remember ever seeing the Scilon mission when I lived in Davis. This may also be a good opportunity to raid UC Davis.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG

    If anyone wants to post a pic of the "old ladies" running the place, I can probably identify them for you, and tell you something about them.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG

    The MU building/Quad should have some nice places to leave fliers and posters.
  27. Mark Cabian Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG

    If this town used to have a mission long ago and now has a new one, raid them like there is no tomorrow!
  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG

    I am hereby dropping some dox on the old COSMOD Davis mission. This is a semi-complete listing of staff there during the 1970s. Not all were full staff, some were "staff members in training" or "SMITs," people who joined staff after Martin Samuels made Class IV auditor status a prerequisite for being a full staff member, but who had not yet completed that training. In cases where informants are pretty sure that the person had a place on the Davis org board, but are unsure what exactly their status was, there will be a question mark after their name.

    Why am I posting this list? When the 130+ people listed in this document, or any of their friends, check online to find out what happened to their old scilon pals, they will find WWP, and hopefully take a look around.

    It's also useful for all you woggy types out there to get an idea of how inbred the scilon community is. From this group of people, to virtually any scientologist that has ever lived, you've got a maximum of a couple of steps. Kind of like "Mormon mafia," but a lot more concentrated and intense. Random example: "Captain Bill" Richardson of the FZ connects to Jay Okamoto (who took various ethics actions against him), and Jay Okamoto connects to 3/4 of the people on this list.

    It also incidentally shows how much scientology has shrunk since then. A friggin' mission had more staff than almost any org in the world has now.

    Without further ado, here's the list. It's maybe 3/4 complete, additions and corrections are welcomed. If a mod thinks it would be better placed in a different thread, that's welcomed too.

    Alan Hollander
    Alan Larson
    Albert Alexander "Rev" Polhamus
    Andy Carey
    Angie DiMauro
    Ann Corrigan
    Ann Fairlie
    Ann Keirns
    Astrid Tharpe Neal
    Barbara Genung
    Barbara Hogan
    Barbara Quiros
    Becky Hibbert
    Bernard Burke
    Bobby Michel
    Bonnie Hart
    Brenda Nakamoto
    Bruce Bechtold
    Bruce Wiseman?
    Cathy Beatty?
    Cathy Cary
    Cathy Moore
    Chris Martelli
    Chuck Daly
    Dan MacKenzie
    Dave Granger
    David Hjelle
    David Marks Jr.
    David Michel
    Debbie Beck
    Debbie Scanlon
    Dennis McKenna
    Derrick ????
    Diana Samuels
    Diane Watson
    Donna Syndhorst Reifer
    Don Pearson
    Doug Brown
    Doug Lindeman
    E. David Sweetland
    Ed Petty
    Ed Rodriguez
    Glen Beckman?
    Grace Matsumoto
    Greg Moore
    Guy Grant
    Hank Bourland
    Jane Hibbert Dowlen
    Jarrett Lewis
    Jay Hanson
    Jeannie Gallagher
    Jeff Cota
    Jeff Quiros
    Jim Brooks
    Jim Michel
    Jim Neal
    John Daly?
    John Doughty
    John Repetto?
    Judy Irons
    Karen Hall
    Karen Helsel Armstrong
    Karen Toon
    Karin Adams
    Kathy Johnson
    Kathy Becker Marks
    Kay Weiner
    Keith Jaeger
    Kelly Mehlhaff
    Ken Huber
    Kevin May
    Larry Silver
    Laura Hawkes
    Leah Wise
    Lee Colvin Kincaid
    Lisa Stevens Doughty
    Liz VanOss Ferris
    Lori Johnson
    Louis DaRe
    Lucinda Howe McKevitt
    Luis Colon
    Lynanne Palmer Mehlhaff
    Lynn Irons
    Mallory Kates
    Marie Beaudrie
    Marina Kalugin
    Mark McKinstry
    Mark Segal
    Marlea Getto
    Marlena Parodi
    Martin Samuels
    Mary Glenski
    Mary Moon Pearson
    Megan McDowell
    Michael Parodi
    Mick Erickson
    Mike Clark
    Molly Hibbert
    Nancy Boyd May
    Nick Lucchesi
    Norm Schaefer
    Oody Michel Shunneson Petty
    Patrick Parodi
    Paul Armstrong
    Paul Matsumoto
    Peggy Polhamus
    Peggy Weller
    Phil Macdonald?
    Raj Malelu
    Randy Wise
    Regina "Reggie" Caldwell Cota
    Richard Alicata
    Rick Batha
    Rob Mearns
    Robert E. Reifer
    Rohn Walker
    Russ McKevitt
    Sandee Nugent
    Sandy Corbett Wood
    Scott Bradberry
    Scott Hardy
    Sharla Cheney
    Sharon "Fifi" Besio
    Shelia McCreery Armstrong MacKenzie
    Sigrid DaRe
    Steve Archinal
    Steve Besio
    Steve Chipman
    Susan Rodriguez
    Susan DaVey Sweetland
    Teresa "Tree" Waggoner Nebeker
    Terri Coffey
    Tim Bowles
    Tom Stevens
    Tracy Spurlock?
    Vaughn Young
    Vikki Walker
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG

    That's a lot of scilons for a little mission!
  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG

    10% of the income from missions was coming from there. In a town of 30,000, operating out of an old auto repair garage, yeah. That a lot of scilons.
  31. BusinessBecky Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG

    I guess not a whole lot of these stuck around.
  32. Re: Davis, California ORG

    YO! I am a Davis local, if you want any info and I are good sources of info.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG

    I dig ya babe ... let's close this shit down.
  34. Re: Davis, California ORG

    Keep me in the loop
  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG

    You are the loop. Do I know you from the dead SFning? Snap to and rule Davis, faggot!

    Keep me in the loop.
  36. moarxenu Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG

    Welcome back to The Game, Panda!
  37. Re: Davis, California ORG



  38. Seleighe Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG

    I live near Davis. And I know the area very well. Let me know if you need my help for something.
  39. EmptySuit Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG

    Biggest obstacle to a raid there is the permit required by the police department. I don't think they issue those to anonymous pplz. Thus requiring an already outed anonifag or someone with fearless man balls to get the permit. Until then if anyone wants to do anything, post some propaganda, posters, chalk the wall, etc whatever on this orgs building after dark. I blame this retarded ass town for making it difficult to protest there...

    Inb4 davisfag's, "save the geese"
  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: Davis, California ORG

    Remember the Argus, a free weekly newspaper that started around 1975? It did an early undercover story about the Davis mission. Suddenly the papers started disappearing in droves and -- surprise -- the same people seemed to be picking up entire stacks.

    Publisher Bill Drips responded by printing "First copy free... additional copies one dollar" and reprinting the entire article the next week. It was some of the best PR that he could get. I wonder if anyone has a copy of the old article kicking around.

    I think this qualifies me as a davistard.

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