DC Anonymous Convention

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by SenatorXenu, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. anonangl Member

    Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    Y'all freakin RULE!!!!!
  2. Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    Dammit, why couldn't my trip to DC have happened now instead of last year?
  3. Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    Send out a distress call, maybe the Marcabian mudkipz fleet will send a rocket car to pick you up?
  4. Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    I yearn for a dashing masked man in a suit and fedora to whisk me away to this most epic of wins, but alas. I know none shall arrive. :xenu: Kansas has never sucked more.
  5. anonauswa Member

    Re: DC Anonymous Convention


    very nicely done! I cant wait to see the pics from this! I wish i could be there (damn perth being the most remote city in the world!)

    Just remeber a couple of 'rules' from the protests, keep a physical devide between you and the scifags etc etc. I realise that you will need to set foot on 'their' property to go to the toilets, so please be respectfull and polite :)

    Please, dont approach the scifags, wait for them to come to you, if they dare :)

    As much as it pains me to say this, alcohol should be a no-no :(

    This will be a big win for anon :)
  6. Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    You and me both!! :anon: <3

    Rules will be crystal clear, anyone breaking them will be asked to leave. We have some security Anons who will also help maintain order. Lol, and no alcohol.
  7. anonauswa Member

    Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    Will anon security be from the 4th or 5th marcabian fleet? Also, will said security anons be wearing marcabian fleet ID? :mrgreen: :xenu: :anon:3

    I am at work, so cant use any kind of usefull grapics program, but I would imagine something like what I am going to attempt to describe.

    A gold circle about half an inch thick with "Internal Security Division" & "maracbian 5th fleet" written inside the gold circle. In the centre circle, the anon flag with the anonsuit :)
  8. SenatorXenu Member

    Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    Liberated Scilon Invitation:

  9. Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    I will radio back to Admiral Longus Felix for that information. :wink:

    lol! See, we were invited. :mrgreen:
  10. Re: DC Anonymous Convention

  11. SenatorXenu Member

    Re: DC Anonymous Convention #anonycon
  12. teBFF Member

    Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    Abosolute. Epic. Win.

    Sounds awesome - wish I could come ;3
  13. badwolf Member

    Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    You guys should get a big-ass medal twice the size of Tommyboy's. I jealous. Enjoy the WIN! :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage:
  14. Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    *Tips over from the weight of the medal*

    Between this and my apparent enormous brass balls, I can't move! :mrgreen: THANK YOU GUISE for the support. It means a lot.
  15. SenatorXenu Member

    Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    I love the idea, but who to give it to?
  16. Re: DC Anonymous Convention

  17. SenatorXenu Member

    Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    Great idea, I'm sure the Scilons will love seeing him walking around wearing a giant medal
  18. Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    He sure as hell deserves one.
  19. anyjane Member

    Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    This sounds great!

    How about picking a random Anon from the crowd for an extra bonus AnonAnonie award? :p
  20. SenatorXenu Member

    Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    We'll have different awwards for the crowd, such as best cosplay, and longest distance travelled
  21. anyjane Member

    Re: DC Anonymous Convention

  22. Heretic Member

    Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    How about best internation Anonie for all there work abroad... they may not be able to pick up an award but special mention for there hard works lol
  23. Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    NO ONE will behave badly. NO ONE! or I will feed them to the scilons. :lol:
  24. Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    NO ONE will touch or make any significant contact with ANY of the scilons. We need to have our presence be.......... distanly creepy. lol. like WE'RE HERE, we don't even NEED to protest or talk to you. We already KNOW our very presence pisses you off. And everyone needs to take that to heart. We need to go about our business of having fun in our event almost as if they aren't even there. That will add to maximum lulz and maximum creep out factor.

    Also, yes, they will cry rape/harrassment/assault/etc. if anyone touches them. So NO NO NO NO NO NO.

    In fact, Senator, can you add this to the bottom of "the rules"? thanx.
  25. Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    Alcohol is a SUPER no. It's aganist the rulez ===== no drinking and NO PREDRINKING. Please do not get me sued!!!
  26. Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    ^^^^^^^ this!!!!!!!
  27. Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    Yeah, I think I will skip on the cosplay. (kukuku)

    Well it looks like this will be an interesting night.
  28. Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    Awww. If we don't have our own personal Hubbard, I'm going to be crushed. :lrhcries:
  29. ahnonnymaus Member

    Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    Quick, Guest Relations, send an invite to Old Mother Hubbard!
  30. Palmachnik Member

    Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    *Am in favor of megaMedalling Arnie
    *Am also in favor of Random Anonymous Award. Reminder that Anonymous is All of Us.
    *NOBODY is going to fuck up. Or they will get fucked up in due turn.

    Also, Mahna Mahna
  31. Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    du doo du du du

  32. anonkatie Member

    Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    I may be able to come down from the North so I will RSVP a maybe. I could win furthest Anon :p

    Can someone doctor the invite to do an "Anon" out of the "LRon"? That would make them even more crazy. :tom:

    Oh and there's a great Cakemaker in DC - too bad we can't send them some delicious cake with "Happy Birthday LRon, Love your friend Anon"

    It would be Devil's Food, of course...
  33. FelixF'anon Member

    Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    No, see, what you do is build a giant paper-mache volcano, wheel it down in front of the Scilons, and have Xenu pop out of the top wearing some horrifying bikini. :xenu:
  34. Unlisted Member

    Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    Anonymous are the true leaders of the free world. :xenu:
    This is so awesome. Congrats DCanons, rock and roll.
  35. Anon1OfLegion Member

    Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    So, are you going to give out a few press passes to the local media?

    Maybe toss one out to the Rolling Stone for kicks.
  36. SenatorXenu Member

    Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    The press is much more interested in 3/15, besides, the Con will be full of memes and lulz, not exactly conducive to our overall message
  37. A_nonchalant Member

    Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    This is completely awesome, I can't come but I wish to donate money. Slight do I know you guys are on the up-and-up? I mean, it'd be pretty easy to just put up a paypal address and fake having arranged this celebration, and I'm particularly worried about how you paid/arranged for all this without getting named. :?

    I guess I'll just hold onto the mantra, "Pics or it didn't happen!" and throw some cash your way when I see the Youtube. :D
  38. Hieronymous Member

    Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    Damn I'd seriously considering chartering a Speeder since these DC8's are ETA a million parsecs before I even get to orbit Teegeeak but I'm coming from the Rylos sector so I'd win hands down. Do keep in mind I had a layover in the Trimuda Quadrant, sure half the time was spent under the hospice of Twilek pleasure girls but this has been a long trip

    Also, you should give Arnie a big medal that says "Freedom medal is Free"
  39. Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    Lol, I swear to Xenu we're trustworthy (as much as Anonymous is trustworthy), but it's up to you. We raised money by promising DC "Operating Anonymous" spoon bending mind powers if they gave us cash and namefags took the initiative to handle the paperwork.

    Oooh, there will be youtube videos. :anon:

    Lol! I like freedom medal!
  40. bannanana Member

    Re: DC Anonymous Convention

    You guys rock for putting this together, like RedTie said:

    I wouldn't miss this for the world.

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