DC Scientologist parents proud of PC folder for their * 9 day old * baby

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by OTBT, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. OTBT Member

    I'm not going to post pictures of the baby here. I have some sense of decency occasionally.

    Proud Scientology parents publicly posted a bunch of photos of their new baby on flickr. Here is a
    photo of one of the parents proudly showing off their 9 day old newborn baby's PC folder.

    Photo taken on 3 Feb 2011. The Reeves family appears to be pretty active in the DC Org.

    The parent's photo caption is posted below verbatim:


  2. Anonymous Member

    enjoy your botulism when you are fed Hubbard's Cornsyrup and Honey Recipe!
  3. Anonymous Member

    I hate to comment on a person's physical appearance but the mother looks like a fucking retard .......oh wait!
  4. Anonymous Member

    Looks like that is the babe of Thadeus Reeves and Katheryn Gloor?
    Katheryn been in since 1996?
    They call mum "Kat"
    Both listed on the AIS honor roll in COS completions in 2002 and on both on the Honor Roll in 2006
    Granny is called Grandma Gloor according to tho their pics.
    Lots of Gloors listed in COS data bank. Do not know which one is Granny.
  5. OTBT Member

    It appears the 9 day old baby has an older sister, Mackenzie. She was already an IAS Lifetime member at less than 1 year old. Here's another photo from the parent's flickr set, dated Dec 2009.


  6. Anonymous Member

    wait.... so does that mean that Travolta didn't get off his ass to make sure new Ben had a folder?!? THAT OUT ETHICS SON OF A BITCH!
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  7. RightOn Member

    holy crap that is SO sad. Lifetime member of the IAS at one years old
    These people have money to burn wow
    They guy on the right to him looks like his Dad. They look alike. Wonder which Reeves he is?
  8. Gary Moore Member

    But not enough for a good dentist it would seem!
  9. Anonymous Member


    Freewinds customers ^
  10. RightOn Member

    teeth? meh! they will just get new ones with another life.

    I went through the rest of the pictures and I noticed a couple of sci comments on some of the pics.
    One person wrote something like "it looks like he had words to clear"
    and another comment by the mother was something like " I guess Denali just needed to be originated" or something on that order. Can't remember now.
    At least Denali is getting the boob instead of Hubbard's gruel . According to the way too many pics of the baby breast feeding. I guess he will be an IAS member in no time.
  12. RightOn Member

    ready for my gang bang sec check sir
  13. RightOn Member

    I guess Denali's PC file wouldn't have much in it. Would love to be a fly on the way during the auditing sessions. lol
    "I will repeat the auditing question... did you soil your diaper?"
    Do they have baby cans to hold? lol
  14. OTBT Member

    No. Scientology babies are typically given assists, such as Touch Assists, Nerve Assists, and Locationals. Babies are not put on the meter.

    Touch Assists for babies involve auditor using finger to touch various body parts, most importantly the fingers and toes.

    Nerve Assists for babies involve auditor gently stroking body parts, back torso, arms and legs. Not much in the way of verbal auditing commands.

    Locationals for babies involve auditor getting the baby to touch assorted solid objects, such as walls, doors, any large physical object.

    Newborns are typically informed that they now have a new body, are welcomed to their new body.

    Somewhere in the Leaks & Legal section, the Assists Handbook was leaked a year or 2 ago. Assists specific for newborns and babies should be in the handbook.
  15. Anonymous Member

    That is One cute baby!!! At least the mom is nursing the kid, so it has a fighting chance... This just makes me want scientology gone all the quicker so this adorable baby never gets to ethics!
  16. RightOn Member

    I was kidding OTBT
    but thanks for the info. Good stuff to know and also disturbing
  17. xenubarb Member

    Because pins make the Very Best Baby Toys evar!
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  18. Inquiring minds want to know:

    Can Denali count to potato?
  19. Xenu Is Lord Member

    This is a declaration of Thaddeus and his wife where they sated they were never pressured to have an abortion while in the Sea Org!!!!!

    Why would the cult need this? Funny how they do admit they were asked about terminating the pregnancy! That is an admission of violating federal law. An employer can not ask an employee to have an abortion to keep working at their place of employment!!! I would like to know if anyone has turned this over to the feds.
  20. Yeah people just always spontaneously say "I wasn't pressured to abort" for no reason, completely out of the blue.
    Why just yesterday I was at the bank and the teller said "Is 10s and 20s okay? oh, and I wasn't pressured to abort"
    Last week I was working at a convenience store and a woman with a kid brought some candy and a drink to the cash register. As usual, I asked "Will that be all for you?"
    She replied "I was not pressured to abort" and handed me some moneys to pay for her purchases.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Like this is any different from infant baptism.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Didnt i hear about the Catholic church having problems with something liek this recently?
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  23. the anti Member

  24. Anonymous Member

    Last I checked, "gently touching and stroking babby parts" wasn't in manual for how2Catholic.
    People fucking up and doing bad shit- happens in every religion, and in every cult.

    But not every religion and not every cult has a "Touch Assists for Newborns" manual.
    (Baptism & circumcision are one-time events. The RCC doesn't keep written/video records of confessionals. etc)
  25. pedrofcuk Member

    I heard a horrifying story lately about a scifag's dog getting seriously hurt and treated by touch assists because they wouldn't go to the vet, when I get the doxx I am reporting this to the animal cruelty people.
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  26. whohellami? Member

    dont they know whut sunlight is?
  27. subgenius Member

    look on baby's face
    "Why are babies so wise?"--Bow Wow Wow
  28. wolfyrik Member

    This is so sick. I don't mean sick as in cool, I mean it as disgusting, wrong, abhorrent.

    Scientology is facking creepy.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Poor kid. Hopefully, the parents will get out before the kids are too fucked.

  30. Wait... so why can the parents chose NOT to apply LRH tech? That doesn't make sense. Why is that bit open for debate but other parts aren't? So parents can chose not to feed the baby Barley Water?
  31. Do they ask it if it ever raped other babies?
  32. Anonymous Member

    I'm sure it'll be getting barley water and corn syrup as soon as it can hold a bottle. I have seen a scilon do just that.
  33. Anonymous Member

    At least is survived the fucking coathanger!!

    Fuck! I'm in such a bad mood!
  34. CarterUSP Member

    Poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor kid. That's not a good start in life.
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  35. It seems that the kid's future has already been decided.
  36. the anti Member

    think of all that freedom he has now
  37. Anonymous Member

    Denali moarlike Denial - amirite?
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  38. WagTheWog Member

  39. Anonymous Member

  40. veravendetter Member

    remembering to keep super-silent of course

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