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  1. Anonymous Member

    What the epic videos of Sparrow and Radio Paul, Marc Headly and a German TV crew give the cult a shot of reality. The DC Police explain to Scientology that the days of calling on protesters for doing nothing wrong are over!

    Nearly 12 hours of protesting and I hear they were at it again at 8AM today!
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  2. Anonymous Member

    The was watch not what the epic videos.
  3. Anonymous Member

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  4. Anonymous Member

    It's somewhat ironic that now Anonymous and Marty Ratburn have this unholy alliance. Marty is praising Janet Reitman's book. Sparrow tell people to learn about Marty the in independent scientologist.
    It's kind of the enemy of my enemy is my friend. LOL
  5. Anonymous Member

    first scilons bawwwing to cops Make Them Stop!, cops say No Can Do
    then German TV Crew

    Then....wait, who's that guy that looks like Marc Headley?!
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Sparrow claims to have had 'great wins' from Dianetics & Scientology auditing. Not sure which video(s) but I think they are in the 170 series.

    Of course, he's just a nutter.
  7. TinyDancer Member

  8. Anonymous Member

    Yes, looks like DC Org, with Moxon and his minion's help, sure is winning! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Hello Mark!
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  9. Bipolart Member

    Wow! An all-star cast! This will end very well.
  10. ScnTO3 Member

    Of course Sparrow has had great wins using Dianetics and Scientology!

    Did you pick up a bagel this time before protesting Sparrow?... No more hot dogs for you :(
  11. Anonymous Member

  12. Triumph Member

    the PoPo told the cult NoMo
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  13. Anonymous Member

    He had bigger wins against Moxon. Didn't Moxon's daughter fry to death in the concentration camp Gold Base a few years back??

    Sure are a lot of suspicious deaths up at that place.
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  14. subgenius Member

    I wrote this memo to myself the other day:
    Is the enemy of my enemy my friend?
    Is the friend of my enemy my enemy?
    Is the enemy of my friend my enemy?
    Is the friend of my friend my friend?
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  15. RightOn Member

    Finally the cops get tired of listening to the DC org crying wolf.
    "Wahhhhhh he has a megaphone and its loud. We would talk to Sparrow ourselves, because communciation is the unniversal solvent acocording to Source, but we would rather call you, make up lies and waste tax payer's dollars, because we are some of the most ethical people on the planet"
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  16. Anonymous Member

    2 replies. Lets see how long it takes for this thread to be completely derailed.

    Glad to see continued enturbulation by Sparrow.
  17. Ann O'Nymous Member

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  18. anonamus Member

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  19. Anonymous Member

    lol "Where's Shelly Miscavige? I saw her on a milk carton" OK


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  20. Herro Member

    Yeah some beat down. They only got rid of sparrow for what, like 8 months? And suffered nothing in return? Wooooo head in the sand yeah!
  21. Anonymous Member

    I am sorry. I cannot continue until this gets explained. It is like going past a Misunderstood word.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    My dear Anon,

    That was 'watch' not 'what'...

    In short, 'Watch the epic videos'.

    Do eet, faggot.
  23. I like the conversations with random passersby. Sparrow does an excellent job of informing the general public about scientology abuses.

    GREAT set of videos, thanks Sparrow and RP.

    Woot BFG, German film crew, AND LE!
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  24. Anonymous Member

    *Faps to video cumming in Herro's face*
  25. Anonymous Member

    You could also use her pic from We Stand Tall video. She is actually easier to recognize in that video.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    It's questionable whether they've suffered nothing in return. They are very ego and success driven organisation. Having him back their is a major fail and embarrassment and I bet the DC Org had to explain the fail to the dwarf. Also, they got a much louder Sparrow, cause now he has a megaphone.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Do they take lunch breaks? LOL
    I'm amazed at their persistence.
  28. wolfyrik Member

    Amazing, police are actually saying no to the cult? It's only taken 3 years for them to learn that cult has been wasting their time with every single call, without exception. Better late than never guys but I'm glad you're finally onboard. Now here's hopeing that the police around the rest of the world get the message.

    Way to go Sparrow, straight back to kicking ass!
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Sparrow and Radio Pauls Secret weapon
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  30. Anonymous Member

    I think they suffered humiliation, they had to send Moxon into a courtroom to lose, they had teams reporting back to the CoB with stuff they read on this website, and they had their heads generally messed with and the "tech" proven once again to be a crock of cold shit.

    I know you relish being the devil's advocate, but surely you can see their frivolous legal tech ain't worth shit.

    And hey, that's one more circuit judge wise to their bullshit, and another mention of Shelly Miscavige on legal record.

    If you think that's not a win, that Sparrow's stoic efforts were wasted, you must be the only one up in here like that.
  31. Anonymous Member

    This is premature; Sparrow mentions that the DC popo only said they would refuse to respond to further calls for the rest of the day. I hope they have a new policy in place that allows them to refuse to respond to future calls wasting taxpayer money and law enforcement resources.

    Overall, Sparrow vs. Co$ is difficult to categorize: it somewhat resembles a chess match. The cult's lack of critical thinking ability denies them the ability to guess Sparrow's moves in advance, whereas Sparrow already knows what the cult is capable of due to their slavish obedience to Hubbard's instructions.

    Brian wins the match no matter what the cult does. Every move they make against him is merely further documentation of their brainwashed evil behavior.
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  32. tippytoe Member

    Can't understand a word Radio Paul was saying through the megaphone. :-(
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  33. xenubarb Member

    Is that what they're calling PC folders these days?
  34. RightOn Member

    The court case and the transcripts (thanks to Anon) AND the outcome of the case will always be on public record. Not to mention all the lulz people have got here on WWP. Everyone can read all the lies, and the idiotic replies from Ms. Bull-otte. Lawyers for any future cases dealing with COS, can refer to this case and realize that fair game is still alive and well.

    The cult failed to represent themselves well enough and lost. They accused someone of "attempted stalking", dragged them to court, and disrupted their life. Although this may have been a fleeting win for them in their eyes, they made themselves look like uncredible lieing cultists.

    Looking at the whole picture and looking down the road, this was a huge foot bullet for them. And they pulled it in all by their "wittle" selves.
    If anyone doesn't see this as a huge freakin' win, then you are obvioulsy delusional, and Scientology can help you with that.
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  35. Smurf Member

    This is awesome. I can see Sylvia & Kim on the phone with Moxon whining they're under siege. DC anons have a great advantage in being legally permitted to use a megaphone. That is not legal in California and I recall several protests where police ordered da5id to stop yelling through his man-made cardboard megaphone.
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  36. Herro Member

    Considering that their boy LRH said that the purpose of a law suit is to harass, something tells me they're not too beat up about it.
  37. Diablo Member

    Yeah, Tustin PD actually was telling us we coulnd't have signs that said HONK...funny thing is, we didn't, everyone just honked in support of us and our rad signs and cult called cops...wah wah, fucking babies!
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  38. anonsparrow Member

    Here's some of that conversation I was referring to.
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  39. amaX Member

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  40. xenubarb Member

    It is telling that the scifag would break the law and deny WBC their right to protest a Marine's funeral. Nice to see he's consistent.

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