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    I ran the big list through a tool which checks whether links are still valid. Incidentally, the tool is made by an OG and is called Xenu.

    According to the tool there are currently 147 links which are dead, although I am not 100% sure they are all on the big list or whether they are on the entire wikia area.

    Do we want to maintain the list and replce dead links for example with the webarchive version? I am not sure. I made a post on the big list thread itself, to be able to discuss that.

    However, I did want to at least copy the list in case people do want to pick this up.

    So here it is:

;topic=343.0 To Spot A Cult inconvenien
    http://http// story.htm
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    The tool may also be picking up URLs within html comments on the page that mention links that died.
  3. Anonymous Member

    I attempted to edit the raw output from the tool to cover for such events. I'm not 100% but the above links appear to be legit dead links. The Youtube videos for example are either removed or set to private.
  4. Incredulicide Member

    Going over the list with my linkchecker I get 146, I'll put them in code here so the youtube links don't become embeds which loses the important timecodes from the original links:
    Lakis Agrogiannis - declaration of independence
    Marlene Agrogiannis - declaration of independence
    Amy Allen - born in, joined the Sea Org at age 16, RPF - her story
    Damon Alverson - recruited through Narconon - Radio-Canada report
    Patrik Andersson - translated article
    Jocelyn Armstrong - Court case
    William Sims Bainbridge - left after 6 months - his story
    Ildiko Bajnoczi - aka Ildiko Tombolini - left after 20 years - OT VII - interview ,story in Maria Pia Gardini's book, The Courage to Speak Out - English summary
    Enrico Costantini - left after 17 years - gave $25,000 to the IAS - Testimony in Italian, story in Maria Pia Gardini's book, The Courage to Speak Out (English summary)
    Ernesto Menta - left after 15 years - story in Maria Pia Gardini's book, The Courage to Speak Out (English summary)
    Dino Michieletto - story in Maria Pia Gardini's book, The Courage to Speak Out (English summary
    Giusi De Martin Roder - auditor, Clear, Milan, Copenhagen. Story in Maria Pia Gardini's book, The Courage to Speak Out (English summary)
    Giacomo Sotgia - (Italian) Video. Story in The Courage to Speak Out (English summary)
    Tatiana Baklanova - blog
    Jean-Luc Barbier - Jazz muscian, filed a lawsuit against three top Scientologists in Geneva Switzerland - testimony part 1 (French), part 2 (French)
    Charles Berner - Excerpt
    Arnaud Berthemet - audio interview (French)
    Michael Blasingame - his story
    Lino Bombonato - left after 7 years - joined at age 15, Scientology tried to force him to disconnect from his family. He attempted suicide and failed - videos in german
    Al Bornstein - aka Kate Bornstein - high-ranking member, worked closely with L. Ron Hubbard as a full lieutenant on Hubbard's flagship Apollo, trying to "become a real man" that she never felt she was. Disconnected from daughter - excerpt from her book "A Queer and Pleasant Danger, article
    Zarathustra 'Zeb' Brady - born in, Sea Org (EPF), Miami, LA - his story
    Patricia Buie (Muro) - left after 16 years - Registrar, LA, C F at ASHO, Cl 6 aud. OT 1 - blog comment
    Alex Castillo - left after 13 years - Sea Org, EUS between 1974 and 1981, Org/Continental and programmes manager and evaluator for WUS at the Flag Mgmt Bu/IMO HCO, reported directly to LRH. RPF, escaped by car in the middle of the night and declared - his story , blog comment
    Chris Collbran - CO CMO Africa - declared - article
    Mary Corydon - Court case Excerpt
    Jack Craver - left after 5 years - his story
    Agnès Creton - speaks of divorce
    Dorothy Cruise - website
    Brian Culkin - left after 1 year - Clear, gave $50,000 to the IAS - video interview #1, #2 , blog post
    Joseph Cunningham - left after 18 months - staff, Director of public Booksales - video interview, forum post
    David DeMoss - left after over 20 years - C/S, declared - comments
    Richard Dineen - left in 1998, OT 6, 3 Ls, public - declared, blog comment
    Vadim Dolgov - left after 16 years - PAC RPF's RPF, Metropolitan Equipment Acuisition Mission I/C for 5 years, Moscow, Flag, LA - blog comment, forum post
    Martin Duggan - letter
    John Duignan - left after 22 years - Sea Org, wrote "The Complex" - his story , article, interview
    Eric Dumas De Laroque - video
    Pierre Ethier - left after 20 years - Class XII Auditor - video part 1, video part 2, The Jean-Luc Barbier Affair
    Bel Ferradj - OT V, Class 8 Auditor
    Erin Francies - aka Gypsy, born in - left after 23 years - staff, Div. 6 Courses Admin/Word Clearer, Treasury Secretary and Deputy Executive Director's Org Officer, San Francisco, disconnection victim - her story
    Ineke Franssen - left after 15 years - sued COS, video
    Will Fry - left after 3 years - Sea Org, declared. PAC Sales Manager from 1998 to 2000 for AOLA, ASHO Day, ASHO Foundation, LA Day, LA Foundation, Celebrity Centre International. BPI after EPF - his story, forum post
    Daniel Fumagalli - left after 5 years - 1984 to 1989 - Zürich, Copenhagen, LA, Commodore's Messenger Org - article
    Flemming Funch - declared
    Dan Garvin - left after 27 years - in the Sea Org for 25 years, 10 years in OSA, his story
    Madeleine Genesse - Canada - video interview, Radio-Canada interview
    Ole Gerstrom - member of the Danish Parliament, wrote a chapter in the book "The Universal Seduction"
    Jairus Chegero Godeka - claimed Scientology drove him crazy and they owe him $50,000 - read this story!
    Petra Goepfert - Sea org, CLO EU in 1986 and left in 2001, her story
    Doran Green - founder of several missions - article,3883228
    Dawn Greenhalgh - left after 20 years - Clear, gave $100,000 to the IAS, left last 2008, not published story yet - mentioned on forum
    Peter Greenhalgh - left after 17 years - 6 of those on staff, OTV, gave $100,000 to the IAS, also not pulished story yet due to legal, Manchester UK - mentioned on forum
    Pete Griffiths - left after 21 years - 3 years on staff and ED of mission in Cumbria England for 3 years - interview
    Dona Haber - Sea Org, most of her five-year tenure was spent doing research auditing and technical work, directly under LRH - article (with correct spelling of Dona), excerpt
    Harvey Haber - left after 12 years - Sea Org, worked directly with LRH - Court case Excerpt
    Natalie Hagemo - left after 20 years - OT IV, gave $50,000 to the IAS - wrote article, declaration of Independence, radio interview
    Wilfried Handl - left after 28 years - Clear, staff for 3 and a half years, head of Scientology Austria, wrote a book - video interview, quotation, article
    John Hansen - Excerpt.
    Todd Harkleroad - left after 6 months - Atlanta - forum post
    Gary Hart - left after over 31 years - OT VII, Class 5 auditor, was on the Apollo with Hubbard, Sea Org at CCLA and at Flagship Apollo - video interview, posts
    Ed Hattaway - left after ~20 years - Flag - declaration, letter, video
    Brett Haugen - Clear, gave $50,000 to the IAS - blog post
    Janette Haugen - left after 21 years - Volunteer Minister - blog post
    Claire Headley - left after 14 years - Sea Org, RTC and CSI, coerced to have abortions - video interview, Court case
    Allan Henderson - forum post
    Michael (Mike) Henderson - left after 34 years - Flag trained Cl. IV, OT 8, gave $50,000 to the IAS, Flag - his story
    Bruce Hines - left after 30 years - Sea Org, spent 6 years in RPF - Radio interviews
    Sandra Holeman - left after 13 years - Hats Assembly and issuance Unit - blog comment, article comment
    Lance Hoskins - staff Auckland and Sea org, worked at various orgs, Flag Service Rep for ANZO in 1989 Radio interview, video, documentary segment #1 , #2 , #3 , #4 , #5 , #6 , #7 , #8 , #9
    John Imburgia - Clear #2 1966, Class 8 Auditor, Washington DC Academy, started the first mission in Buffalo NY in 1959, Saint Hill UK, LA, Declared - video
    Franklin Jones - aka Adi Da Samraj - left after 1 year - staff - excerpt from "The Knee of Listening"
    Stephen Jones - left after 22 years - Sea Org - his story
    Claude Junqua - Featured on Radio France: "Les victimes de l'Eglise de Scientologie" , more audio
    Pierre Junqua - Video
    Yuliya V. Keaton - letters, her blog
    Freimann-Kehdingen - Musician/Artist, Germany - Leipzig Award signatary, listed in Who's Who in ARS
    Casey Kelley - Finances and recruitment, Flag - 1982 Clearwater Hearings video #1 , #2
    Vivien Krogmann-Lutz - Sea Org kid - "... successful lawsuit against her Scientologist mother and step-father for putting her in the Sea Org at Saint Hill when she was thirteen. The hard labour that Sea Org officials forced her to endure caused her permanent orthopedic injury ..." article - her story, quotes, settlement
    Theresa Laster-Williams - aka Terry Laster (Vivanco) Raede - OT V, listed as independent, forum post
    Carmen Llywelyn - actor Jason Lee's ex-wife - article
    Genny Long - staff Sydney, Auditor, was told to have an abortion - radio interview, video, documentary segment #1 , #2 , #3 , #4 , #5 , #6 , #7 , #8 , #9 , #10
    Karsten J. Lorenzen - staff member of DK Foundation org in Copenhagen, Denmark, testified in court case against COS SP Times December 5, 1998, newsgroup posts
    Chris Many - Executive Director, Celebrity Center, Los Angeles, Sea Org, RPF - video interview
    Nancy Many - left after 28 years - President, Celebrity Center, Los Angeles, and under cover operative for the Guardian’s Office, OSA and RTC, including for Operation Snow White and Operation Freakout, Sea Org, RPF, testified in the Lisa McPherson trial in 2002 - Testimony, video interview
    Noel Matarandirotya - his story
    Jon Randall McDonald - report, his story
    John McGhee - left after 3 years - interview
    Sharon McKee - video
    Roger Meier - declared, blog comment
    Melissa Miller - her story
    Jenna Miscavige - Sea Org, niece of David Miscavige - wrote the book "Beyond Belief", video interview, co-created
    Sara Northrup - Hubbard's second wife, spoke about about being tortured by Hubbard - affidavit
    Helen O'Brien - Cos Exec, wrote Dianetics In Limbo, interviewed for Piece of Blue Sky Pt3 Ch4
    Martin Ottmann - Sea Org - Affidavit
    Janice Parker - Grew up in scientology - her story
    Valerie Parker - aka Valerie Hastings-Parker - blog post
    Rod Pearson - Staff ESK his story
    John Peeler - ("BTs2Free") high ranking scientologist - quotes, Unmasked and Taking the Next Step, blog
    Sherri Pender - her story
    Mat Pesch - (aka Mr. Peacock) - left after 27 years - FSO exec - article, blog post
    Ed Petroka - left after 18 years - aka edthecarpenter, aka Sign Post
    Mylène Pilorget - left after 20 years - Class IX OT VII, French documentary "Scientologie: la vérité sur un mensonge"
    Karen [Schless] Pressley - left after 16 years - 9 years as staff member, ex int base member. Author of the book "Escaping Scientology: An Insider's True Story" and Silencing the Voices: The Church of Scientology’s Justifications to Keep Its Critics Quiet  - Video #1, #2, her story, article
    John Rafanello - aka "The Magic Thetan" - audited L.Ron Hubbard - Affidavit, video
    Marta Rodas - left after 11 years - OT VI, Class V auditor, Columbia - blog comment
    Glenda Ross - her story, petition signature #467, video interview
    Kay Milasinovich Rowe - left after 37 years - staff for 10 years, Sea Org for 25 years, FSM, HRD, Quad Grad 4, Upper Indoc TRs, NED auditor, KTL/LOC, OEC/FEBC - resigned , doubt announcement , letter
    Raymond Scapilleto - Article
    Garry L. Scarff - left after 10 years - aka Smurf aka Xenusmurf
    Ken Schick - OT VII, gave $100,000 to the IAS and $100,000 to buildings - resignation letter
    Yvonne Schick - OT VIII, gave $100,000 to the IAS and $100,000 to buildings - resignation letter
    Paul David Schofield - left after 30 years - Cl V/FPRD Auditor, Cl IV/KTL & LOC C/S, Staff Status IV, Exec Status One, Professor, Sydney Australia, Interview, video
    Jeanette Schweitzer - left after 3 years - her story translated , article
    Adrienne Scott - name listed in Reconnection Magazine 1984, Deposition excerpts, quoted post
    Keith Scott - staff, Sea Org, RPF - article, interview
    Shawn Scott - article, interview
    Vince Shlomi - SHAM WOW Fame, Took COS to court 2004, Gawker article, Newswire article
    Monte Smith (aka: P. Henry) - blog comment, his own blog
    Robin Kelleher Stamm - left in 1987 after 16 years - staff, SHSBC Sr. Supervisor, full OT7 (old); new OT5 her story
    Valerie Stansfield - left after 22 years - affidavit, video, mentioned in A Piece of Blue Sky
    Karen Stanzani - Level G, class IX intern at FSO - blog comment
    Alain Stoffen - France - links
    Norman Suchanek - OSA - video interview
    Leon (Leo) Swart - left after 20 years - under definition of Fanza, Two page article in christchurch press
    Charlie Sweeny - left after 10 years - Class IV auditor, staff for 2 years, San Francisco - video interview
    Bill Talmon - his story,-a-Stranger-Than-Fiction-True-Story&id=2635582
    Věra Tataro - left after 18 years - gave $25,000 to the IAS and $10,000 to buildings, Czech Republic - blog post
    Aida Thomas - left after 20 years - Spanish Class VIII Auditor, Mexico Interview Global Issues and Answers
    Lawrence Toomajan - left after 10 years - HAS, SSO,NY FDN, Flag - Interview, his story
    Mona Vasquez - France (wrote books and tv appearances) - interview (French)
    Aimé Venel - open letter
    Catherine E. Von Ach - aka Lady Minn - Started moms against disconnection
    Astrid Von Rönn - left after 20+ years (verify time in) - ethics officer, Truth About Scientology
    Edward Walters - left after 9 years - Class 8 Auditor, Case Supervior, Las Vegas, NV - article,5571749&dq=ex-scientologist
    Ian Walton - Raised in Scientology Age 2-16. CLEAR #24129 at age 12 - His Story part 1 , Part 2, Video
    John Warnes - Clear - blog comment
    Kelly Wasserman - Her Story
    Mick Wenlock - left after 12 years - Sea Org - interview, his story
    Pierre Wetzell - French TV Interview, Video
    Peter Widmer - quote
    Kendra Wiseman - Sea Org - Co-founder of , Radio interview , her story
    Astra Woodcraft - Sea Org - , video interview #1, #2, Affidavit, Leaving the Fold
    Vance Ashley Woodward - left after 22 years - Ethics Specialist, spent $200,000 getting halfway to Clear, gave $250,000 to the IAS, Canada - his story
    Gabrielle Wynne - left after 2 years - staff, Dublin - interview , youtube channel
    Brenda Yates - Court Case 507648, CA, acknowledged in A Piece of Blue Sky , audited by Pierre Ethier
    Sabrina Zimmer - staff from 1994-2001, declared - her blog
    Midge Zylker - left after 13 years - Flag, Stevens Creek, Los Gatos, Mt. View, Palo Alto, San Francisco - blog post
    Quite a few are pages that have just moved within sites, such as WWP posts/threads, so better to find the right links for them before going to the wayback machine.
    Also, many names have multiple links, and I only put the dead ones next to each name, so there's no need to panic about this affecting the entries on the list at all.
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    Sure, I need sleep now! Here's the ~60 non-video ones left:
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    New link:

    New link:

    New link:

    New link:

    New link:

    New link:

    New link:

    New link:

    New link:

    New link:
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  9. Incredulicide Member

    Great stuff!
    Just a note that we want the links to point as close to the beginning of content as possible, and as much of the content as possible directly (finding anchor IDs, print versions, and non-paywalled content is best), so here are how some of the new URLs I went with changed:
    This turns out to be a duplicate of already linked for his entry, so I just kept the original.

    Also I make it a practise now after finding/visiting a link of speaking out, I then prefix the URL with:
    (for example: )
    then going to that new address forces the wayback machine to store a copy of the webpage which will eventually show up at the webarchive for future resurrection if need be.
    I wish I'd been doing this right from the start of the big list.
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    Here are the links that have been "excluded" from the wayback machine:
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  14. Anonymous Member

    WWP, sometimes I love you.
  15. Incredulicide Member

    I'd already replaced it with versions of the original but I've now added that link into a html comment for each as a "Mirror" link in case it's needed.
    I actually had been adding mirror links throughout the wiki sauce before, and I should've checked it when listing all the dead links, because the geocities mirror for John Randall McDonald was already there.. oops! :oops:
  16. Incredulicide Member

    and here are the ones that just never got archived by the wayback machine.
    All other non-video links from earlier posts have been resurrected.
  17. Incredulicide Member

    The names with no other links besides the broken ones from the above list are:
    Jack Craver
    Dorothy Cruise
    Robin Kelleher Stamm
    Allan Henderson
    Valerie Parker aka Valerie Hastings-Parker
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    Only sometimes?

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