Dead protester @ OccupyVancouver?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Dragononymous, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. Dragononymous Member

    Natural cause?

    What's the word?
    (inb4 bird)
  2. Anonymous Member

  3. 420 Member

    hmmm this drug overdose made the news on this day ... how many more across the country didnt get this kind of media attention and why?? sad eh?
  4. Dragononymous Member

  5. ... I am enraged that the mayor seizes this as an opportunity to try to shut down the protests for being "an unsafe environment". And I would be willing to bet that is why this story got so much publicity - because it's being used as an excuse to criminalize the protests.

    It is, of course, inevitable that any flaw in or near the protests will see attempts to use it as an excuse like this, and that will only become more true as the Occupy movements become more powerful, and thus more threatening to existing powers.

    Rest in peace, Ashley. For the rest of us... this should be a signal to be constantly vigilant, constantly improving our means - a reminder that any conceivable excuse that can be brought against our protesting, will be.
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  6. mongrel Member

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  7. 00anon00 Member

  8. TLara Member

    vampire druggy protesters? lol

    If they are going to try to shut it down over one OD then they should shut down every high school, club, sports team, etc that has had a member of their community die from an OD. Obviously those are unsafe environments too if people who associate with them are dropping dead from ODs, I know we had a guy in our class die during class from ODing, better run and shut that school down before it's too late. They way they are talking here you would think ODing was as contagious as the plague...but hey if it is can those stupid enough to do it please do it in the boardroom instead?
  9. TLara Member
    Occupy Toronto had an OD too, but the guy survived. I find it funny though that local businesses are bitching about a drop in revenue because of the camp, if you've ever seen this park and area you know that the homeless and druggy frequent it and have for years and haven't "hurt them" so I find it hard to believe that campers in a better state of mind are harming their businesses (I remember getting drunk in that park on many occasions and not having them bitch about it). Plus they keep going on and on about park usage, I use to hang out there a lot and it wasn't the heaviest used park around, I have sat there for hours some days and not seen a single person use it unless it was to walk through or allow their dog to shit everywhere and sneak off without picking it up. No one, that I know of and talked to, had any issues with them at Church Parade and have videos of them being very civil to them and even joining in on the services. But yeah any complaints coming from the neighbours there should be taken with a grain of salt, they bitch about everything, Church Parade has been held there for many, many years yet we've had residents who've lived there for a few months/years phone in noise complaints on the bands and horses even though they were warned before they moved in that they had to put up with it. We even had one guy and his friends sit out on his balcony playing their guitars and throwing crap at them trying to make them screw up and frighten one of the horses so bad it nearly dumped its rider. It's a charming neighbourhood filled with douchebags!
  10. If these are "people before profits" type protestors, they might be hurting local businesses' profits just by calling people to question their purchases, and I would consider that a legitimate concern.
  11. mongrel Member

    And we have another. This time in Burlington, VT.

    Protesters: Veteran shoots self at Vt. encampment

  12. Dragononymous Member

    Odd shit is odd
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  13. Ilsanya Member

    occupy okc had a drug overdose...but they said he was homeless and had nothing to do with the movement... :/
  14. Anonymous Member

    Miniature cities within cities have the problems of cities. Surprise.
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  15. fallingspider Member

    I read that title, and suddenly had a surge of hope it was an ex boyfriend who lives there and has a drug I'm disappointed...ya I'm going to hell.
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  16. telomere Member

    Would it help if we steered him toward Narconon?
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  17. Glenn Beck Member

    Dropping like flies, except maybe in San Diego, where the guy dropped like brick.
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  18. fallingspider Member

    um...not sure Naraanon can make a sociopath any more of a sociopath but you'd be giving them one hell of charismatic person...

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