Dear 99%

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Nov 19, 2011.

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    LOL ^^^
    for once you're funny
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    This is still an okay thread.

    As far as I'm concerned OWS is strictly opt-in. I don't have to camp with the kiddies to know that I'm in the economic majority. You do something I agree with? I'm going to support you in one way or another if I can (and having anon'd I know there are a number of ways to do that). Act like an asshole? I'm going to call you one, or just walk away.

    The way I see it, I haven't made any pledges or signed any forms and I owe no allegiances except those I choose on a case by case basis.
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  4. Enturbulette Member

    I see this as a false argument. Economic inequality exists at various levels all over the world in a variety of manifestations and levels. Fighting for greater equallity for the whole world can begin at home. Put your own house in order then widen the focus to effect justice in other places as well. This is the raison d'etre of OWS.

    For further clarification, you may study this chart carefully:
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  5. xenubarb Member

    I did both. Then I pointed out that comrade ignored the salient points I made and went straight to the "baww you callin me hurtful names" bullshit.
    Told me a lot, it did.
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  6. xenubarb Member

    I don't think we should wait until our poor are the equivalent of, say, the poor in India. Nope, we should not wait because if we do, we may not be able to afford bullets.
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  7. telomere Member

    I don't think "not being able to afford bullets" will be the problem.
    But when bullets become obsolete/irrelevant, and the upgraded "tools" are simply not available to proles,
    it's going to get interesting.
  8. Orson Member

    I'm confused. Who are you arguing with on these points? Of course OWS is opt-in, just like everything else here is opt-in. Sorry, just wondering, not being combative...
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Not arguing just opionating. I think we were discussing who OWS is (middle class whiners, natch)--I'm referring to OWS on the ground and in the real world, not on WWP.

    Where I am it does seem that the locals are slouching towards dogma, which is usually away from opt-in.
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  10. Orson Member

    Oh, cool. Got it. Barbs expressed the same concern about OccupySanDiego which is worrisome. It's happening at a lot of locations. It is legitimately frustrating but I think water finds it's level and the same will happen here.Barb's approach (starting/joining a separate Occupy group) is a good one if that option exists. The value of the goals (the now generally agreed upon focal points at this point seem to be anti-corporate $ in politics and greater controls on wall st.) is greater than the divisions in approach, at least I hope so. There's a growing organizing movement online notably from locations where encampments have been quashed.

    I think more of this -- a network of cells connected could be powerful and lead to well-organized national action days. At least that's what some of us are trying to do. Those Occupations that still exist will fight on until they eventually get kicked out, and they all will at some point. The whole effort is bigger than the actual camps now. I firmly see this growing even without Zuccotti and other places being occupied.

    For those saying that the protesters are middle class whiners, well, I don't know what to tell you. There are a lot of middle class people involved since you know, its the middle class that is getting screwed. The straw man argument comparing them to the impoverished in 3rd world countries is just that, a straw man. That conditions here are significantly better than a third world country (and I'd argue there's evidence that about 14% of the US population is basically living in a 3rd world country) in no way invalidates OWS. Hell, if that's your argument, we could have just stopped with Jim Crow laws and never had the civil rights movement.

    The validity of the concerns expressed by OWS whether it be by spoiled college students or union workers or just plain folks have nothing to do with the problems in Africa or other places. Although, you could argue a tangential relationship exists in that the greater regulation on corporations here just might mitigate some of the exploitation of local populations that occurs when our companies operate overseas in such places as Africa.

    More to the point, there are plenty of people of all types and all backgrounds involved. Arguing otherwise demonstrates a reliance on Fox News and a willingness to succumb to stereotypical thinking rather than examining the evidence. For every example of unacceptable behavior or stereo type, I can readily supply 10 examples that counter that argument and show just how anecdotal those examples are.

    Also, all of you suck for pulling me into this discussion. I'm going to post funny pictures now.
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  18. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    No. You made valid points and made a strong counterpoint to those saying that the OWS is a bunch of middle class whiners.

    I am having a difficult time accepting statements calling OWS "the next US Revolution". Now, I can't dismiss the statement because I don't have ESP and it could cause a catalytic event where it does form a revolution...Only time will tell if it is or not...

    However, I have felt that if there was that chance then the government and big banks would be more concerned then they are. So far: The Gov. keeps bickering between party lines and I have doubts they can agree on what to order for pizza toppings. Meanwhile the 1% the OWS are wanting to target have all but blowed them off. If nothing changes on any sides, then OWS at best will be the groundwork for something bigger and at worst will amount to just raising awareness. Is that "worst case scenario" bad? Not at all. Even that could later be used for another movement or effect the political landscape for years to come...

    Another bee in my backside is the fact OWS has a hodgepodge of goals but no clear plans to accomplish this. A revolution at least has a common goal and some idea as to how to obtain it. Even Chanology, with its chaotic beginning, had a goal and plan: Destroy Scientology via trolling and protesting. So far: OWS has various goals and plans that all vary by location and by people you ask. If this is to form into a revolution, then they got to stop this whole "Here is the srs section. Next door to that is the Moonbat section and upwind from that is the Pot Smoking section"

    Maybe I am wrong. However my gut and opinion still think that this isn't a revolution yet. Perhaps it will be or maybe it is but the effects aren't widespread yet. Until then, I'll wait and see like I have been doing.
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  19. Savi0r Member

    whats going on itt???
  20. Anonymous Member

    There are many like-minded people in my community. Do we have a cell? Hell no, we'd get laughed out of town. We chat about OWS and related issues over a coffee on a Saturday afternoon or in the grocery store line. We send each other information, or even funny shoops, we find on-line. We send information to others we know elsewhere. We answer questions from people around town who say "wth is this all about anyway?" We write emails, and letters, and tell our country's police departments the whole world is watching them. Sometimes we write to people in other countries and tell them the whole world is watching. We send money, little it might be, to occupy groups here and there. We help CHANGE THE CONVERSATION.

    I know I have it pretty good. But my retirement date is heading for the horizon. Some of my friends have children who may never be able to afford to own a home because they will be paying off their student loans until well into their 40s. The employment situation is not bad in my region, but many communities have become itinerant because of the large influx of workers from w.a.y. over there >. Those people can't find work that would enable them to be home with their families. Governments focus on mega projects rather than sustainable smaller projects and then predictably the big project shuts down, throws people out of work, and the migration begins all over again. In the meantime the resource industries hire CEOs from out of country and pay them millions. It works out to hundreds of dollars per year for every man, woman, and child in my region. OUR resources. Gone. Perhaps to pay for an estate just outside of Chicago. And so the school budgets get cut back, and the highway budget, and money for environmental protection, and so on, and so on.

    I don't just have the right to occupy, I have the responsibility.

    Rant over. Cup of tea anyone?

    View attachment images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSVmnvxbJf1pIvjvV1XBD_xfWOfzso-O
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  21. xenubarb Member

    I think the true purpose of OWS has been achieved. Focusing attention on a national scale on critical problems is a vital first step. I expect as things change, we'll find cells dedicated to various issues. They won't be camping out or dragging a bunch of shit around; they'll be fast, effective, and harder to find.

    LEOs will remember the days of yesteryear with fondness; when hippies were there for the beating and those damned commie pinkos could be tunked while collecting up their soup kitchens and dome tents.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Some eternal occupiers from my corner of the universe...

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  23. Anonymous Member

    Measured by that standard, it's been a wild success.
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  25. 00anon00 Member

    #Occupy shows we are paying attention, I guess. The homeless issue is a puzzle, some places #occupy has started trying to help with that. IDK if its justa derail or if homelessness can help #occupy change USA society. Same with labor union support. Derail or strength? Same with drum circles I guess. Strength or derail to all of the "side" issues?
    The "side issues" were present in earlier social revolutions (warning-old fag musing) the Marches on Washington had "Emancipate Puerto Rico" sections, gay, black and women's liberation, IS, Weathermen, Lyndon Larouche. It was all the alternatives to "politics as normal-let's win the viet nam war". Division is both a strength and a weakness, so lets use it as strength. Accept all drum circles.
    What ever we are doing is making a difference. The banks want to sabotage #occupy, we must be doing it right. #occupy has changed the way people look at the problems in out economy. Newt can call protestors lazy hippies who should get a job, but it's not resonating with our citizenry.
    Last but not least- the #occupy in my town is run by organized inteligencia/anarchists/head up their own butts academics. I donate to the protest in another town. Barb is right.
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    Oh snap, me too. I can only march in my town, but thanks to the blessed interwebz I can help out anywhere.
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    have u ever had 99% of an orgasm ? that shouldn't be called 99% either omg lol !
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    Ooops wrong account
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    Get back downstairs, baby.
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    Now we see the violence inherent in the system.

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    Never seen it. We don't get it in this country.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    So you're admitting a "willingness to succumb to stereotypical thinking"? That's a start.

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