Dear Enturbulation

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Hubbard-Telescope, Jun 22, 2008.

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  1. Anon Char Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    I must ask if the infraction point system is implemented on all of Enturb (save for archives). Clearly the dome is for trolling but is the gray zone really that large or is it hairline thin?

    If anything, can we just bleach some things and start over?
  2. SenatorXenu Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Couldn't it be easily doged with 7 proxies?
  3. twelve Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Or, you know, make it public? B&hammer in (rules 1 + 2) is pretty much an open joke, for instance. And I seem to remember LE or tamphex yelling about no more joke bans; this is better?
  4. cubby Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    cept they're not -- people have been complaining about that lately, and mods and admins have been shutting them down with 'it's a problem on your end'.

    what are the criteria for being placed on the 'miserable users' list? is it as arbitrary as the process for shutting down forums? stealth editing posts? banning?
  5. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    you mods are basically useless right? is your only purpose to hand out infractions like candy and fuck with people? with your prescious buttons? blow me.
  6. Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Actions speak louder than words. I'm out. Blowing, if you will.
  7. raziel Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    still you should have such a thing open and public
    if someone saw their name mabey they would either change their atitiude or leave
    we do not exsist for your personal pleasure
  8. Daywatch Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    splain THIS

  9. cubby Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    okay, different question (answer the last one, tho) --


    how did you guys think the new mentality would be instituted?

    different rules?

    is there some reason you couldn't apply new rules to the old forum?
  10. core Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Chill. I'm trying to fix it. If you read the thread on the mod forum, I was all for TD being reopened, having more tranparency and better decision making.

    Why do we need a miserable users list? I don't know. I wasn't there when it was implemented, I don't know the point behind it. Just for fun, I guess. I don't know if it actually redirects people to; even if it does, it doesn't matter. That site gets thousands and thousands of hits a day, they're not going to be able to tell who's a protester and who's not. WMH, poppins and I have agreed to remove it, so it will be removed tonight.
  11. Fear Not Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    that is not skeptic, it is Mai or Mal the moderator
  12. AnonyMama Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    My understanding is that sometimes they're randomly sent to, which is known to gather IPs. Is that really fun? You all complained about the dome, but trolling using someone else's nick, and setting people up for error messages (least) or sending them to Scilon's site (worst) seems a little more...hmmm... "detrimental" than TA asking for drink recipes in the Dome to make a book. What I see, as an oldfag, an almost moralfag, and someone who has spent countless hours and dollars trying to fight the good fight, is that this is like the pot calling the kettle black, amirite????
  13. twelve Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

  14. cubby Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    also, does stu really think the denizens of the thunderdome were bored with fighting scientology? he had a lot of supporters in the dome. i guess he didn't know that.

    (sorry stu, forgot my goatse)

  15. twelve Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Also this.
  16. core Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    People are posting faster than I can reply! But I'll try my best.

    Daywatch: Tyrian pissed off LE in some way, I think, by flaming him about the decision to remove TD. More than that, I couldn't say.

    Crystalblueballs: I supported keeping TD, but I presume that LE thought that a completely new forum, new layout etc, would get rid of any stigma attached to the Thunderdome.

    As far as the SP list goes, I can't explain it because I never used it or derived any pleasure from it. As I understand it, if you ban someone they're inspired to create a new account and come back again and again and again. If they think it's a problem on their end, they're less likely to do that! Also it was probably kinda funny.
  17. TheProfit Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    The time for "chill" is far from over.
  18. D... Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Actually, I use to go to another board that had something like a miserable user list and it was useful as a short term punishment or idiots who took extraordinary time to troll and cause a lot of shit, but if you banned them came back with a thousand dupes.

    That being said, one does not put someone in a miserableusergroup just because you don't like them. Nor was the forum an activist forum. >_>
  19. twelve Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Anyone who has read the mod thread knows what your position in this was, core. Thanks for being sensible about things.

    That said, the commendation most certainly does not apply to the entirety of the mod/admin clique.
  20. Mål Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Uhh, basically I guess.

    The infraction system is used by other mods, I tend not to give them out unless the members ia real pain :\


    Im not sure the actual usergroup the miserable users are put in (normally the group is called miserable users) so I dont know, however, the the guy who jsut said he does not get here 50% of the time... I dont think he is in any special groups. It often IS their problem. The only group I can think of has only 7 members :x

    I was not aware of the scientology redirects. As far as trolling with some one elses name, he seems not to mind, but Ill chage it back if you care that much.
  21. cubby Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    ^this. sorry you got mop-up duty.
  22. twelve Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Quotable. Thankee, zur.

    Actually, my understanding was that you lot closed the dome because of this sort of faggotry. But, hey, if LE doesn't mind I guess it's not really a problem, is it? /sarcasm
  23. Mål Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    I supported closing the dome not to simple trolling, but due to massivle complete and ridiculous trolling in which members were simply shat on. Yes, I know, JUST DONT GO THERE, but there was no need for it.

    and for all thsoe wondering


    However, if I knew THIS shit storm was going to result I would have to rething my decision
  24. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    look at the message under my name. it was put there by a mod and the reasons is because i called him on the miserable users thing. just an example of faggotry. i guess it should have been hush hush. lulz
  25. twelve Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation


    Once again, does not apply to those who were sane about this. We know who you are.
  26. Anon Char Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Thank you core! Common guys, what happened to real Serious Business? Its not like we don't lead dual lives anyway, or tripple for that matter, leave one side for that and one for the other.
  27. Mål Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

  28. D... Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    I'm kind of interested in how much communication and pull do the moderators pull through this. Do usergroups like SP usually get created on a whim of an admin or is there actual discussion by the modteam? Because a lot of drama seems to be one or two rogues doing shit behind people's back.
  29. SenatorXenu Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    I think what we need is for the sensible side to open up and deal with the community and all the drama in a fair and open way.
  30. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    i caught his joke and ruined it. hence " if youve got a hole ill poop in it"
  31. AnonyMama Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Thanks, Twelve! That was my point that I am not sure Mal got. I don't care whose name you use, Mal. But the reasons the dome was closed is behavior I also see coming from the mods, and that is disappointing, to say the least. And to the mods who are trying to discuss this rationally, and are providing TRUTH, my thanks to you! I am not an ego whore, and sure - I saw plenty of it in the dome. I also saw pictures of retarded children, too. Did things bother me in there/upset me? Maybe sometimes. But - IT WAS MY CHOICE TO GO THERE. No one forced me, and I left whenever I felt like it. I am having deja vu - like I am back in junior high school. Oh shit - I forgot my locker number.
  32. Mål Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Ohhh, dont be confused, there is not A mod forum, but rather a mod SECTION. Yes, there is also an admin forum that us regular mods (even those of us on steroids) can't see. I am not ure how much actual talking on goes, but for users like Xenu55 there wan a thread where we all agreed he was a faggot in need of a miserable user hax.

    Anonymama, I changed my name back because it was stupid of me to have changed my name before. I actually found it wa too much of an issue to log in 3 times before I could remember that I changed my name. Also, I was coming off as a massive hypocrite.

    Frankly, I know, when a member acts like the they're in the TD, when they're not I'd change their title, but even that is a bit ridicuous, so I'll stick to nicely asking them to stop.
  33. Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Wow LE, your faggotry has reached new and untold heights.
  34. F4gg07 p0l1c3 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Well, its been fun postingwith u guys, but im sure as hell LE is gonna b the one to ban me. bye!
  35. Anon3Mouse Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    I'd like an explanation on what 'stealth edits' are, and how/how often they were used and for what reasons? It was mentioned by FreedomToThink in the mod thread.
  36. SenatorXenu Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

  37. Mål Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    I DUNNO, lol. I never heard that term.

    right, here is the wiki for it

    Stealth edit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Basically, when we edit without showing record.

    As far as I know, I just edit. Sometimes it says I did it, others not so much. However, the only time ive edited (other than tonight, which I'll adress later) another persons post it was to remove dox or some shit. Or by request.

    Tonight, I edited sum posts to edit out the mod logs, as I was not sure if they gave entire access to the mod forum. However, Im bored doing it, even if it does let you see what we're talking about, there is too much to take care of. But Im done with that
  38. anon7846 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation


    Just realized this is a srs bsns thread.

    Carry on.


    Anyway, yeah, you just lost at the internet, LE.
  39. core Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    These were never, to my knowledge, used outside of a bit of fun in the Thunderdome. If I'm wrong, feel free to call me on it and point me to the post. I wouldn't approve at all, and the mod responsible (depending on the circumstances) would probably be removed!
  40. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    this is relevent to our interests

    "miserable user hack:

    This hack is an alternative to banning a user. As the name suggests a user who
    gets hit with this hack will become truly miserable while trying to access
    your board.

    So here is what really happens to a miserable user:

    - There is a random 60-120 second delay each time they click on a link.
    - 90% of times they have no search engine acccess.
    - 75% of the times they get the server too busy error.

    If they don't get the server too busy error:
    - 50% of the times they may get a blank page
    - 30% of the times they may get forwarded to the forum main page
    - 20% of the time they may be able to see the page they asked for.

    after doing all the math in actuality they have only a 5% chance of seeing the
    page they clicked on. What kills them is the time they have to wait before
    anything happens.

    I actually once tracked a miserable user and watched him suffer for 2 whole
    hours before he was able to make a simple post.

    This hack is considered one of the most sadistic hacks on my board. :D

    The hack allows you to make your user miserable via the admin CP. It also
    allows you to search for all miserable users through the admin CP as well.

    Also in showthread.php, it appends a red status that is only visibly to admins
    and mods stating that a user is miserable."
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