Dear Enturbulation

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Hubbard-Telescope, Jun 22, 2008.

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  1. Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Yes, but I do not have a new account and I feel like we need to be taken off target for a little while. :/ Do we continue to fight Scientology and finally succumb to infighting, paranoid, and trolling or do we take a few moments here to look at all the evidence and actually address some of the issues of this site before continuing on and doing it right. :)

    The part of the problem I have is:

    1. Some members of the site staff do not consult with other staff members when arriving at decisions that affect the entire community

    2. Some members of the site staff post pm's, mock other users, and feel entire portions of this community do not contribute to Chanology.

    3. Some members of the staff have implemented lies and tricks to destroy critics and users they don't like by using a "suppressive persons" list and a "miserable users" list to screw around and laugh at users who are unable to access the site instead of just banning someone.

    4. Some members of the staff have used tricks and lies to the community here instead of treating us like equal members of this critics movement who can have discussions and arrive at decisions.
  2. DamOTclese Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    I don't understand the contention -- but then I'm an Old Guard, not an Anonymous or Channer. Enturbulation.Org isn't exactly the be-all of Project Chanology. Anonymous has evolved beyond channing, and if the contention is the death of a thread or a forum, the solution is to create more Internets and complain. If something is being censored, that should cause more Internets to be created to route around it -- discard the censoring forum and create a new one.

    EDITED LATER I think I understand now. Gods, you guys slay me with how clever and quick you are. The Old Guard were never quite so clever though we did have our day.
  3. D... Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Not a troll. Antienturb member that spouted from the TD.


    Basically, LE and a few mods nuked thunderdome. A number of members moved to a new forum. New forum is in the process of declaring war on enturb to force its into transparency. This includes a mod giving out his/her password and then leaking information. All info you see is real.

    Marblecake is a clique in Anons. It is also the list on the /td targets. That's where the name comes from.

    Honestly, I was very much against infighting. But people really feel passionate about this, I guess it's time for new transparency. I just hate this witch hunt. Please just reform so we can fight Scientology again.
  4. Daywatch Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

  5. Re: Dear Enturbulation

    I think of this like WBM's video in January. Anonymous was screwing with Scientology, but WBM called them on their tactics, said they were doing it wrong, and Anonymous changed. I think Enturbulation is currently doing it wrong and needs to be called on it so we can change. I have no doubt that this community will be fine and that we can all be stronger from it. :)

    Yes, we want to take down the cult of Scientology, but don't we have to do it the right way?
  6. twelve Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Has already been done, but it would really be preferable to fix this one up, for various reasons (mostly convenience).

    This is the problem. If anyone is still wondering, it's not just the Thunderdome.

    edit: It's the elitism, egofaggotry, etc. Hint: Admins/mods fucking with users at a whim is ego, just as much as Domers posting dox is ego. The only difference is, they have a habit of thinking they're in charge. (Once again, does not apply to all admins/mods, etc. etc.)
  7. 649 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Let me clarify this, real person, been with us all since February 10th, protests every single weekend for almost half a year now. I view these boards when I need to, but this time an account was needed to talk about the issues here, so before you go calling me out on the only thing you can... the one week account, look at what I am saying.
  8. Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Seriously, this is what the Church of Scientology does. This is the kind of stuff that destroys people's faith in the moderators and admins of this site.
  9. RSK Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Please take this as constructive critisizm. Everything you just posted we saw for ourselves in this thread already.

    The question is, what are we going to do about it?

  10. Anon3Mouse Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Well I understand you can't give concrete answers on some of those questions, but what do you, specifically, think can be done to heal this rift?
  11. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation


    communication is key. between mods, between anon, and generally between everybody. why is their anything that is a secret? i personally dont think thre should be, unless an operation calls for it.
  12. its.an0nym0us Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    What about the trolling of Ann O'nymous when she went berserko and deleted all her shit?

    And also:
    How can a handful of people sitting around bullshitting in a subforum suddenly render it completely useless to the rest of us? And how is it that two or three people decide this? The forums may be saved and re-opened, but why fuck with it in the first place? Especially when you're apparently 'all about protesting' Scientology! Shouldn't this place be streamlined for the communication of ideas regarding this topic? FFS TD was an obvious but great cover for Ops that even a number of Enturb members never even knew about. The ego shit was a great filler in between these times. Why are we underestimating this?

    So we are really letting the issue of 'problems in the TD' take the blame for an administrative fuck up of what should have been an even-handed and constructive rearranging of the forums? Am I understanding this right??
  13. moreanonymous Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    seconded and thirded. FU, Stu.
  14. core Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    To be fair, Ann O'nymous was a pain in the ass for EVERYONE. Your other points have already been discussed; I've admitted that there was an administrative fuckup, and it should have been an even-handed and constructive forum rearrangement, with input from all members of staff. There's no point saying any different.
  15. moreanonymous Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Nice thnat they can still troll. wouldn't want them to miss any lulz, eh?
  16. SenatorXenu Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Ok, Since I'm sick of asking questions, heres my oppinion of this, take it as you may.

    I've been on this site since the beginning, when DDoS was the name of the game and 2/10 seemed like a crazy dream. Put simply, I miss the old enturbulation, back when it was a simple little forum mostly used to put anons in touch with others in their area. Back then, this website didn't have one crazy drama inducing moment once a week. I think the problem is that we have become too complacent and stuck in our ways. Too many people think Enturbulation = Chanology. If this happened six months ago we would've simply gone to another site, however that seems like it isnt an option anymore.

    Put in perspective of our overall goals, the destruction of the TD is insignificant, what it IS, however is a breach of trust to many members of the community. If Enturbulation is going to house the movement as it seems to like to, then logically, it should exist to serve the members. If the members want somewhere to troll each other, whats the harm? If the members want to know about the money, do it like ED does. Post how much we need to raise and for what (bandwidth, servers, etc.) and anon will deliver.

    I'm glad this thread hasn't been nuked, I think it represents at least some hope that people are seeing all this chaos and drama and saying, hey, lets fix this. There are plenty of ways this could end, most of them bad. I just hope that we can bring some transparency to enturb, and learn to trust each other as a community, then we can get back to our lulz and cake.

  17. TheProfit Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

  18. its.an0nym0us Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Enturbulation has apparently forgotten how to make announcements and stay on target.

    Is this really so hard? No. That is why it is most disturbing.
  19. Anon3Mouse Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    I gotta agree here. Ann was a totally separate case. Her getting flamed in the Dome was expected, her getting blasted everywhere else was wholly deserved. FFS when asked to provide a solution to the problem she continuously brought up, she replied with 'the silliest idea' she had.
  20. Anonqwerty Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    I never even used Thunderdome, but I can't see its removal as anything but a complete fuck-up by the staff here, who completely misjudged the community, and overstepped their authority, so-to-speak. This whole "behind closed doors" decision making thing is REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING. Everyone seems to trust the staff less for it, and I agree.

    It would be nice if the mod/admin forum section was publicly viewable. . If you're too cowardly for that, you shouldn't be an admin.

    And where the fuck are all the other staff in this thread? LE? Tamphex? When are they going to start talking?

    Oh, and Stu being involved really fucking pisses me off.
  21. Re: Dear Enturbulation

  22. Anon123321 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Fourthed. What the hell, man.
  23. moreanonymous Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    bullstuffs. new account neccessary to prevent mod faggotry.
  24. cubby Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    sorry... couldn't resist. :)
    i am concerned about this stuff too. finding out we have lists of people who get fucked with but not banned or infracted is troubling. finding entire forums baleeted with a consensus of THREE is troubling.

    i'm particulary troubled by this 'marblecake' thing -- can someone clarify this for me? i am hearing that a select group of anonymous is a think tank unto itself, backs itself up with sockpuppet accounts, approaches 'name' anonymous for support on their ideas... c/d? are these people also mods?
  25. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    [removing retardation]

    Otherwise, I propose we start a new fund-raising drive
    to buy more anal lube for all anonymous everywhere.

    It's not the TD, or asshole mods, or hitlar admins, or channers or trolls or OSA
    that are killing enturb. It's not even the drama-
    butthurt is our cancer. If we can't salve it, there is no hope
    and we might as well be happy clams.
  26. lucifuge Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    I'm here as well (sort of, massive headache atm). I'll try to answer what i can.

    I'm also on the partyvan irc, feel free to im me there.
  27. SenatorXenu Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Its a lot more complicated than that, but please, lets stay on topic lest this epic thread get domed.........oh wait.......
  28. googoomuck Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Transparency, accountability, consensus. That would be my ideal.

    We have the ability to make polls. Why don't we use them more?
  29. DamOTclese Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Maybe the designation of SP is an honor. The so-called "SP Levels" certainly were a badge of honor among the Old Guard, and Keith Henson even laughed about it to a Scifag lawyer criminal's face under oath. The SP Levels can be seen at:

    The Skeptic Tank: Alt.Religion.Scientology Archive Message - 1995

    Maybe the mods meant SP assignments to be likewise an amusing honor? Maybe?
  30. 2Ke Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    In all fairness, it is really late in the US right now (11:30pm Pacific, 2:30am Eastern), and this situation's relatively new. Give it a few hours and I'm sure the mods / admins in question will come forward and (attempt to) explain themselves.
  31. 649 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    I believe everything should be in the open right now. No more secrets behind our backs.
  32. magoo1 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    My account was canceled, or whatever: I cannot sign in as Magoo.
    So I created another account, Magoo1---but now I've lost all my old
    PMs, and I'd rather just have my Magoo account. I clicked on the "Please
    send me a new password"---but none have been sent.

    I can see there is some serious shit going down. Did you all cancel my account, if so why, or was it just 'hacked' as they other person mentioned they can do?

    I'd appreciate an answer.

    My best,

  33. Re: Dear Enturbulation

    I'm in for this too. Stu, wtf? D: Because I post in the thunderdome, I have done nothing for Chanology??
  34. AnonymousTV Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Could we just please re-open the Thunderdome so we can move on from this whole thing? Seriously, this is the most useless misdirection of time and efforts I've seen since I joined this website.

    RE: Stu. I don't think he was talking about Thunderdome people being bored of protesting Scientology. I think he was talking DDOSers getting bored of protesting Scientology, just like they'd get bored of DDOSing Enturb. I can't speak for him, though.

    LE, let this be a lesson: Important decisions need careful consideration. Acting brashly will only get a brash reaction... I hope you've learned this now in the wake of this drama.
  35. Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Don't open your mouth unless you know what you're talking about. This thread is about some legitimate concerns and not just about /TD/. Go back and fucking READ.
  36. 649 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Its not just about thunderdome at this point.
  37. Anon3Mouse Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Okay, I agree with all this, but how would you propose accountability on someone such as LE, who has physical access to the server? To be honest, even with my minor headbutt with Tamphex aside, and the loss of trust, LE is my major concern, followed by Stu (I have no idea why he was made a mod in the first place). How, in your opinion (and those of the other mods) would we hold LE accountable?
  38. TheProfit Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Yeah, last time I checked some of the folks who regulary use the TD run various decentralized parts of Chanology and are out on the streets every week BUSTING FUCKING ASS.
  39. Re: Dear Enturbulation

    :) I'm sure it's unrelated, Magoo. PM a mod and they can reset your password and fix things in a jiffy!
  40. Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Now this is a misdirection. I call bullshit. Not enough Emots.
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