Dear Enturbulation

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Hubbard-Telescope, Jun 22, 2008.

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  1. AnonBuff Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    I am really disgusted after reading this and the mod thread. Of all places on the internet, I am really surprised and slightly sickened that a place that was essentially an offshoot of the chans has this much censorship and faggotry going on. I think i might be done with enturb for a while.
  2. Ohianon Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    I could read all 11 pages of this thread, but I think I'll go masturbate instead.
  3. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    lol. welcome to the internet.

    Moderators and admins doing creepy things is what moderators and admins do.
    It's part of the job description.

    What turned this (normal) fact of internet life into a NUKULER WAR
    was the compounded injury of:
    admins fucking around
    TD trolls fucking around
    mods fucking around
    OG getting butthurt
    admins doing the usual fascist thing
    users getting butthurt
    admins, mods, OG getting even more butthurt in response
    users getting even even more butthurt in response
    admins responding to butthurt users with even even even more butthurt responses
    every thread on enturb coming to a screeching halt

    If we all can't just get along, or agree to disagree, or whatever
    we ought to start addressing the irritation inflaming our individual
    prolapsed anuses.

    Otherwise, I think we're going to be stuck with them for awhile,
    no matter what happens on Enturb (or the rest of the universe).
  4. WBMBacker Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Solve the problem. The world and scientology is watching.

    Mistakes were made... we are human, not scilons. When they make mistakes, they are doomed to repeat them, as per the tech. We, as wogs, can learn and forgive.

    We learn through and by the collective...we adapt and move on.

    Personal attacks have no place here. If mod-so-and-so was an ass, they know it now. Can we give them a chance to recoup, or do we send them to our own version of an RPF?

    Transparency is paramount, but getting a committee together is just becomming that thing which we despise. What next?.. Ent Org?, to police us all? I can see their motto: The beatings will continue until morale improves. We do NOT want to go down that road... it ends in cult mentality and power mongering. The best `govenrment' is the smallest one we can find, yes? The less intervention of the powers that be here is a STRENGTH, not a weakness. David Miscavige has called for a witch hunt (all on the Bridge or you are SP!)... are we here now in that Salem business too?

    MODS: Confess to your part, if ill... clear the air, tell us what is going to be done under the weight of the opinions expressed here. Make known the rules, edicts and operations of this place. Make trasnparency the battle cry of enturbulations day-to-day operations. This place is too important not to. What began here can end here... the choice is ours, and YOU have to listen and learn and adapt like the rest of us.

    Do NOT let this go on any longer than it has to! (Too late, already.)

    My personal anger: Using a picture of dead people in the mod forum discussion about this is NOT cool in any way. THAT was disturbing, when there are many who are enraged at the unanswered deaths at the hands of scientology. We accuse scientology of crimes againgst human rights, and are treated to a `leaked' forum with something like that?... noting that someone laughed at it in the next post? Ladies and gentlemen, we need to rise above such agregious expression. Have we not been told this is serious business? THAT was not any wheres near being acceptable. Am I being a moralfag on this?... yes, I am. It was wrong, it was MORE than offensive... it was tragic and shameful. Those were human beings put to death for no other reason than they were of Jewish origin. The cult of scientology has been likened to a Nazi organization MANY times. They now have the same ammo to fire back. How long before that file gets downloaded by OSA and used on THEIR propoganda media outlets. DM sends his thanks.

    I personally had no use for TD.. When I lurked enough to understand it's purpose, I knew it was not for me. End of line. The mod reaction=poor judgement. Enough said... we all know it, and we all agree it needs redress.

    While we type hunderd of words of rage in these dark hours before dawn (EST), there are people in RPF's who have gotten word that somethings buzzing Davey's ears, and making him pissed. They are getting word that this `anonymous' thing is causing trouble. Maybe... just maybe... some of them are hoping we succeed. The ones they are waiting for is us.

    It still is us, isn't it?

    PS- Stu: Got all pissy with TD now didja? Oh well... guess your human afterall... LIKE THE REST OF US! That still does not get you off from having a coffee with me, bro.. Still love you, and ALL anonymous, everywhere, fighting the good fight.

    Now get off your high horses, have a human heart and see beyond the emotion and get something done.

    Anonymous still delivers, yes?

    Prove it!
  5. D... Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Fags, from the discussion I read: marblecake isn't the mods, it's a fucking clique. Cliques are cancer, but you can't stop them from forming. Otherwise we would be part of the same wrongs that we are blaming marblecake for, trying to force people to work in their ideal

    Let's stick with what is discussed ITT.

  6. SenatorXenu Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    As long as LE has physical access to the sever and ownership of the domain, there isnt much we can do unless he agrees to let the community in on the discussion, or he magically dissapears
  7. AnonyMama Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Thank you for this! I had almost forgotten that pic, and the moralfag in me was outraged. I have friends whose parents have numbers still tattooed on their arms from the camps - and whose family members might very well be in that pic. That is the kind of stuff I loathe about /td/ - and then to see mods use it.
  8. lucifuge Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    SP = Miserable Users, Suppresive Persons is waht the actual usergroup was named on this particular site, that was hooked into the Miserable Users Plugin.
  9. RSK Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation


    I'm a /b/tard and have seen everything but this looked very bad, the mod subforum looked like TD.

    I think a lot of people looked up to Stu and feel most betrayed by him. He won't be placed on a pedstal anymore and that is a good thing.

    In any case, I would like to see an appology from the Mod's and Operators because that will heal much of this rift.

    Only the strong are able to stand up and appologize and I think the mods/operators are strong people who made a mistake which they will not repeat.

    We have all put too much work into this site and into this movement to have it undone by a VERY STUPID mistake.

  10. mc1998 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    My take is LE needs to get his ass in this thread & treat this seriously. Like i said before, closing TD didn't bother me, but when you purposely piss off the very people making your site worth anything it shows a lack of foresight.

    As an admin of the site he gets final say in how things roll here, but (& this is a big but) he also has to cater to his users. I'm not saying kiss ass but respecting the users is really important. I've watched enough forums die from this sort of admin behavior to know that enturb is in a pickle right now. This specific incident can either be a learning experience or a coffin nail.

    I think my signature sums up my feelings.
  11. WBMBacker Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    I have no trouble with TD existing... its something some people like. So be it. But even THAT has no place anywhere being used like that. :(

    It was very disturbinng to see it on a mod forum, and disheartening.

    But I truly believe things good things can come out of this bit if ugliness.

    After all... July 12 is a mere 19 days away. ;]
  12. magoo1 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    How do we get enturb accountable?

    MOVE ON. RE-Instate the Thunderdome...for those that want it.
    Believe me, after a week there, I agree---it's not for me. However,
    obviously others feel that need. I'd first say, why not just take it to the
    chans, but they'd probably tear into those helping here, so it's not the same.

    Well, why not take a vote: FOR TD?_____Not for TD?_____
    By majority rules..that'll be what is. If the majority want the TD, so be it.
    If the majority don't---hey....that'll be it. It's not like there aren't other places
    where you all can hang on the Net. The key here is what do you *reallywant to get done here? I think it's up to the group, not a few elite people.

    Everyone who has run this joint has done an excellent job, over all. Granted,
    a few have screwed up some here---and I think some rules need to be set, so all
    people "running it" are on the same page. As far as what to do about any past screw ups--------I say move on. If it continues again, that's a different story---but isn't this the first time this has occurred?

    The difficult thing now is to move on. As someone pointed out, it's late on the East coast..and probably would be a good idea to give it some time to chill---and take it up fresh, tomorrow.

    Nite :nini:

  13. AnonZombie Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    ok, thanks to the mods / admins that are in here answering questions. I propose making an official Announcement post explaining everything to the users that still don't get what the hell's going on. But it should be by LE or the like.

    Edit: I agree with Magoo. Why not take a vote? How about a hand-counted vote counting only people that have been here a while, so that sockpuppets won't be an issue. To be honest, I've been thinking we should get rid of TD for a little while now, but it should be based on consensus. Someone could also just make an offsite TD, no?
  14. SenatorXenu Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    But the question remains, how to we enforce the will of the majority, even if this isnt about the TD anymore, I think people just want to see that the staff gives a rats ass about the community.
  15. Tuesday Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    This wouldn't actually fix anything.
  16. AnonyMama Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Yes - I have been known to hang out in TD on occasion. I think this is going to change things for the better - or at least, I hope so! :flowers:
  17. Re: Dear Enturbulation

    With LOIC.
  18. Magoo Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Tuesday.........You left out the rest of what I said, which was just what you said: That wouldn't work. So then I made a suggestion: did you see it?

    and as for
    Well, what exactly does the group need and want? Isn't that the basis of
    figuring out the will of the majority? Is there a specific point you have about
    the staff? To me it seems like anyone who runs something like this (which HAS to be a ton of work) isn't in question re if they give a rats ass.
    Whether there is accountability for certain actions, that's a different thing.
    I think you all will need to figure out how that can work.

    hmmmmmmm....thinking.....not sure.

  19. anonauswa Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    My 2c.

    I came to this forum 6 months ago after learning of the feb 10th protests. In that this forum has been a great source of information and a great place to plan future protests.

    I dont like seeing drama here, hell I dont like seeing it anywhere, but most of all, what I see right now, is OSA watching this happen and them going FAPFAPFAP and little davey going FAPFAPFAP.

    It was said quite well a few posts ago that the scilons are doomed to repeat their mistakes, whereas we are free to change and evolve. People feel betrayed by this drama. I am sure that even the mods feel betrayed that their private forum has been opened, nevertheless the deed has been done.

    While I do not agree with some of the things said in this thread, both from enturb users and leaks from the mod forum, I do belive wholeheartedly in their right to say it.

    I find the idea of the suppresive persons usergroup amusing, however, I feel that it is in very poor taste. A bad decision that has apparently been corrected by the moderator team. Thankyou.

    I would also like to thank the moderators that have posted in this thread to the time of this post. I belive you have answered the questions posted here to the best of your ability.

    To those that have yet to stick their heads in here, please do when your timezone permits it.

    What I would like to see, is an apology and ideas on bettering the enturbulation community from the whole modderating team. ALL OF THEM.

    while I have not expressed my thoughts on all points raised in this thread, these are some of my thoughts so far. I shall continue to lurk this thread and eagarly await the moderator teams responses to each question posed.

    I would like to see this dispute resolved, enturb move on and the scilons enturbulated. No matter what happens to enturb, every month I shall be outside my local org and protesting this disgusting cult.
  20. watwatwat Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Im absolutly willing to do that. Maybe LE would realise that when you run an anonymous site, you don't actually have control over it.

    PM me, i know enough people on partyvan who would be willing to help.
  21. watwatwat Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    To be honest magoo, i think that the community is more enraged at the way the mods had their own little closed discussion about it without consulting ANY of the people that make their site what it is- the user base, than the fact that the TD is gone.
  22. lucifuge Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Part of the problem here is there really wasn't much discussion.
  23. D... Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation


    Marblecake is a clique/thinktank that collaborates ideas. It doesn't have shit to do with the mod team.

    Are they elitist? Probably, I'm getting my info second hand. But I also heard they were useful in their own right. If it's true about the sockpuppets, rip them a new one. But you can't force the dismantlement of a group.
  24. Infernanon Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

  25. TheProfit Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    This is true. They are real. Dismantlement isn't possible... reform is.
  26. SenatorXenu Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

  27. D... Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    I like this word.

    I think we should say it moar.
  28. Infernanon Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    I posted the following in the Dear LE thread because I'm a faggot. Here you go:

    I've admin'd on a few sites in the past (albeit none as big as this one), and we (the admins) had a good system worked out. Because they were much smaller, we only had two admins, and we split up the duties between the technical side of things and the community side of things (I was always community as I fail at internets). This system worked as long as there was constant communication.

    The community talked to me, the community talked to the mods, the mods talked to me, I talked to the mods, and I talked to the community. I also had *constant* communication with the tech admin. He would obviously be curious about the community, he would lurk, he would post, but the decisions about bans, about the different boards, and so on and so forth, would be up to me.

    The downfall of every one of these sites: The tech admin trying to make community decisions. I've seen this happen over and over many times. He steps in and makes a change without communicating. This is what happened here.

    Now this is a bigger site, so I understand the need for more admins, but you should probably abide by the same kind of standards. Tech admins, and community admins with constant communication between the two. If a tech admin wants something community wise, then post it in the staff forum and let the community admins take care of it.

    LE has been the cause of the two biggest shitstorms this site has seen. He owns the server, but that doesn't mean he knows how to run a community.
  29. Re: Dear Enturbulation

    They don't get reform. They get destruction.
  30. Magoo Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    To me it seems since day one of meeting "Anonymous"---it's had a few elite groups, some sekret people who know some of something---which others are not invited "in". That was just a perception I've had all isn't something I like, as frankly it's VERY similar to the same crap I fought in Scientology. It's really why I left. Trust me, it's not nearly as bad....or I wouldn't be here (and fuck you, OSA)----but there's a trace of it, and it's
    something that did seem unhealthy.

    People have a right to know who runs the joint, and what is going on. This SP list crap I am 100% against. Believe me, being a declared SP I get the joke of it-------but having sekret lists about people in a group, is NOT the same thing, is stupid, and that's all there is to that.

    People make mistakes when they run groups---that's true with any group.
    So what can you do? Well, you say you don't forgive, so I can't say forgive and forget--as you don't forget, either. :doh:

    I think it's important to figure out what are the BOTTOM LINE things people need fixed. Not pages of people against the very people who have spent TONS of time trying to keep this show going. Obviously, ALL of us here have, too, and I *think* that's the issue. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Either way, I am going to hit the hay, sleep and see where we are tomorrow.

    I love you guys, I know you'll figure out something good and it'll be better------it will.

    Nite, again :nini:

  31. D... Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    So, forcing your ideals on the rest of people? Isn't that why you guys are against marblecake?

    Exposure is good, it makes them less influential and sneaky. Going to a group of dedicated people who have gotten shit done in the past and saying, "Fuck you, don't do that" is stupid.

    Didn't someone on td mention they don't even make that big of an impact?
  32. AnonyMama Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    I think the word "clique" or "cliquish" is more accurate than "elite". I know of a couple of people who were invited recently because they are prolific posters who can sit all day at their computer and post. I wouldn't say they're elite. Addicted to Enturb, maybe, but not necessarily elite. :nini:
  33. Re: Dear Enturbulation

    You get it perfectly, Magoo. :3 That's exactly what we're saying in the midst of all this outrage. I don't think Enturb is finished, but it does need a bit of fixing and that is now happening since the community has become aware. :D I am fully confident that we'll work all this out, reform, adapt, and be stronger like we were when we all changed strategies in January. Nighty~
  34. Magoo Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation


    Marblecake are the first group I met when I met Anonymous.
    I thought they broke up, long ago when Darr quit. Obviously not.
    Ok, so how much effect does Marblecake have over Enturbulation?

    If they're not running it-----------what's the problem? This is no doubt
    one more thing *I* am not in on. This is *exactly* what I mean.
    There are cliques here, layers of people who are "in the know"--and I say
    FUCK IT: SO WHAT? Every group has that, really. The only time it should
    be destroyed is IF the clique is doing destructive things. Even then, I'm not
    sure 'destroyed' is the right idea.........more like evolved, negotiated with.

    Just my 2 cents.


    PS: Thanks, Hubbard-T :wink: Nite too. (For real...although I *am* a dedicated night owl)
  35. SenatorXenu Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation


    We just have to make sure we settle all the issues this tome so it doesnt keep coming back.
  36. Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Right again. This whole enturb issue has nothing to do with Marblecake. :)
  37. Re: Dear Enturbulation

    You are a bunch of hyprocites....and that is whay I am so glad to quit you
  38. lucifuge Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    RE: Stealth Edits.

    I have set it so that anyone who Edits a post on this site (sans the person who actually posted it, who gets a small window of time, immediatly after posting), will now show up as "Last Edited By SoandSo"
  39. SenatorXenu Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Part of being Anonymous is not telling anyone what to do, so thats why people get angry with them

    That being said, that issue is completely unrelated with the current drama
  40. mc1998 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    just one step towards accountability, thank you WMH
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