Dear Obama (or whoever you get to read this site for you)

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Unregistered, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. Your next speech to Iran needs to address the government's misinformation machine. I know it's out of place to tell another country its government is lying to the people, but the Iranians actually listen to your talks. They should know that the protesters are normal people with hopes and dreams and not heretic pig-dog terrorists that need to be executed. Thanks in advance.
  2. ZackZero Member

    Regardless of the tone that our Commander-in-Chief takes in a speech against what is occurring in and out of Tehran, the regime will not listen. They continue to act against the protesters in ways that seem to worsen with every passing day.

    No amount of words is going to help in this situation... the only thing that will help is the arming of what will become the next revolution. Without some sort of material support or an offer thereof, they will be crushed into nothingness, unless the IRIA higher-ups are on the very brink of declaring support for the Sea of Green.
  3. Please don't treat your narrow-minded opinion as fact. This isn't about persuading some hard-line regime or hastening a civil war.

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