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    Dear Wikileaks - it is great to be infiltrated by the feds

    So lately Wikileaks was moaning towards AnonymousIRC: "The original @AnonymousIRC holder was far too tech savvy to be telling people to use insecure proxies and file stores."
    At first sight this tweet just seemed a bit ironic regarding two obvious points as they are:
    1) original holder? It's not the big secret, that anonymous-accounts are shared by several people and one of the ideas behind the anonymous-idea is also to be decentralized regarding one's ego. Besides - if you have such a great insight to the "original holder" it would have been something easy to just go on irc to get an insight. Instead you decided tweeting? Makes me personally a bit paranoid - towards your motive.

    2) This tweet appeared right after the video of Par:AnoIA (regarding Innodata). So either Wikileaks gave it a try to keep some sort of monopoly position, or - what would be even funnier - situation really has changed into the irony that a group calling itself paranoia is leaking stuff, while a platform calling itself Wikileaks gets paranoid.

    Face the truth, Wikileaks - you have changed as well. The reason people are supporting you is not because they think you are perfect or the best platform in the world. The reason is more, they see the injustice brought upon people like Assange and Manning. So they take steps back from critizising your modus operandi (no place to upload stuff, syria emails, some sort of WL-centralisation of information etc - you know the points anyways) and focus on the main issue: that we have to work hard to (re)gain democratic values and transparancy. They take a step back to seek for opportunities to achieve a change of situation, to seek for a way they personally can participate to achieve a next (or first) step of democracy where it is not all about money or "dog eat dog". Regardless their personal preferences they take a step back to prove that "freedom" "transparency" or "loyality" aren't just words but values and they are scarifying their time, their knowledge, their money and even their freedoms to achieve that.

    Of course in your next tweet you couldn't resist to bring up the Sabu-case as well. Don't you think yourself that's a bit retarded? Creating fear to prove your point. Really? Dear Wikileaks - at the moment I really do think you are the greatest risks of all because you seem to be in fear. There is countless anons who are in cooperation with the feds. Some are exposed, some will never be, some perhaps even changed the sides. Did they stop Anonymous? (rhetorical question, I think you know the answer already). Regarding Sabu - oh you read his court-files. Uh uh I guess you watched Foxnews then too didn't you? I truly hope you also added some irrelevant articles by Chen as well, so you now have the "big picture". You, who obviously tend to see conspiracy behind every corner obviously never had the guts to do right aftermaths here. (guy cooperating for 8 month and all the feds get is like 2 hackers. on the same day of his arrest foxnews had the full story of his life - this is common? feds exposing their informants - this is common? Welcome to some thinking outside of the box here).

    My main point is though: stop bullshitting around. Instead of paralyzed psycho-games towards anonymousIRC be happy they exist, be happy they created Par:AnoIA and try to find more efficient ways to cooperate with anons. As you, they all sacrificed to achieve what Anonymous has achieved so far. And I surely don't have to tell you that it might sound exciting as hell to be anonymous - as long as it is a 90minutes movie and we know that Superman will prevail in the end. Taking a step back from one's personality isn't fun all the time. We were mainly raised in creating personalities, compete to others and show the world that we are a valuable impact to society. Taking a step back in favor of a higher idea isn't just a hobby. You really should know that.

    Regarding feds - we need more of them, seriously. The possibility of them being within the collective makes us stronger in the end. For we have to educate ourselves about security, about what would be wise to do and where everyone has his or her personal limits - what path we better go by ourselves and where we need the strength of teamwork. If it weren't for this possibility the percentage of truly uneducated people who would participate for reasons they probably wouldn't know themselves would be tremendous. The possibility that the next irc-chat might be a conversation with a fed is the reason why people hide their identities. The arrests are the warnings to the next generation of anons to do better and the number of anons participating to the idea are the prove that you can infiltrate an irc network, you can arrest people, or threaten them but you simply can't infiltrate, arrest or SE an idea if its time has come. accept it. And appreciate the unconscious help from feds who make us better every day.
    This is 2012 not 1692. So leave the Salem witchcraft trials to the feds and cooperate with your friends instead. may the wisdom be with you.
  2. And the point of this is?
    Besides scaring the wikileaks guys even further?
  3. Tourniquet Member

    Dear Wikileaks:

    Don't listen to the AnonIRC asshole. He speaks for himself only, and not for many of us.

    Keep up the good work!

    Tourniquet of Anonymous
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