Death of Lisa McPherson OSA Debriefing

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  1. I do not know whether the following document is generally known. This is the first debriefing of OSA Clearwater after Lisa's death, written on the same day. Presumably it was sent to the higher-ups of the organization in Los Angeles and Gilman.

    Lisa-Debriefing-1.jpg Lisa-Debriefing-2.jpg Lisa-Debriefing-3.jpg
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    Wow.Just wow.
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    "Much love", barf!

    No name, just Prediction I/C, OSA Flag.
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    Dear Scientolgosits still "in",
    The COS does not have the right to control your life.
    It is illegal. They are breaking the law. You have rights.
    that is all
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    Janis Johnson, Laura Arrunada, Alain Kartuzinski, Dr. David Minkoff and Susan Schurenberger. Where are they now?
  8. Kartuzinski is dead. Susanne Schnurrenberger escaped to Germany in 1997. At the time the scandal broke, she was represented by an attorney. Minkoff has become a classic quack doctor selling oxygen water and the like.
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    Minkoff need to face his crimes.
  10. Minkoff's daughter Rebecca sells purses.

  11. Prediction I/C probably refers to Annie Mora, although there is no such post listed in the generic Div VII org board (OEC Vol VII, 1991 ed., p. 19). She testified she worked in OSA "research" for PR and Legal, and that she went to the hospital on hearing that Lisa was there. The functions she describes sound like "prediction." From her sworn statement:

    Humberto Fontana was the Director of Social Reform, also in Dept. 20, OSA. (The "Judy" in the above statement probably refers to Judy Fontana, Humberto's then wife, who worked in (Dept. 20) as Legal Officer.) From Humberto Fontana's sworn statement:

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  12. The OSA report in the OP does not mention that after Lisa underwent "L-12" auditing in February 1995, she went on in March to do Grade 5 (Power) and Grade 5A (Power Plus.) See her "Success Stories" dated March 6, and March 12, 1995.

    Available records for 1995 indicate that while on the Solo Course in April, she was sent to ethics for a relationship situation, and did O/Ws (written confessions of misdemeanors, crimes, wrong thoughts, etc.) Her ethics conditions continued in May, and on May 24 her ethics officer wrote "The conditions are not flying. We started on the first dynamic. She would like a sec check or go to Qual & find her M.U." In June 1995, Lisa had a psychotic break for which Flag incarcerated her until August.

    According to this report, Lisa went "Clear" in 1993. Thus it is known that Flag had run her on Power over her "Clear" state. We know here that the Scientologists' "Clear" does not exist as they have been fraudulently claiming since 1950. However, at that level of processing, (the "Non-Interference Zone") the subjects' specific mental condition, worldview, etc., is well known to be especially precarious. To help illustrate, there's policy that requires Scientologists on Power Processing to wear badges stating "I AM ON POWER PROCESSING. DO NOT ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT MY CASE, THE PROCESSES OR MY AUDITING." (HCOPL 6 April 1971 Power Badges. OEC Tech Vol. 4, (1974 ed., p. 597.)

    The Power Processes are dangerous for someone who is already "Clear." Hubbard called Power "T.N.T.," reasoning that "there is no adequate repair for errors made in running these processes if their existing remedies are also goofed." (HCOPL 28 April 1965 Power Processes.) Such a disaster could easily have been the technical "Why" for Lisa's subsequent ethics trouble and psychotic break. Exacerbating the technical situation, and possibly what precipated both psychotic episodes (June-August and December), Lisa underwent ethics handling, which also included O/Ws as part of her job at work at AMC Publishing.

    Rathbun did not explain in his Truth Rundown interview why DM personally involved himself in Lisa's case, but a technical disaster as above would explain it. Rathbun's Truth Rundown account of this period omits Lisa's June-August 1995 "Type 3 handling." It would be naive to think that he was unaware of it however, since he remarked that she sounded like she was in "glee" (nuts, basically), and since the investigation he claimed he did about this matter would have revealed it immediately. DM could not possibly have been programming and C/Sing Lisa for no reason or randomly. According to Rathbun (Truth Rundown Interview; Chapter on Lisa McPherson) Rathbun was then part of an RTC handling to rehab the Class XIIs at Flag, due to complaints about their auditing. Lisa's condition had to have been a huge flap at the outset of her psychotic episode in June. Flag and Int management would of course be extremely interested in covering up this PR disaster.

    Incidentally, Debbie Cook would have been intimately involved if DM or anyone at Int was bypassing to this extent in "her" org. Clearly there are a lot of people out there these days who know an awful lot more than they're saying.

    Nevertheless, the OSA report in the OP shows that Lisa's suffering at the hand of the Scientologists went on for far longer than the public realizes. Rathbun and the other Scientologists involved have yet to come clean.
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    Gee, and I was thinking of buying the expired domain and pointing at her blog...
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