"Death Sentences Will Be Issued in Less Than 10 Days"

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    According to the Human Rights House of Iran, Ayatollah Gorgani, the head of Iran’s Supreme Court has stated: “Moving forward, death sentences upheld by the criminal courts will be handled by the Supreme Court in less than 10 days.”
    Ayatollah Ahmad Mohseni Gorgani, the head of Iran’s Supreme Court added: “The head of Iran’s Judiciary [Ayatollah Amoli Larijani] has requested that the Supreme Court expedite the cases associated with evil individuals and criminals causing public disorder and disturbing people’s peace of mind.”
    According to Mehr News, Gorgani explained the rationale for this recent order by the judiciary as follows: “Prolonging the handling of such cases for a few months has no effect on our society. As such, it is important that we handle these cases quickly and ensure that the sentences are upheld.”
    While reiterating that the cases upheld by the criminal courts are currently being expedited by the Supreme Court in less than 10 days, Gorgani stated: “Iran’s Supreme Court consists of 32 specialized branches. 3 of these branches are dedicated to dealing with cased associated with hoodlums, criminals, those who violate the law, enemies of God (Mohareb), thieves and other dangerous offenders.”
    This news comes at the heals of a growing trend in executions in Iran, leading to concerns by human rights organizations, including serious criticism of Iran in recent days by the UN Human Rights Council.
    In this context, Gorgani reiterated that Iran’s judiciary will expedite the cases of those who “disturb public order”, stating that “there is no doubt that they will receive the death sentence”.
    Reports by the Human Rights House of Iran based on official sources within Iran indicate that as of the end of February, 313 individuals have been executed in Iran.

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