Death Tribute to Independent Scientologist

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Lickit10Times, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. Lickit10Times Member

    Several weeks ago a beloved person named Hemi Benbenishty has died.:(

    Doing this tribute to this ol' fella is minimum I can do.

    Hemi is a Hebrew Israelian artist who has been playing piano, selling them and making a lot of art.

    Hemi has been an extremist Scientologist for many years up until the end of the 90's. I remember meeting him somewhere in mid-90's at Saint Hill. He started opening his eyes back then wanting to be free in the Freezone.

    I stopped communicating with Hemi back in 2002 or 2003, and since then I got the update that he joined independent Scientology group of Dror Center at around 2012/2013. Since I still had his PO Box address, as it hasnt changed for years, I have been writing him since then and he was replying to me. Last year he started the "Advanced Levels" at Dror Center, and he was giving many wins, and invited me to come as well - I had to kindly deny as I still do not believe that the services there can help me or others, but I still wished him well.

    I hope that Hemi is in heaven now, as he deserves it for all the good and art that he put into society. If there is anyone in this forum that knew Hemi, feel free to contact me.

    Hemi Benbenishty, Rest In Peace:(

  2. There is no such thing as an Israelian .
  3. Nor for that matter is there a Hebrew Israelian.
  4. This dude probably died because drorcenter electrified him:mad:
  5. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    This thread was still active
  6. What is your point?
  7. Lickit10Times Member

    Look at the chain of comments.. Disambiguation is Global Moderator...
  8. Don't you mean is still active ?
  9. What's wrong with you, a guy just died...
  10. ner


    People die every fucking day in this world am I supposed to grieve for all of them?

  11. No, but a bit respect. If it was your friend, or your family member?

    I get it that you are playing the "Anonymous Trolling" role, but come on..
  12. Ner

    OP described the deceased as a HEBREW ISRAELIAN.
    What the fuck does that say about how well the OP knew him?
  13. Why don't the indipendent scientlogist have a qual division where they can check if the person on advanced auditing is doing a good job or not? shame on you dror center! what happend to hemi is on you!
  14. I have to add, that I know that there is no "refresher" in the dror center, and therefore they keep people doing advanced levels that are a made up of bill robertson, but dror members probably dont know that because their leaders is hiding it from them!
  15. someone from dror center needs to raise his hand and say that he is responsible for this!
  16. Lickit10Times Member

    I wouldnt go into details and names... If you have something negative to say about someone or some group, SAY IT, but with no names...
  17. Dror Center
    Dror Center
    Dani Lemberger
    Dani Lemberger
    Aviv Bershadsky
    Hemi Benbenishty
    Moti Wiseman
    Ronit Charney

    All the above are running covert operation to earn money. I can expose many more names from all around the world, just keep asking - lick my!
  18. Are all of them Hebrew Israelians ?
  19. Like the aforementioned Hemi Benshitty?
  20. yaa
  21. They are all lemmings!
  22. Lamb Burger duz brainz operationz.
  23. I am sad to say,
    and I hope it will be fixed,
    Dror give people things to do,
    without knowing how to supervise,
    I hope I can change things from within,
    In Hebrew you say "The straw that broke the camel's back",
    Hemi's death is what showed me what happening here,
    I do it just for Hemi,
    I will fix it so it wont happen again,
    Sorry Hemi,
  24. Die ,as they say in Hebrew.

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