Debbie Cook Goes Viral: Media Mega Thread

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    According to someone from exscn:


    Can someone confirm if this is true? And if so, someone needs to record this!
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Oops, i mean, someone needs to scan the paper :)
  3. Robocat Member

  4. Anonymous Member

    My bad robocat, it seems like the article will be on a newspaper this morning....
  5. Anonymous Member


    Squinting at it, looks a lot like 'Scientology split' to me...
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  6. Anonymous Member

    "Scientologists at war:
    Scientologists at war over leader
    Respected figure suggests the organisation has lost its way"

    Article here for paying members.
  7. Anon PTS Member

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  8. Anonymous Member

    WHOA! This is a huge! Someone a paying member?
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  9. Anonymous Member

    good question
  10. James Spader Member

    Thread title changed.
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  11. hushpuppy Member

    We both edited TT at the same time - JS, re-name again to your liking:)
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  12. cfanon Member

    This could be interesting. I'll pick a copy up, but frankly - I won't be up until mid-day, so someone will beat me to posting it.
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  13. strobe Member

    My thoughts exactly..
  14. enthaeon Member


    Pull Skyrim all-nighter
    Go to newspaper stands when they open
    Buy copy
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  15. DeathHamster Member

    Right sidebar for me:

    Scientologists: at war over leader
    Respected figure suggests the organisation has lost its way
  16. Sponge Member

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  17. Anonymous Member

    Can someone with a subscription copypasta this article pleeze?
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  18. Mark Cabian Member

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  19. Anonymous Member

  20. Mark Cabian Member

  21. Anonymous Member

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  22. Anonymous Member

  23. BlackRob Member

    7:41 AM in the UK now... Come on peeps, post it :)
  24. ZeroC Member

    Haha, the Times has updated the front page.

    2012 is off to a good start!

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  25. Zhent Member

    I hope it will be good. There is so much potential for win here with a quality journo who is really paying attention to the details of how this is unfolding and its context, but there is also potential to be a lazy skim of the SP Times article and the usual Tom Cruise, Xenu etc inclusions.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    hurry up.. I'll pass it along to Tony O
  27. Anonymous Member

    I've sent out one of my messengers (in hotpants) to get a copy.
    Scanner is bust and camera is shite but I'll do my best to make it readable, unless of course someone beats me to it.
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  28. SParc Member

    It's also news now in Eastern Europe:

    Scientologists attack their leader, said he bagged a billion dollars

    Adam HajekthirdJanuary 2012 11:16
    The management of American Scientologists Church faces the challenge of open rebellion.An influential representative of the Church has sent thousands of followers of a bizarre cosmic learning e-mail, in which leader David Miscavige accused over the years at the head of a religious movement bagged a billion dollars.
    More at:
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  29. BlackRob Member

    42 comments now on the site already... I am also interested in those comments....
  30. Anonymous Member

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  31. BlackRob Member

    Good job mr Hotpants! Love the Scientology response. Seems like they are going to declare her an SP!
  32. SParc Member

    The article includes the Scientology statement -
    "In a statement to The Times last night, the Church of Scientology said: 'Ms Cook's views represent a small ignorant and unenlightened view of the world today. They are not shared by the thousands of Scientologists who are overjoyed at our 27 new churches and what they mean to the communities they serve' "

    ... and what do they mean??
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  33. Sponge Member

    It's also worth noting that the page 5 article is mentioned in the "IN THE NEWS" strip at the bottom of the print front page (2nd of 5 items) and it reads as follows....
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  34. Anonymous Member

    That only a small ignorant and unenlightened SP would ask such a question.

    That article is pure win, thanks for uploading.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    It's the usual Scientology spiel. Bar acting as a place for Scientologists to come and spend money, these buildings in no way help "serve" their local communities.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Also worth noting...

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  37. Sponge Member

    That is quite an agressive statement "... small ignorant and unenlightened...". Much stronger than the usual "disgruntled apostate blah blah".
    Given that it would be greatly toned down from DM's true feelings right now, his stinging ringpiece must be spitting molten lava.
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  38. Scientologists go to war over 'tyrannical' leader

    Its teachings about extraterrestrial civilisations and alien interlopers has long singled it out as one of the world's most controversial religions. Now the Church of Scientology is facing a rebellion closer to home after a broadside from one of its senior leading members.

    In a bombshell e-mail sent to thousands of Scientologists, Debbie Cook, one of the most respected figures within the Church, suggests that the organisation has lost its way under its chairman, David Miscavige, whose "extreme" fundraising methods have allowed it to earn a $1 billion fortune.

    Mr Miscavige, whose celebrity lieutenants include John Travolta, Lisa Marie Presley and Tom Cruise, is said to have formed a one-man power base in contravention of principles laid down by the late L. Ron Hubbard, a science fiction author who founded the Church in the 1950s.

    The e-mail depicts Mr Miscavige as a tyrant who has strayed "off-policy". It accuses him of heavy-handed fundraising, spending millions on lavish facilities that then lie empty, and dismantling mechanisms to prevent the organisation becoming an autocracy. Those who stand in his way face "long and harsh" disciplinary action and have been removed from their posts, Ms Cook says.

    Calling on members to form a resistance movement under the banner "Keep Scientology Working", Ms Cook urges: "We are a strong and powerful group and we can effect a change. We have weathered many storms. I am sorry that I am the one telling you, but a new storm is upon us." She declares her continued belief in Scientology, which under US tax laws is considered a religion, but adds that she can no longer tolerate its current path.

    Scientologists believe that an intergalactic despot once brought billions of prisoners to Earth in a fleet of aircraft.

    "I dedicated my entire adult life to supporting LRH [L. Ron Hubbard] and the application of LRH technology, and if I ever had to look LRH in the eye I wouldn't be able to say I did everything I could to Keep Scientology Working if I didn't do something about it now," she wrote.

    "We all have a stake in this. It is simply not possible to read the LRH references and not see the alterations and violations that are currently occurring."

    Mrs Cook, 50, was formerly an executive in Scientology's Sea Organisation, which is akin to clergy, and was captain of its Flag Service Organisation, its Florida spiritual base. Her message, sent minutes after midnight on New Year's Eve, is likely to have caused uproar within the Church, which is notoriously aggressive in its pursuit of critics.

    A number of former members have gone public over the years to accuse the Church of engaging in fear tactics and harassment against dissenters, and to expose allegedly coercive fundraising practices. Published accounts by defectors have claimed that members are prevented from leaving events until they make a hefty "donation". Jefferson Hawkins, a former Scientology executive who worked alongside Mr Miscavige and left in 2005 after concluding that a faith he believed to be about making the world a better place was actually "abusive and destructive", said yesterday that Ms Cook'e e-mail "took guts". "Debbie Cook was a major figure within the Church, someone who people looked up to and listened to internally. For her to say things are rotten at the top is major," he said.

    In a statement to The Times last night, the Church of Scientology said: "Ms Cook's opinions reflect a small, ignorant and unenlightened view of the world today. They are not shared by the thousands of Scientologists who are overjoyed by our 27 new churches and what they mean to the communities they serve."

    Officials, including Mr Miscavige, 51, have repeatedly denied past allegations of abuses in sworn affidavits.

    Space in their hearts.

    Scientology was founded in 1954 by science fiction novelist L. Ron Hubbard (1911-86), who said that each human is a supreme being in his own right, possessed of hidden special powers needed for the lifelong journey towards spiritual freedom and lasting happiness.

    Scientologists progress along a perceived "Bridge to Total Freedom" through Dianetics — Hubbard's teachings on the relationship between mind and body. Followers are expected to take "training and therapy" courses and invest in myriad self-help books and DVDs.

    Once a believer has achieved a state of higher awareness known as the Clear, he is deemed ready to become an Operating Thetan, able to address the deeper psychological questions of his own existence.

    Critics condemn Scientology's beliefs, including assertions of battles between human beings and aliens 75 million years ago.

    Among its properties are an HQ in Riverside County, California, and a sumptuous retreat in Clearwater, Florida.

    Unofficially the church claims up to 15 million followers globally, including Tom Cruise and John Travolta.
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  39. BlackRob Member

    Can someone post this on the exscn board? This is a win :). I'm sure the London org is doing some damage control as we speak!
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  40. (Note to Times copyeditor: "Its teachings ... have long singled it out". Not "has").
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