Debbie Cook is on the MOVE!

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by AnonoLily, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. AnonoLily Member

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  2. Anonymous Member

    Wow, nice place.

    Hey Debbie, where's Shelly Miscavige buried?
  3. Anonymous Member

    Assholes enjoying the good life with blood money from the biggest asshole.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Close to good plastic surgeons
  5. Anonymous Member

  6. Anonymous Member

    My internet warning signals are going off...despite the above copypasta. May very well be scilon site, don't know. Anyone?
  7. Anonymous Member

    um, no.

    This is Debbie Cook's husband's website.

    Miscavige will undoubtedly be furious that SPs that have a gag order against talking shit about Scientology are enjoying themselves in the tropics.

    Oh Debbie, where did you get all the money from? Commissions from years of crush regging at Flag?
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Obviously Debbie Cook and Wayne got paid. And then they got paid again to say that they didn't get paid.
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  9. I'm torn by Debbie's situation.

    For years, she was a royal cult cunt, high up in the hierarchy. Kha Khan. I met her at Flag long ago. No denying she is supremely charming to publics.

    Debbie ruthlessly extracted HUGE amounts of money for Miscavige via Scientology's mainmoney maker, Flag Land Base. Hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Then she she said "fuck this shit, and fuck Miscavige" and quit in a huff, while still being a true believer in occult original Hubbard Kool-Aid.

    Ensuing gag agreement results in her and hubby living the good life in tropics.

    Admittedly, her quit e-mail was EPIC. : )

    But she still sucks Elron dick.

    So, while I appreciate her huge FUCK YOU to Miscavige, I don't see her owning up to her endless crush regging for years, enriching herself on sheeple cultie wallets.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Debbie Cook's letter will always be a thorn for Miscavige, and has prompted many to quit the cult.
    But Debbie Cook herself is no longer of any usefulness to anyone, not even to the indies.
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  11. RightOn Member

    I disagree
    Times change and so do situations.
    She is holding on to a butt load of COS secrets.

    Does anyone know if she is still getting her Scientology on?
    I mean someone that indoctrinated and loayal... certianly she didn't stop cold turkey?
    Or did she?
    I wonder who she is auditing with? if anyone?

    Again, I was so hopeful that more was going to come from her.
    I am glad that she wrote that letter and that more juicy stuff came out in court that it will be on court records for reference. All wonderful progress for taking the cult down. But she was responsible for many people suffering and they continue to suffer today.
    Maria Pia Gardini suffered under Cook's hands. A very sad story. RIP Maria.

    I hope she comes forward, owns up to all the wrongs she has done, and further spills the beans.
    And sheds some light to the pressing question of what happened to or where in the world is Shelly Miscavige?
    Some how I picture Shelly with a Where's Waldo hat on.
    feel free to shoop
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  12. Anonymous Member

    She signed away her right to speak and to freely associate in exchange for cash. She can never reveal anything more. Hence she is of no further use.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Miscavige sure is good at silencing ex-staff.
  14. Anonymous Member

    I'm wondering why she didn't say anything about Shelly Miscavige. Debbie Cook testified about damaging stuff but was paid off because she had more, worse. This means Shelly is even more explosive.
  15. RightOn Member

    Like I said things change.
    The COS can dissovle or something can happen to DM.
    Does the gag order include ALL countries?
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  16. AnonoLily Member

    She is a 129 mile drive from Gold Base. Her body thetans could practically jump from her to Dave like fleas at this distance.
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  17. fishypants Moderator

    Baja, California!

  18. Anonymous Member

    the dog looks better than her, that's for sure

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  19. Anonymous Member

    That's what they said about Gerry Armstrong
  20. Anonymous Member

    Keep wishing, pal.
  21. Anonymous Member

    She is ill. We know that. Rumors are that she has cancer.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Good point. Also, I'm sorry to sound evil, but if Debbie is seriously ill and writes something right now.....Scientology cannot sue her after death.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Ah yes but they can sue her estate.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Show me an "OT", including Rathbun, who doesn't have some degree of cancer.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Interesting point, Anon.

    So, Scientology has a built-in way of getting rid of people who know the big secret (OT VIIIs) and thereby continuously creating a demand for more of them.

    Then again, Miscavige has spent a LOT of time on board the Failwinds since 1988. How much time you figure he's got left? No doubt, he believes himself imprevious, yet his lungs have got to be riddled with mesothelioma...
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  26. mongrel Member

    Honestly, I couldn't give one fuck less. She had the opportunity to help right the wrongs she did. Instead, she's living off the blood money of those she helped destroy. I'm not wishing this on her, but she could die the most painful, lingering, excruciating death and I wouldn't shed a single tear.

    The only one for whom I have pity is the dog. It looks like the one who's actually suffering in that picture.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    What? You say that Debbie Cook died in a fire?

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  28. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, but her estate is on some off-shore bank account. Good luck with the suit.
  29. Anonymous Member

    LOL. Very funny.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Look, I believe in second chances. I believe that people make mistakes, get brainwashed, get sucked into cults and so on. I also believe that the priority for each of us is not "world peace" and idealism, but taking care of those close to us. I think that in her condition, she absolutely made the right choice. She has the money for treatment and Wayne finally got out of this whole mess, because he was not doing well at all during the suit time. Plus, he has a son in the cult. Idealism works when you're 18. When you're older you tend to take other things into consideration.
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  31. sxvvv.jpg


    You'll know the world has come apart when idle housewives scientologists take up art!
  32. muldrake Member

    Frankly, Maria Pia Gardini is dead because of the misery Debbie Cook, among others, put her through. I'm willing to give second chances, but they need to be earned. Cook showed no remorse whatsoever for acting her entire cult career as a predator, sucking the life out of people like a goddamn vampire and leaving them ruined. She can pretty much burn in hell.

    She made the correct choice for herself, perhaps. Fine by me. It's not like I'm going to go to Baja and piss on her pity party. However, she's a rotten human being who has done nothing to make up for the evil she rained down on countless people. Fuck her.

    It's not that I lack compassion. I just save it for people who actually deserve it.
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  33. good point.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    I can't argue with you on that one. I was in touch with Maria Pia, I spoke to her a few times on the phone. I know her sad story and the part Debbie Cook played in it.

    As for Debbie's remorse - I don't know what's in her heart. She might be extremely sorry for her behaviour while in the cult. But any expressions of remorse are obviously covered by her non-disclosure agreement.

    And yes, she did the right choice for herself, I never argued otherwise. The thing is - you can't take care of others, before you take care of yourself. I do hope she'll express her remorse in writing, maybe posthumously.
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  36. If she's an indie still sucking Elron's dick, good luck with that.

    / OTBT
  37. Not sure. Which one is the dog?


    OSA staff are reading her post and realizing they have options.

    Gather evidence OSA, make your exit. Take your money or take out your captain. Your choice.

    Tick Tock Davey.

    Rape victims sometimes use vaginal dilators to loosen up their vaginal muscles. The dilators are graded by diameter and they move gradually from the thinner ones to the thicker ones, allowing the orifice to comfortably accept larger and larger objects. It works, but it does take time.

    I'd start now Davey. And I'd work on controlling my gag reflex too. You'll make a great pet, Davey. You''re going to make a large group of men very happy one day. I only hope I can watch it online.
  38. fishypants Moderator


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  39. RightOn Member

    AGIAN, If she comes out with a lot more evidence, writes a memior, a book or contacts someone and tells them where all of DM's money is ( she said she knew) and tells everyone where Shelly Miscavige is or what happened to her, along with a ton of other stuff she is holing on to..... AND apologizes for all she did to people, then it changes things a whole lot.

    BUT if this doesn't happen and she took the money for treatments (I am sure she feels they owed her and they did) and rides off into the sunset to find another thetan to inhabit, then yes, she is an evil person and will remain evil in a lot of people's eyes.

    Again, my question of "where is she getting her Scientology on" still remains.
    She MUST be getting auditing and touch assists from someone? She was very heavy into the kool aid.
    Question is... who is auditing and counseling her? If they keep a PC folder on her, then they too will know all there is to know about these pressing questiions? Maybe they will leak it after she dies.
    I know that is a Scientology no-no for Indies I would imagine, (obviously not for the COS) but if it contains stuff to take down DM and the rest of the front groups, will it be divulged? Very tiny foily yes. And doesn't Marty knows what is in TC's PC"? ( according to him) but he remains quiet about it. Even though it can help take the COS down? hmmmmm

    AND or did Debbie stop Scientology all together? Seems unlikely for someone who was that "in".
    Questions, questions.....
  40. Tourniquet Member

    If she's mid-OT VII (well, she's not OT VIII), she will need regular case supervision.
    Miscavige insists on the 6-months checks for OT VIIs, which can only be done @FSO... so, unless she's getting C/Sing from Karen#1 or someone like that, she's going without, IMO, just like Rex Fowler.

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