Debbie Cook speaks at last.

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by DodoTheLaser, Dec 31, 2011.

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    shhhh! hush!
  3. incog712 Member

    Debbie is a scientologist. Not an Anon. Not an indie. Not OG. A scientologist, with scientologist friends. OSA friends. As such her FB page is and has always been an open book to OSA.

    OSA hardly requires teh 1337 skilz to get into her FB. They were invited in ages ago.

    But that's MR's department. Another thread, another time.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    ^^^^ This, and I can't ignore the ticket that Debbie bought and the ride she is taking.
  5. Saul Goodman Member

    The mystery of "friends" ... There are new privacy features in the past 6 months, and among them is the ability to select individual friends, and grant them a different level of access than, say, family members. The screenshot above is not what I see on her page, since I was a "full access" friend until she changed her settings. This broad stroke is giving people the impression that she has been un-friending tons of people. However, when I look at her page - as bare as it looks - I see that 'Miss Name' is a mutual friend -- but Debbie no longer appears on my Friend list. This access change is confusing people. If you want to be sure that you have been un-friended, check Debbie's page to see if you and a mutual friend still show on her page.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Indeed, why can't we just all enjoy the intense drama by the "ZOMG DEBBIE PUBLICLY CRITICIZED SCIENTOLOGY! SHE IS OUT OF ETHICS ENTURBULATED SP HERP DERP GIMME THE KOOLAID" Scifags. Remember, their reactions are the gold. Organizational destabilization is just an unlikely bonus. ;)
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    These are the times now people!
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Might not be bad to include a copy of Debbie's letter when you're sending in your postage-paid OCA test...
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Let's just all sit back at take a look at this frickin' ugly idiot. I mean really. LRH was a dick.

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    Man you're a whiny bitch.
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    You are such a wet blanket. I bet you an hero before you're 40 cuz your life must be so fail.
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  13. timthephoto Member

    when sending a poon always ask yourself, "is there room in this for a DM Shoop".

    • "a picture paints a thousand websites" - an SP Quoting Himself
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    LIPS =Nickname for L Ron Hubbard
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    Does anyone have more info on this?
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    Yvonne Prince
  19. xenubarb Member

    You raise an interesting point. I bet that the NOI are shielded from this kerfluffle, cuz they're not down with the org. They're just "these people who come and go."
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  20. Xenu Is Lord Member

    That photo really needs to be shopped (Can you spot the Tomato?)
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  21. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Someone should send that TV show that Magoo was on the links to the Village Voice.
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  23. xenubarb Member

    He haz yellow eyes cuzza the hep.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    I want to agree with all of this... but is it in English?
  26. Anonymous Member

    I always said he was a hep cat.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    You could start by using actual quoted text which would link back to the original post instead of a cropped screen-grab.
  28. Anonymous Member


    Scientology Spokesperson admits only a few thousand members

    Am I the only one that caught the Freudian Slip of Karin Pouw?

    In response, a spokesman dismissed cook as a "disgruntled defector."

    "Ms. Cook's opinions reflect a small, ignorant and unenlightened view of the world of Scientology today," spokeswoman Karin Pouw wrote to On Deadline. "They are not shared by the thousands of Scientologists who are overjoyed by our 27 new Churches and what they mean to the communities they serve."

    Pouw also added that calling Cook a "prominent Scientology insider" is "inaccurate," as she is merely "'a disgruntled defector' who has not had any position in the Church for several years, having left in 2007 for medical reasons."

    She said thousands???? Not 10's of thousands or millions. This rare slip of truth also reveals the truth about what is important to those few thousand Scientologists left, CHURCHES???? It is all about the big shiny buildings.
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    I'm not a Scientologist, but ... I know they do have millions of followers. Just that only a few thousands, or a tiny fraction of them, are overjoyed of the ideal orgs. The rest are weeping for their lost.
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  31. incog712 Member

    The weeping gruntled. In Karens world, AIDS is a state of mind. Disgruntledness is a medical condition. The only one that scientology can't fix.
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  32. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Actually her response was written in Clamanese and is of the nature one would expect to be a message to the faithful. To the Wog World it looks like a hate filled smear response. Naturally the best part of her response is that it went viral along with the story, helping to sell just how nuts the cult is.
  33. RightOn Member

    oh God Yvonne don't route out whatever you do!
    it will take forever and cost you more money
    Just leave!!
  34. xenubarb Member

    And bring dox. At least for your own protection, and the amusement of the rest of us.
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  35. Triumph Member

    its like this

    only, the mafia has better food
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    The mafia has better food, better parties, superior gravy. Just call me Corleone!
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    I'm wondering if anyone who has friended her in the last 24 or so hours has not had her unfriend them. I friended her and I actually had a mutual already. I didn't do anything untoward and got unfriended. I am frankly suspicious of Martay's bullshit, but that's a semi-interesting development. I don't blame her for it in the least and was kind of surprised she responded to the friend request in the first place.

    Just wondering.

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