Debbie Cook's TRO Hearing - Update Thread

Discussion in 'Media' started by Sponge, Feb 9, 2012.

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    Beautiful!! Comments can be made but are being moderated.
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  5. Squirrel King Member

    I love that they had to put "squirrel" in their statement. Makes them look dumb.
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  6. Pique Member

    And the first sentence:
    99.99999...% of people reading that will know it for the bollocks it is. hehe
    If they could learn to tone down the rhetoric, they might be more believable. But even the uninformed general public will be surprised to have missed alleged 'explosive growth.'
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    Another e
    xample of CoS exuding religiosity.
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  8. Herro Member

    Hey, instead of trying to seize the moment and make use of news reports saying nutty things about Scientology, y'all should continue to argue over who smuggled what metals. Oh, wait, I see you're way ahead of me. Carry on.
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    I love you Herro!!!
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    I love you too, my child.
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    I miss you Herro!
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    Wow! I saw DSA Flag Peter Mansell sitting at the plaintiff's counsel's table. 3:46 - 3:48 Besides Miscavige, he may be running the lawyers in the San Antonio case for the scientology crime syndicate.
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  14. Sonichu Moderator

    Does she mention ever being beaten by Marty Rathbun? Because that would be contradicting what Tommy Davis was saying, and he certainly wouldn't lie! He's part of the most ethical people on the planet. So Marty says Miscavige beat people, and now Debbie Cook says Miscavige beat people. But the Church ADMITS beating took place, but it was done by Marty.... Except for the fact Debbie doesnt mention any Beatings by Marty.

    So which is it Scis?
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    Wasn't it 10 million just last week? and 8 million a month ago? At this rate Scientology will have billions of clients by the end of the year, and trillions in about 5 years.
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  18. Gottabrain Member

    I see what you're saying, but you've got the people and time periods confused. Rinder was head of the GO in the 80s. His work was always legal and PR coverups. Lisa was subjected to all this in the name of her "auditing", directed under DM's supervision and orders - very similar to Debbie Cook's abuse with the taunting and standing in a trash can. Rinder was never a technical (auditing) person in his SO career. He would not have personally ordered Lisa's abuse and trauma, but would have been involved in legal and covering it up afterwards. Capice?

    Re gold and Wollersheim: I was Dir Income USGO and saw the millions & millions of dollars transferred overseas from the "Church of Scientology of California" that Wollersheim was suing in 1980. Heber Jentsch even announced to SO staff at the time that the money had been transferred out, that the CS of Calif now owned nothing and Wollersheim wouldn't receive "one thin dime". The USGO account was used as the vehicle to receive and transfer these funds. That account were simply never audited at that time. I was there, I saw it. Wollersheim's case had nothing to do with gold.

    And back on track -

    Debbie has only been off SO staff for a few years and she's only personally experienced Scn as a vehicle to destroy anyone who criticizes it in the last two months. Her head must be spinning with all of that and I think she is very brave. I also believe she's coming along just fine on waking up to the scam, bit by bit, and she's been honest and forthright in her testimony. Scientologists only lie when they are covering things up for the sake of the "PR of the Church of Scientology". Speaking out against it and revealing things publicly is considered a High Crime. She is trying to be a good Scientologist while defending herself. How she can think with this is beyond me, but then, I don't see how Indies can think as they do, either.

    Debbie Cook must be going through incredible cognitive dissonance. It will take time for her to come around completely. I have far more hope for her than M&M in this regard. David Mayo eventually came around and left Scn completely - so can Debbie.
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    ^^^^ blah blah blah

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    Dox or tinfoil?
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    Marty said he did beat people up
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    Scientology executive tells of beatings and torture [Edition 2]
    Goddard, Jacqui. The Times [London (UK)] 16 Feb 2012: 33.

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    The end of that article. Big photo of of both David Miscavige and Tom Cruise, too

    Best Regards

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    The last sentence in this article is so beautiful. You know how most article about the Scientology corporation end with some statement from the company about how Scientology is an applied religious philosophy and teaches people how to become better? Well here's how this article ended:

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    Wasn't it 12 hours, or have I got the story wrong?
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    Excuse me, but if you are looking for a point, you can always reach up and touch the top of your head.
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    Debbie said 12 hours.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Hung a clock up out there for her, did they?
  34. One could assume she knew what time it was when she started, and saw what time it was when she finished. It would be a very simple calculation to make, even for someone who posts anonymously.
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    You have a problem with Anonymous posting? FOAD :)
  36. Nope. Just stupid people.
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    Nah, you're saying anonymous posters as stupid.
    Go fuck your mother.
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    Scientology invented Gitmo
  39. Nah. You're just butthurt 'cos I inferred you were stupid for not being able to figure out something so excruciatingly simple, even a Scientologist could've worked it out. I'm surprised that Captain Obvious didn't jump out of the shadows and beat you over the head with his anti-thicko stick for not even considering it. That's morons for you though.

    I'll let you have the last word. Looks like you need it. Wipe away your tears and have another go. :)
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