Debbie Cook's TRO Hearing - Update Thread

Discussion in 'Media' started by Sponge, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    "Scientology surrounds the Alamo!"

    Yeah, that'll play well in Texas.
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  2. Random guy Member

    Well, seems like she's rather going down the freedom or religion path. She's throwing the "we're soooo religious" card right back in their face.

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  3. Anonymous Member

    In court she said that she didn't understand that the money was part of the deal. She said she thought it was a gift, not part of the contract.
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  4. Anonymous Member

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  5. Random guy Member

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  6. Anonymous Member

    Cook had no money and no medical insurance. She needed the money to pay for medical treatment. Co$ knows this and it will come out in court soon. Waiting for the counter suit against Co$.
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  7. Malory Member

    This is fucking awesome.
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  8. They are now talking about the SP Hole in court.
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  9. anoncane Member

    OK this is messed up:3:04 pm. Ray Jeffrey's turn to question his client, Debbie Cook. He's cuing up the same Eliot Abelson video from 2007.
    Jeffrey is asking questions that lay the ground for what the videotape doesn't show -- that she was held against her will at the Hacienda Garden Apartments in Clearwater.
    Spencer objects, and says that even if there was duress -- which he does not admit -- it would have been taken care of by the money she accepted. Wow.
    Tanner overrules his objection. Jeffrey continues, now talking about the security at the Hacienda Garden, motion detectors, etc.

    So their lawyer is saying that the money would have made up for the duress, but by accepting the money they had to give up their rights to free speech, is it just me that doesn't see the logic in their lawyer's statements or is there anyone else that doesn't see it either.
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  10. Given that the objection was overruled I don't think the Judge saw the logic either.
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  11. heatberd Member

    Blackmailing is protected under the religious freedom act.
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  12. Pique Member

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  13. Zhent Member

    This is sooo good. F5F5F5F5F5

    Hearing deserves its own thread for more exposure, IMO. (edit: there we go!)
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  14. Anonymous Member

    From VV:

    I haz a cofuze: If the objection was sustained that Miscavige's relation to Cook was not established, how is it the lawyer was allowed to continue discussing Miscavige?
  15. Noting the objection and will let them get to the connection? No jury so the Judge can always decide later it is irrelevant.
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  16. bollox Member

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  17. Pique Member

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  18. anoncane Member

    too bad I am at work right now, otherwise I would be eating some popcorn.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Question: Now that Cook has made all kinds of allegation of abuse, will the Scientology corporation bring in an army of rebuttal witnesses to claim that it's all lies? The witnesses having of course been trained in Hubbard's TRL routine in how to lie in court.
  20. bollox Member

    Ummm - don't speak Anon! LOL - but if it's LIVE updates you want of all the dirt Debbie is giving (and she's giving ALL of it) then that link gives you everything you want :)
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  21. bollox Member

    There will be a crew of professional liars all drilled on making themselves look REALLY stupid. I'm fucking off again now as earlier requested. Just wanted to give you some popcorn and caek.
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  22. bollox Member

  23. Anonymous Member

    stay for the fun!
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  24. anoncane Member

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  25. bollox Member

    Byeeeee!!! :p
    I'm still watching and I'll pop back if I have any more information to share xxx
  26. bollox Member

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  27. hushpuppy Member

    I will move the relevant posts from the church-of-scientology-sues-longtime-clearwater-leader-over-new-years-eve-email thread asap, in the meantime please post updates here. TIA
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  28. Anonymous Member

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  29. bollox Member

    OK Then I'll post the twitter link on here. This is an up to the minute live feed on all the nasty dirty cult secrets Debbie Cook has decided to let out of the bag:
  30. Anonymous Member

    It's harder to lie on the stand than you think. Liars are always caught on little details. Also, if there is more than one false witness testifying for Scientology, they are likely to contradict each other. People often think that "your word against mine" brings a case to a deadlock. It doesn't. Judges have full authority to chose who is the more credible witness. So if your word makes no sense and you've proven yourself as an evasive witness, then your word is worth less than mine.
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  31. Pique Member

    funny comment in that twitter feed, with retort by tikk
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  32. DeathHamster Member

    Don't forget that this is just the TRO hearing. The actual suit case will be like going from watching on an iPhone to an IMAX Cinesphere.
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  33. sallysock Member

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  34. Pique Member

    epic twitter's blog, nice article
    give him some click love :)
  35. Anonymous Member

    Cool. Liars lying under oath. This is getting better.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Michael Board @MikeBoard1200 22m Also wrote, I'll take whatever steps to get out, even if it means slitting my wrists. #Scientology

    Was this what happened to Flow Barnett, dead mother of missing Shelly Miscavige?
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  37. Enturbulette Member

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  38. another123 Member

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  39. Anonymous Member

    do you think that because you spell cake like that you are "in"?? foad plztks
  40. Enturbulette Member

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