Debbie Cook's TRO Hearing - Update Thread

Discussion in 'Media' started by Sponge, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Diablo Member

    WE need to make a big push to get Cook's testimony in current members hands!!!!!!
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  2. LarryBren Member

    IMO if organized scientology proceeds with the suit it must try to find a win (like getting a summary judgment, making the Cook's run out of money first and getting a "settlement" on their terms, etc.) but avoid the trial at all costs.

    Miscavige can be tied into FSO. Scientologists like Rathbun and Rinder can help show his controls if they can be gotten on the stand. I am happy they are there apparently to do this. Ex scientologists all over the place can do the same. Many like myself are willing to help if it ever comes to that.

    The testimony against Miscavige could be overwhelming like never before in the history of litigation involving scientology.

    Miscavige will not be brought into this case. Like Hubbard was before him, he is too much of a coward to do so. He must hide behind his beaten down victims, using them as human shields to lie for him and to "protect" him.

    Because I have no horse in the race to control scientology or its usage, I just want to see the truth out. I would love to see this go to full trial but I don't see it happening.

    IMO what none of these scientologists ("organized", "indee", whatever) fully realise is that so many in the world are being inoculated against the lies and dangers of scientology itself and not just organized scientology as run by Miscavige. This is done every time there is a public disclosure like this be it TV, court, newspaper, radio or whatever. Even if it just shows horrible abuses by Miscavige and thus some Indees take a win as THEY see a difference, they don't get it that the public at large just sees this and thinks "these scientologists are crazy" and/or "scientology is crazy". I notice this with my totally "wog" fellow postal workers every time this comes up.

    The Volunteer SPs of Central and Southern New Hampshire are pleased!
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  3. Anonymous Member

    How? It's forbidden fruit uttered by an SP and distributed by SPs. No client of the Scientology corporation would touch it for fear that it would hinder their gaining experience points and leveling up.
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  4. Anonymous Member


    Dozens and dozens of people received that e-mail :). This is just one of the replies...
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  5. Anonymous Member

    oh, you'd be suprised. When their whole neighborhood is reading the colored flier they will want to know what's on it too...THEN, THEY KNOW!!!
  6. Anonymous Member

    I'd love to be surprised. What can I do to help?
  7. Anonymous Member

    call your local org and ask "have you seen the youtube video of Debbie Cook at court?"
  8. Anonymous Member

    I still can't get over the mind boggling irony of the CoS statement accusing Debbie of abusing the legal process. The cognitive dissonance is astounding, not just that statement but the fact they think anyone would believe the absurd crap they release.

    When you really take into the account all the statements from witnesses at INT about Miscavige's behavior it's becoming pretty obvious paranoia and psychosis is consuming him and totally wrecking his judgement. I can't believe he would have made such an epic blunder in legal strategy 15 years ago - his paranoia delusions has ensured that anyone competent, or who could give could advice, is gone or in the hole.

    The years of LRH paranoia and indoctrination have bared fruit. Who the fuck would lock up 100 people in doublewide trailers because "they are SPs against me" for YEARS!!! The same people who are some of the very few on earth who not only buy LRH's bullshit, but enough they decided to sacrifice their lives to it by toiling in navy outfits for a billion years. He thinks they are his enemies! It has wrecked him mentally and unfortunately has the power to make all those brainwashed people under him a victim of his insanity.

    Because of the LRH's mind fuck and his own personality he can't have any self-reflection -it's all about finding the WHO/ the SP causing all the problems and failures. It's not working out too well.

    He's heading towards Scarface combined with Jonestown finale -and I'm not joking.
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  9. Diablo Member

    rent a helicopter, print 1 milliion fliers about BAD CULT and Co$ MEMBER DEFECTS AND CLAIMS KIDNAPPING BY EVIL VIOLENT MIDGET, then fly around city of org dropping leaflets like marines to iraqis.
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  10. Diablo Member

    I have thought that for years...midget will take everyone out and himself before he goes a day without complete control surrounded in luxury.
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  11. Random guy Member

    This is an interesting perspective. Is Miscavige becoming worse, or was he always this bad?
  12. DeathHamster Member

    I think I'll print some copies on Goldenrod paper.
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  13. Quentinanon Member

    He was always very anti-social. Evidently, he was born a psychopath. His mother referred to him as "Little Hitler".
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  14. adhocrat Member

    I think he's feeling the pressure of the past four years. His 'stable datums' are crumbling, his tactics aren't working and he is incapable of flexibility, innovation or change. Previously, in his closed in world, his tactics continued to work well enough to maintain power. But now he is being exposed to a much wider audience, one he can't silence with a look. Now he's finding out that the real world is a lot scarier than he thought (we haven't been conditioned to accept his BS) and he's coming into full panic mode.

    Might be wishful thinking on my part, but that's how I see it.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    good point, I am sure that was her plan all along, push the scilons as to get more and more money from them, then give it to Marty to get some “real auditing” from him. After all it is just your sanity, girl.
  16. Anon99 Member

    His mother? Holy crap. That says a lot.
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  17. adhocrat Member

    unless she said it admiringly
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  18. 00anon00 Member


    Congrats Chanology. Good news indeed.
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  19. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology Slanders Members then and now Cook Wins Today

    Uploaded by ToryMagoo44 on Feb 10, 2012

    FLASH NEWS: C of $ withdraws TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) TODAY! (They were trying, and failed, to stop Debbie Cook from speaking about the law suit they filed on her, for the rest of the suit. Today they withdrew this). This is HUGE as they have NEVER in the past done so, as quickly as this. Also they are now trying to say she "Did a bad job". Huh? She RAN their Flag Land Base (In Clearwater, FL) for 17 Y E A R S, successfully.

    Here's the Village Voice link to watch more about it:
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Debbie Cook is another baaaawwwing scilon who wants attention. Scilons don’t lie under oath ..... just saying.

    Pix related:
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  21. Anonymous Member

    I am eagerly awaiting shoops with the following:

    * An instance of David Miscavige


    * One or more instances of Scientologists with fingers grotesquely bent backward
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  22. theLastAnon Member

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  23. lostatsea Member

    I hear you. I do. But I also believe that a big part of her is still highly indoctrinated (or brainwashed, if you will). I think she sincerely believes in protecting the part of her religion that she holds dear, and that her info about abuse would hurt Scientology's reputation (I know..LOL!! But she was living in a cult bubble for decades, so...).

    I think she's very brave for doing as much as she's done recently, especially considering how indoctrinated she still seems to be. I get the impression that at her core, she's a good person, who's trying to do what's right to the best of her ability.
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  24. billybob Member

    And text for the copypastartistas:

    "...I am still an important part of the biggest cover up in Scientology
    history. And for that, I expect a certain quid pro quo. If you expect
    me to help you cover up actual crimes committed at the Int Base, then I
    expect that you keep your shit together and not fly off the handle with
    bizarre lies or manipulations of my family, clients and comm lines
    because I pointed out a few policy violations"
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  25. Anonymous Member

    I am having trouble differentiating why this is not essentially blackmail.
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  26. Zhent Member

    When can we expect to get the full transcript to disseminate to church lines?

    Calling the anons with 'the big list' of SCN email addresses...
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  27. bAnon Member

    In other words, Fair Game? Don't trouble yourself, don't differentiate, just let them eat caek.
  28. Anonymous Member

    I've been saying the same for years. His behavior is definitely in keeping with a cocaine addicted narcissistic nutjob too, right down to the violence and sexual appropriation of women, discarding their husbands and his own wife, etc.

    Maybe David Miscavige has decided to emulate LRH right down to the massive cocaine abuse? Maybe that little fool is so high on Colombian marching powder he can't remember what $cientology was supposed to be about in the first place??

    But would it stand as a legal defense when the time comes and he's in the dock??
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  29. Anonymous Member

    It is blackmail..she is saying she will shut up if they let her go away...and keep contact with family..

    the cult is spinning because NOT punishing her might embolden others who feel the same way. My prediction is that after an appropriate stewing period the cult will withdraw the charges and allow Debbie to melt into the background as long as she STFU and keeps her head down. I predict she will do so, i predict we will hear nothing more about the abuses she has to know about including McPherson, and I predict she will get to keep the money. Prove me wrong. THIS is how the cult ALWAYS wins.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    I thought it was "Little Napoleon". Emphasis on how small he is.
  31. bAnon Member

    put your epeen back in your pants and relax - nobody will prove you wrong, because you don't matter - THIS is how ANONYMOUS ALWAYS WINS
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  32. Anonymous Member

    I think not. I think the cult will not be smart enough to play the long game, and will think of other ways to harass Cook.

    Squirrel Busters or some shit. She can't stop clutching the cans, she's still slurping the LRH Kool Aid, so she'll HAVE to be setting up as an indie like Marty.

    And the other thing is obvious - for the first time in decades Debbie Cook is actually feeling some genuine love.

    Not the fake cult love-bombing love, the genuine open air do what you like love, she's not on staff, she's free to do what she likes.

    You think she'll go back to that dark cult or do what they say now? No way. She's a national hero for calling out that little dwarf David Miscavige. Looks to me like plenty of org staff and publics are on her side, they don't trust CoB now.

    She has more chance of making a new version of Ron's stupid mind scam than Marty does. Marty must be desperate to get her on his side, because she seems likeable, unlike his sorry ass.

    I see many more popcorn moments now that Debbie Cook has been declared. Best thing that could have happened to her.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    I didn't say she'd go back, I said in exchange for the suit being dropped and keeping contact with family, she will STFU and GTFO.

    The kool-aid is strong in this one, she is still a clam, might end up teaming with R and R...but I predict that THAT will be the last time she is on the witness stand. I even predict she will sign another agreement stating exactly that.

    Don't underestimate the cult's desire to bury this.
  34. rof Member

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  35. Anonymous Member

    This puts her in Marty territory for me. I don't give a shit how likable she is or how great it is that she's talking, it is evident that she was trying to blackmail (crime) for her own selfish needs. She's willing to cover up crimes as long as she gets what she wants. This makes her an asshole in my book.
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  36. sallysock Member

    My bold. This isn't about you. (Yes, that's also my bold.)
    BTW, I hope that you are indeed, wrong. Call me greedy, but I want more than just today...
    Cheers to a good day!
  37. Anonymous Member

    Don't underestimate the former cult leaders and members to exploit this.

    All these post-modern clams want in the same thing - MISCAVIGE OUT.

    I believe it is in the interests of Anonymous to help them kick out the dwarf, then release those trapped in his pitiful concentration camps, and then we can bask in the oxygen of vindication and mass media and blaming FBI for letting this shit happen for decades for a while, until a new challenger appears.

    If Debbie is the catalyst, then I the protagonist.

    It ends this year. 2012. The cult will fall.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    This makes her a $cientologist in my book. Not that any book of mine, or any software of mine, actually recognizes the term "$cientologist".

    Can we campaign to have the word "scientology" accepted in the Oxford English dictionary as long as it is spelled with the dollar sign??


    That really does strike me as a worthwhile and feasable cause. Oxford dons hate LRH. They would do it for us.
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  39. Quentinanon Member

    I wonder which cover up she refers to. The Lisa McPherson manslaughter/murder cover up?

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