Debbie Cook's TRO Hearing - Update Thread

Discussion in 'Media' started by Sponge, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    I think it was the gang rape/murder of Shelly Miscavige. He forced top staff to rape & murder his wife while he watched.

    Prove me wrong.
  2. Anonymous Member

    That would be my guess.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    When the going gets tough, a true LRH believer will run on board a stinking boat.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    We ALL want more than just today, for four years we have wanted MORE, but each and every time we get THIS close, the cult pays them off and they CLAM up.

    Debbie's clamup factor is high, the kool-aid runs deep in her veins, AND if she had knowledge of crime or participated, she is going to make like M and M and not incriminate herself.

    Do you know how many times we have been THIS close? I recall one desperate Mom used Anons and our pressure to find and get in contact with her daughter. OH yes, she was all gung ho...going to help expose the cult, blah blah blah. THE SECOND she heard from her daughter and thought she had a chance, she blew Anon...that is just a pimple on the ass of episodes. Remember Aaron? Daniel?

    Truth and justice for all means little to someone brain washed into sucking money from people for 17 years. She wrote it in her own hand, "fuck with me, I take you down". Why on earth would you expect anything else. Her testimony, while damaging to the cult, was a piss in the ocean compared to what she COULD say..and it was entirely self-serving. I am done getting all excited that people will do the right thing. Clams rarely ever do the right thing, and NEVER if the kool-aid is strong. NEVER. NOT ONCE. Cult got a little flavorflav of what Debbie is prepared to do if they don't back off. They will back off. So, sadly I am afraid you will have to be satisfied with just this.

    The only way the cult is going to get rid of DM is for a trusted aid to stick a needle full of vistaril in his ass, li he did to LCon. Karma.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    ^^ is trying to be clever that important to you than winning a war? Go back and read the art of it.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Biggest cover-up has to be the IRS infiltration. Or Freewinds mass deaths. Or something we don't know about.
    They were bugging and sneaking Govt for years, they might have even found out J Edgar Hoover was sucking his dog's dick for all we know.

    I say fuck it, bring on the LULZ, she's played them hardball and they shit panties and ran away, taking their deflated ball with them.

    We knows she knows shit. She knows she knows shit. They know that everyone knows she knows shit.

    All eyes are on Miscavige. And probably J Edgar Hoover and his love of dogs. You sick bastards.

  7. Quentinanon Member

    I see high echelon scientologists as more egocentric than is the norm for non-scientologists. Cook looks out for herself rather than engage in what we would consider the altruistic thing to do. Whether the scientology crime syndicate sues her or not, they effectively control her through an omerta-like doctrine. She was the Clearwater Mafia Donna so she knows about the mysterious deaths, scams, and money laundering operations at Flag.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Go back and look over the last 4 years. We've been down this road a million times. They always STFU, and it always goes away. I have popcorn in the cupboard, but this time I am not popping it until she does something else..which she won't, cause she won this round....and yes it got coverage, but in a week it will be a memory and she will be counting her money. I HOPE I AM WRONG. I really do.
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  9. incog712 Member

    I don't see much cult win here. If they wanted a win, they should have just STFU and let this little thing blow over on it's own in the first place. They never do. That's what makes this so easy.

    So instead, they go full on retard with a dead agent pack brandishing her as a "heretic". Debbie baaaaaaws back at them, reminding them that she knows where the bodys are buried and yet has remained a loyal officer who's only looking after LRH "tech". Just more sci on sci love, intended for internal consumption only this time her letter was leaked, not by outside forces, but through the cults own Streisand act. (Thanks for that Davey!)

    Two weeks later they call her bluff, file suit, leading off with a gag restraining order. Davey's Final Boss act except the cult isn't running this the way they think they are. At the very first hearing, she lets them have it. She gave up a lot but also held back a lot, and made that clear. If this doesn't get the attention of at least someone over at the DoJ, nothing ever will. Davey's chewing on that right now. (Aren'tcha Davey?)

    As a scientologist, Debbie Cook is no fan of the Marty club. She'd toss his ass under the bus in a heartbeat. Same goes for Anon and all the rest of her SP's. As a scientologist, even as a suddenly excommunicated scientologist, she's probably not going to go running to the FBI and spilling details on her own accord. But no doubt, she's going to find herself back on the stand again, if not at the behest of the cult, then hopefully in front of a Grand Jury.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    THIS. Exactly.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Closest historical figure to Miscavige? Henry the Eighth. Rewrote the Church doctrine, replaced the previous leader, disposed of wives, priests and noblemen at will.

    Buy Davie a pony?
  12. Anonymous Member

    Depends what they throw at her next. Clearwater Mafia scientology crime syndicate is liable to do anything.

    I'm still laughing at Squirrel Busters. If she died in suspicious clam circumstances would that be another Stacey Moxon/Flo Barnett/Shelly Miscavige/Lisa McPherson/Jett Travolta etc. thing?

    A religion of millions might expect a few dead folk, but a dying cult of a few thousand?

    I hope for Xenu's sake the FBI really are watching this. Has anyone actually reported the latest news to them?

    If all it takes is raising a court case and showing the dox, that she's hiding a major crime, she might not need go to jail for as long as Davey, if she co-operates.
  13. subgenius Member

    4. Summary Judgment will be granted for Defendants.
  14. Anonymous Member

    When the first OTIII with Hubbard's hand writing first appeared on youtube 4 years ago, someone commented that it was a war of attrition. It took the RTC 3 months to take down one video while it takes 1 minute to upload one, and another to open a new account. And of course the Tom Cruise video before is a total failure that brings us Chanology. The cult is being chipped away in bits or large chunks, whatever you think, it's being chipped away. The fact that Cook sent out an email is itself a win. It needed not have happened. DM pulled that in or Anonymous made it safe, it's a win. Why not enjoy the firework? If you look at the past four years, it's not even a downward spiral, it's a plane crash. As in the Civil war, it's a sure win. Warfare at the time changed. You don't need a brilliant general winning a decisive battle. Some people are expecting a legal victory that bankrupt the cult or put DM in jail. It's good but anything adds to the final victory. When you are on top you just exchange pawns until nothing is left of the enemy. It's not pretty, but if you stay the course you win.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    ^^^^ oh yes like ^^^^
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  16. Diablo Member

    agree, war of attrition...

    We do not forgive, we do not FORGET, expect (all of ) US!
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  17. grebe Member

    This thread started out pretty cool but got fagged up by the people who always post, "So-and-so is still on the koolaid so you should hate them."

    Stop telling me what I'm supposed to feel, you silly raging anons with OCD or Assburgers or something.

    I don't know Debbie Cook but I like her. Takes balls, what she did.
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  18. Sponge Member

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  19. Anonymous Member

  20. tippytoe Member

  21. TinyDancer Member

    Yes, we're always getting distracted into giving kudos to Marty.

    Here we go again!
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  22. Sponge Member

    The village voice link is fine. You mean the intro video (embeded in th article via youtube) which is fail.

    ^That's just the intro. Part 1 is fine, and presumably the rest (when uploaded) will be.
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  23. DeathHamster Member

    It's possible, because they did it in the 80s when ex-execs that Miscavige had purged started testifying in court cases against Scientology. (Even while Hubbard was still alive.) They went hunting after each one with enough carrot and lots of stick to get them to settle with cash, a gag and retraction. Davie probably remembers that as his first big external victory, so he'll probably try to play this the same way.

    Debbie and her husband are in a weak position because their business was inside Scientologist circles, and a lot of their clients have just disconnected. Apparently there are family Disconnection issues?

    The main differences now are:
    • The Internet. (All those web pages, and search engines to bring them all.)
    • Ex-member real-time social networking. (Even moral support is better than a slap with a wet fish.)
    • Press coverage (but not as much as there should be).
    • Change in public perception of Scientology. (They don't get to define themselves for free any more.)
    • Maybe even a change in some courts too.
    (People react differently when the skin is off the Terminator. Likewise, Scientology's religious cloak is getting pretty threadbare.)

    CoS doesn't have the luxury of isolated hunts any more, and their ranks are a lot thinner than in the 80s. (Probably because Davie buried purged even more people.)
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  24. Anonymous Member

    There's unlimited supply. And there is no reason why.
    I tell you it's all a frame. They only did it 'cos of fame.

  25. Anonymous Member

    Summary judgements are given when there are no disputes about the material facts of the case between the parties. In Debbie's case, the parties don't even agree that there is a valid agreement between them. Consequently, I'd say Debbie's case is as far as it gets from qualifying for a summary judgement.

    I know that the CoS said something about Debbie admitting to violating the agreement on the stand. I heard her say no such thing. So scilons can move for a summary judgement all they want, but it will prompty dismissed. And they cannot risk a full trial with jury and witnesses. They will get slaughtered in court, and even more so by the media.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    QFT. She's looking up for herself and no one else. The only reason she's attacking the scilons is because they didn't throw enough money at her. It is very easy to see what she's saying there. Fuck her.
  27. Anonymous Member

    OMFG I saw saw the interview completely, what a fucking bunch of worthless babble ...... Mr. Hubbard this, Mr. Hubbard that, I have seen wins after win after win after win ... STFU already!!!!11!!!eleven!!1one!!

    I lost IQ points, and I dont have that many to begin with lol
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  28. Anonymous Member

    You actually do, Baby Grace :)
  29. Sponge Member

    Hyperbole much?

    Since TonyO hasn't yet uploaded all the videos then you haven't seen the interview "completely", unless there is some other source.

    So far, 5 short videos of which there are more to come and you've seen two that are about reformation and whether scientology (aka the stinking pile of worthless tripe) can be fixed. Why should this even be a shock to you anyway? You read the original email which started it all didn't you?
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  30. LarryBren Member

    Davie already has a pony:

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  31. Anonymous Member

    OK my 2c
    I think that the church has miscalculated what Cooks motivations really are.

    1. She loves scientology. Yup she sups of the worst kind of Koolaid and it will not be easy to wake her up from that.
    2. She hates DM and views him as an SP and possibly the greatest threat to scientology at the moment.

    This would explain why she wrote her email in the first place. She wanted to make people aware of the problem in $ci without making it public. She wrote her second mail to the OSA simply because of the bad PR the church was receiving over their reaction which was damaging $ci. There was some element of self defence but also a warning. She cannot allow an SP (DM) to win this conflict because that will leave $ci in the hands of the enemy. In court the testimony she gave was about the abuse she and others received at the hands of DM.

    I think this shit maybe personal and if it is the Lulz has just begun.

    Whatever happens in future court cases she will be attempting to get DM involved, as for settlements before I don't think that will happen unless DM somehow makes up for his SP ways. Unfortunately for DM I imagine that there are a lot of people around him who dream at night of his toppling, and if they saw an opportunity for a way to get rid of him they would.

    Now you all got to tell me I am talking shit and know nothing.
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  32. jensting Member

    No. It. Jolly. Well. Doesn't.

    Read the book by Bonnie Woods about how she counter-sued, accepted a clam plea to settle on the steps of the High Court, collected the money, had an apology entered into the record, had OSA sign a gag order (not her, OSA) and went on a nice vacation with the money that victims of the criminal organisation known as the "church" of $cientology had slaved away for.

    In recent memory, David Love settled a case, collected damages and agreed to be silent about one thing only (the amount of damages awarded).

    So, it's just not true that it ALWAYS ends with a gag order - no matter how much OSA would like that to be the case :)
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  33. DeathHamster Member

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  34. DeathHamster Member

    Church of Scientology drops motion for temporary injunction against Debbie Cook
    By Joe Childs and Thomas C. Tobin, Times Staff Writers
    In Print: Saturday, February 11, 2012
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  35. Anonymous Member

    DM on the witness stand. In front of TV cameras.

    I came.

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  36. theLastAnon Member

    Some have misinterpreted my disdain for Cook's lack of action regarding the cult's "biggest cover-up" to mean her email has less value. That was not the intended meaning of the post. The act of sending the email is an overall good thing.

    Occam's Razor suggests she is referring to McPherson as the "biggest cover-up" along with other criminal acts at Int.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    OK now she wandered into liarville about Hubbard ending disconnection.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Of course she's a fucking liar. She's a fucking scientologist!
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  39. Anonymous Member

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  40. Sadly, like many exes when they first leave, Debbie is still 100% deluded by L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology which has been an abusive, totalitarian scam since its inception. The indoctrination process is all-consuming and totally controlling, she's been a victim of Hubbard's processing and will continue to do whatever she can to protect his image.

    In this interview she seems to be quite more preoccupied with damage control for LRH and his 'Tech' than in exposing the criminal activities of his abusive, fraudulent 'Church'.

    Perhaps Debbie could google: L. Ron Hubbard / Child Abuse for starters and come to terms with what Scientology has meant for the children of its members, it's quite disturbing what the following of LRH policies has meant for them and all members.

    She says she wants to bring Scientology back to its origins, its original kindness and goodness, you know back to the good old days of "Commodore" Hubbard locking 4 year old Derek Greene in the pitch black, foul chain lockers of the Apollo for two days because the child inadvertently chewed on a telex.

    Is she speaking of the kindness and goodness of Hubbard's overboarding policy, fair-game policy, suppressive person/pts abusive policy, disconnection policy, babysitting policy, the medically dangerous Hubbard introspective rundown that killed Lisa Mcpherson and so many more?
    The list of LRH abuses is endless, I do hope she wakes up to these facts that she overlooks due to her indoctrination, imho, one day.

    I wish her the best, it will take time, lots of it, David Miscavige is indeed a monster, LRH was worse, far more brilliantly devious and controlling as you can see watching Debbie in this interview.

    I don't blame her, it's a shame that like far too many ex-scientologists, she's still OUI-LRH.
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