Debbie Cook's TRO Hearing - Update Thread

Discussion in 'Media' started by Sponge, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Incredulicide Member

    It's nice to know what Hubbard was doing between the time they withdrew from the Victorian Board of Enquiry into Scientology:
    "on the 30th November, 1964, counsel for the HASI announced that, upon instructions from his clients, he was withdrawing from further participation in the Inquiry."
    and the publishing of the report:

    "Given under my hand and seal this twenty-eighth day of September, 1965. KEVIN ANDERSON"

    Yes, this grew out of BUTTHURT Hubbard.
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  2. Random guy Member

    1) Nah, like Sponge wrote, the name of scientology is is irrepairably damaged. Reformed or not, they'll still suffer the LOL Xenu-effect. It will never grow again.

    2) Exactly how do you propose Cook is going to oust Miscavige? He's perfected his grip of the organization for decades. Cook is out now, she may even start to wake up and want nothing to do with the cult.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Quite true and the biggest delusion all the indies have is that somehow if DM were not there $ci would recover it's former glory. I have no problem with that delusion, let them have it. I will not disabuse them of it because while it exists they will work hard to take down the primary target which is the CO$ proper. And then when their own brand of $cinoLite or whatever they call it fails to rise from the ashes they may start to doubt the koolaid and do something about helping themselves.
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  4. DeathHamster Member

    If she has had doubts about Hubbard, we'll never hear about it right now.

    The moment that she publicly criticizes Hubbard, she destroys any standing that she has with people still inside. Little Davie would probably fap his little dick off if she did, since her letter was totally based on Hubbard's policies. (Omitting the standard praise of Hubbard would be almost as bad as criticism.)

    I'm not saying that she does have any doubts. I'm saying that expecting her to show any at the moment, if she has them, is silly.

    Likewise leaking information. Um, hello? She's being sued by Scientology for violating a Non-Disclosure Agreement. So far, her letter could be argued as a religious dispute that the court should be wary of touching. If she starts telling Tales from the Inside right now (with no dox, just her word), it won't put Davie in jail but it will totally screw up her defense and end up being back under Davie's tiny angry thumb.

    Anyone trying to start a chorus that she should spill the beans Right Now either has fixated tunnel vision or has an ulterior motive.

    (Talking to the FBI would be different, but if the FBI was doing it right, we wouldn't hear about it.)

    She's done some pretty heavy damage in a month and a half. I think I can wait a little longer.
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  5. BigBeard Member

    Which makes me wonder how much further Cof$ will push this. The main reason they paid Wollersheim at the last minute was, in spite of the multiple corporate shells, his attornies were about to prove the whole ball of wax is controlled by one person - DM. And they definately didn't want that on the record of a court case.

    If they keep pushing this one there's a real risk, as in Wollersheim, the whole corporate shell game will get exposed to the light of day. Some how I don't think the dwarf would like that.

    I would also suggest DC's attorney look real hard at the documentation from the Wollersheim case.

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  6. DeathHamster Member

    Isn't that the one that was never really issued, but was a prop created for a legal flap in Australia over Disconnection?

    "We don't do that. We've never done that. And besides, we stopped last week!"
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Man, you hit the nail right on its head. Wollersheim is THE anti-scientology legal precedent.
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  8. DeathHamster Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

    Jeffrey'd still be ahead of the game if he's read this.
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  13. Sponge Member

    The intro video from TonyO's interview series has been fixed

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  14. I'd hate to see Hubbard's totally abusive controlling scam (by unchangeable policy) rear its ugly head again in any form and will continue to fight anyone who tries to promote it, not because of any belief system but because of the damage (by Hubbard's despicable design) I've seen done to so many including my own extended family and myself I must admit.

    The best thing Scientology had going for it was the unknown, now it's all out there (ty, anonymous/google) , they will never grow on a large scale in any form again but I'm still very concerned for all of those still deluded inside and out.

    It can't be argued about whether or not L. Ron Hubbard's 'Science' turned 'Religion' constitutes fraud. Scientology sells states of being that do not and have not ever existed, there are no clears, not 1. It's an absolute 100% fraud perpetuated on unsuspecting members who join to improve themselves and those around them and wind up doing untold damage to themselves, their families and all those that they try to recruit into it.

    The one and only way to become a scientologist is to allow yourself to be indoctrinated with endless hours of mind-numbing, hypnotic-like processing that gets to you actually believe there is such a thing as Hubbard's 'Entheta' and his 'Suppressive Person / PTS' bullshit that threatens your eternity. The constant drilling of these made-up Hubbard precepts eventually brings about a dominant control over all members who are endlessly coached to be controlled while at the same time learning to control applying the 'tech' to all decisions.

    'Entheta and Suppressive Person/PTS Tech' are the two major forces Hubbard invented to intimidate and control his subjects. Hubbard Research is an oxymoron....and so on....and so forth.....blah, blah, bleh.

    My advice is to stop being one of Hubbard's subjects/victims and realize that there is no such thing as 'Entheta' , It's bullshit, Ok? Please, Wake Up!

    It takes a long time to wake up, scientologists and independents are all still operating under the abusive, convicted fraud L. Ron Hubbard's control, not Miscavige's.

    OUI-LRH is a very dangerous way to go through life, many are leaving and getting over it.

    Google: L. Ron Hubbard

    (one very despicable human being, imho, make up your own mind after looking at both sides)

    Read it all, the evidence is overwhelming, it's been an abusive, controlling scam by design since its inception.
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  15. Anonymous Member

  16. Anonymous Member

    It was New Zealand.

    "When the New Zealand Government set up a Commission of Inquiry into Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard wrote to them saying that disconnection had been cancelled and that there was no intention to bring it back. The Commission welcomed the letter, but noted Hubbard did not promise never to re-introduce the practice of disconnection.["
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  17. DeathHamster Member

    Mod edit: link broken
    Can that be verified with other sources? That site belongs to old ARS troll/spammer/ronbot Michel Snoeck (and dozens of sock accounts).
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  18. Anonymous Member


    Mod's, can you ditch my OP with that link? Snoeck is quite well known for his obfuscation of the facts and I don't particularly want his site riding the coat-tails of WWP's glorious Google indexing

    Thanks DH for the heads up
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  19. ThetanBait Member

    Idk...Farrakhan managed to start a new NOI after W. Deen Muhammad changed the direction of the original.
    Imagine if it played out like the Protestant Reformation, where you still have the original mothership and all its continuing abuses, but then (3)9,000 other denominations all pitching their own new, improved kool-aid recipe.
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  21. rof Member

    blah blah blah

    Do you want the monkey or not?
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  22. Clamosaurus Member

    It had plenty to do with AU, as hubbard knew he'd get his arse handed to him again by the Kiwi's in 1969...imho
  23. Random guy Member

    Well, there's a difference. First, the cult does not enjoy a near 100 percent monopoly on religion across the land, and secondly, people aren't undereducated peasants whose sole basis of written lore is the cults scripture. I'm fairly sure we won't have a rerun of the protestant reformation. The NOI is an interesting comparison though, and I must confess I don't know nearly enough about it to comment intelligently.
  24. YES, YES, THIS country of ours is full of Peadophile's PSSS, And alot of them work for Local Council, IT IS A FACT. AUSTRALIA
  25. BLiP Member

    Yep. It was issued in New Zealand to the government as a PR sop to prevent further investigation, the same in Australia, but remained hidden to the bulk of the membership and never properly issued "on lines". It was "uncovered" as people began leaving the cult and setting up their own organisations and bandied about as "proof" that DM is the *only* problem.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    What is she going to do when the crimes/coverups are exposed? If she wants to save $cientology from DM, at what point does she blow the whistle? Does she really believe that it's not going to come out? She must have contingencies for this. Thoughts?
  27. adhocrat Member

    if the Cooks lose their scientology clients they will have to cast a wider net for income. That will mean finding wog clients. If that happens than maybe the kool aid will wear off.
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  28. TinyDancer Member
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  29. Random guy Member

    Ocham sez:


    Seriously, the number of logical entities needed to make this the case is ridiculous.
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  30. amaX Member

    How much money did Miscavige have when he skulked up out of the Sea Org to take over the cult.

    Do you really think Duggan, Shields, Dayton or the Gaiman's want to give up their plush life to run the Sea Org? Maybe the people on your list of Richie Rich sci's might like Cook in the No. 1 spot.
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  31. P.S. Just for clarification:
    This alleged Board of directors has no 'intention' of re-introducing my abusive policy which has created a PR flap and I can see no reason why this abusive policy should be accidentally re-introduced by this errr..... board, however scientologists of their own 'free-will' shall adhere to it strictly or be subjected to a downgraded status of PTS (potential trouble source) for my scam that threatens their very eternity for associating with anyone who disagrees with me on anything, aka a suppressive person.

    Just for the record, the fair -game policy has also been errr......cancelled, yet remains in full effect also.

    kthxbai, LRH
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  32. BLiP Member

    Heh! Yeah, that cancellation of Fair Game is another Scientologist PR trick. Read the fine print and you'll see the statement (something like) ". . . this cancellation does not apply to those deemed by my cult to be SPs". The end result, of course, is business as usual.
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  33. When Miscavige goes down, I think everyone in The Hole should swap living arrangements with the ungrateful little prick and let him spend some quality time alone, sleep on the floor and eat gruel in the double-wide, double-wide trailer he built for his loyal staff after decades of service for 100 hour work-weeks for $35.00 per week.

    Every RPFer in the hole gets 1 week as COB until we reach ground zero for this nightmarish LRH travesty of a pseudospace-opera/ 'science'/'religion'/science-fiction story scam of the century.

    "Scientology: The Scam of The Century" Ron Hubbard

    thx4playincyabai, LRH

    To LRH..........

    Hip, Hip...........


    Yay, Ron.............
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  34. Quentinanon Member

    No evidence exists that David Miscavige is psychotic. Plenty of evidence exists that he is a psychopath who is presently in a desperate state of mind where he has become more disorganised. Likely, he will continue to devolve
    in his behaviour. For Cook or Rathbun to move into a power position in the scientology corporation, someone with legally delegated authority within that corporation would have to appoint them.
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  35. Quentinanon Member

    I recall a confidential HCOPL called CONFIDENTIAL - DISCONNECTION that Hubbard wrote sometime in the mid-1970's, 1976 I believe, that fully reinstated the disconnection policy, which had continued as a practice. In that policy Hubbard said to simply disconnect, don't announce it.
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  36. Anonymous Member

  37. Anonymous Member

    David Mayo and the GO tried to break away before, and DM shut them down.

    If the cult start splintering this time, he probably won't be as successful at putting it back together.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Whoever controls the copyrights controls the cult.
  39. Anonymous Member

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  40. grebe Member

    I guess you're saying that some months ago, Rinder-Rathbun and Cook had a little conversation that went something like this:

    RR: Hey I got an idea...
    Cook: What?
    RR: Why don't you send out a letter to fellow Scientologists explaining how the heavy regging is out policy. That will piss off Miscavige, who will probably sue you for breach of your non disclosure agreement when you left the Sea Org.
    Cook: That does not sound like fun to me. I like the letter idea, but I'd only send it to a few friends who might be able to pressure for some changes within without creating a major flap.
    RR: OK you write the letter then we'll get a copy to our media contacts. We'll spin it as a "civil war." That should get OSA overt invest on your ass!
    Cook: I'm not sure I like where this is going. I love my pets.
    RR: So after they kill Fluffy or whatever, then you write another letter telling them to back the fuck off. Allude to some serious beans you could be spilling if they don't leave you alone.
    Cook: Uh, you guys be trollin' me, amirite?
    RR: No, we are trolling Miscavige. We want to get him in court where he'll say something retarded and embarrassing to the Scientology cash cows. Then they'll buy into our plan to reform the church.
    Cook: OK lemme get this straight: your plan is to damage the Scientology brand --currently respected about as much as a case of anal warts-- so that Craig and Sally Jensen, the Pomeranz family, and the Duggans invite y'alls to take over.
    RR: What could possibly go wrong?
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