Debunking Hubbard's claims of radioactive isotope detoxing: the case of radium.

Discussion in 'Situation Rooms' started by peterstorm, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. peterstorm Member

    An interesting documentary on how police first hired chemists to help catch and convict poisoners in America.

    At 1:09:00, a sad story of wartime workers in New Jersey is told. These women used radium laced paint and later died (warning: graphic pictures). Their bones were found to contain radium, as if their body integrated radium in bones the same way it does with calcium.

    This was demonstrated in 1927, long before Hubbard made his false claims. Radium gets not in fatty tissues like Hubbard claimed, but in bones.

    The PR response from the company that killed these women sounds a lot like the ones from scientology...
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  2. Quentinanon Member

    Hubbard had the idea that drugs, toxins and radioactive isotopes get deposited in fat and remained there unless you took massive doses of Niacin and sweat it out.
    It's a pile of lies resulting in medical malpractice that needs to be prosecuted.
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  3. John P. Member

    Thank you for the video. I will try to watch it tonight.

    Hubbard's garbage theories of "drug residues" are one of the things that anger me most about Scientology quackery. These ideas were known to be bogus when he wrote them, not just in light of later discoveries. I suspect his theories came from the leading scientific journals "Popular Science," "Popular Mechanics" and "Reader's Digest" which he then either twisted intentionally or mis-remembered.

    Drugs work because they're more reactive with receptor sites than the body's normal chemical processes. And because they're more reactive, they break down faster into metabolites that are ultimately excreted. The clearance rate ensures that the amount of the drug in the body goes to zero. At some point, the level of drug in the body drops below the effective rate and the effects wear off. But the body continues to clear it, typically along a logarithmic curve, until there's none left.

    Because drugs don't occur naturally in the body, the body has not evolved a mechanism to regulate the amount of drug in the body, the way it does with neurotransmitters and hundreds of other essential chemicals. In other words, the body has no feedback loop to control the amount of (e.g.) propofol in the bloodstream; the only thing that controls the drug level is the clearance rate of the drug.

    And that means that it is utterly impossible for the body to suddenly grab all the drug in the bloodstream and stash it in fat cells for use at some later date. Add to that the even more improbable impossibility that the body can somehow marshal all the drug and put it back into the system to trigger a flashback, and you get insanity.

    Yes, there are poisons and radioactive elements that are toxic because they're non-reactive and stay in the body for a long time (lead, other heavy metals, radium in the example above, etc.) but they're not drugs. Very different things and very different reaction mechanisms than drugs.
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  4. His madness in this is based on a kernel of truth.

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