Debunking Scientology Myths

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  1. Debunking Scientology Myths

    Hi all, this is just a short post to talk about how one particular site could assist us in challenging many claims made by scientologists. I'm sorry if I am just posting common knowledge here, but the website is a scientology 'defence' website used to counter the claims of many groups such as anonymous. What I'm proposing is that we use this thread to essentially 'debunk' the Scientology myths website, citing many references. This is so we have a reliable source of information to use in the event of any discussion with scientologists. I feel this is important because the ideas on that site are most likely what many scientologists believe about the things an 'SP' might say. Therefore showing them evidence that they have been misled would be extremely useful my opinion.

    Of course this web site has a 'forum' but typically it appears to be extremely heavily moderated and one cannot start up a thread on any Scientology based subject. Instead you are required to respond to posts made by the sites (I assume) author. Also on certain threads comments get disabled.

    To get the ball rolling I'd like to begin with the document they cite as evidence that fair game does not occur anymore ( The problem with this document is that it only says the church will stop using the term 'fair game'. It explicitly states that SP's will still be treated the same way.
    Maybe we can get some good information together here.
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    Re: Debunking Scientology Myths

    Anon has already been in arguments with the webmaster of this site who has actually been more open minded than most scientologists we've come across but still won't listen to a word we say of course.
  4. Re: Debunking Scientology Myths

    Another thought for using that material would be for flyers at protest.

    What Scientology says: blah blah blah. LIE

    Truth: What we have found with evidence or links to proof of lies.

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