December 10th, Manchester, UK

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Skinnies, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Skinnies Member

    Google Map

    Saturday 10th December 2011

    The coffee cup is the meet-up place at 10:45 near Starbucks. 133 Deansgate, M3 3WR. Try and be there on time.
    There may also be an optional meet-up in Picadilly Station (the cocktail glass) from 10:00 leaving at about 10:30 to join the other anons at the main meet-up point.

    The volcano is the Scientology org to which we will proceed at about 11:00. 258 Deansgate, M3 4BG.
    If you don't make it to Starbucks on time just make your way directly to the org.
    The camera is where we do the post-raid photo, after which it's off to the pub.

    Here are street views of the meet up point and the protest point.
    New anons are always welcome.

    The main thing is to be there. You can also help by bringing fliers, signs, cake, megaphones, cameras, friends and lulz.

    I recommend bringing appropriate clothing, it is December so it will be much cooler than usual.

    Remember, you can direct any potential new recruits to our website: Down With The Org.
    Feel free to RSVP here.
  2. Profanity Member

    You dun goofed. It's December, not November, bro.
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  3. Skinnies Member

    So close, yet so far.
  4. Dragononymous Member

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  5. Skinnies Member

    Oh, piss off you annoying prat.
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  6. Profanity Member

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  7. Dragononymous Member

  8. Profanity Member

    Dragon, whatever you're trying to achieve, please just drop it.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Needs a temp lolb@ or a domelock.
  10. veravendetter Member

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  11. telomere Member

    excuse me, but wtf is going on?

    ((why so garbage pile?))
  12. cfanon Member

  13. novu Member

    why are you crossposting that shit? It was put in the garbage - take the hint!
  14. cfanon Member

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  15. KiRiku Member

    I apologise for being so attention seeking recently I was having a "down period" and I should stop posting shit no-one cares about (hopefully) now that I have stronger anti-depressants.
    Also was trap trying to kill me? 30mg of valium is a lot.
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  16. cfanon Member

    It's just a sign that she likes wants to rape you.
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  17. veravendetter Member

  18. cfanon Member

  19. Dragononymous Member

    Can't remember who reported that th- Owh right I did that myself.
    Almost forgot. The only reason why it's there is because some (like you) care about useless stuff like the threadstarter and stuff.
    So yeah, you got your own "Fully Manc created topic" now, so you should be happy.
  20. Skull Member

    How I read that in my mind. Size denotes agreement and or interest.

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  21. Skinnies Member

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  22. Fuckeye Member

    This thread is now about cheese toasties:

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  23. veravendetter Member

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  24. Skull Member

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  25. OroMatoko Member

    30mg will do nothing but make you a bit sleepy (if you fight the sleepiness you'll just be high!).

    Old news is old news =P

    It's military, seen it before in Russia & USA, they're actually HUGE grids of seemingly random roads, they have the mobile ICBM launchers drive round them in a predetermined pattern known only to that government high up, making them very hard targets for other countries to follow and destroy. They're usually in a big rectangle or square pattern because every coordinate inside that grid has been preprogrammed to give the quickest retaliation launches to many crucial targets worldwide. Hope that helps =) Oh they also use decoys in stationary positions for upto 48hrs.

    You'll also find big shapes that appear green/blue or occasionally red that cover miles of land those again are usually military and are so satellites can't actually see anything important (if anyones interested I can elaborate on how they do it), but most of the good shit you'll never see on google earth anyways as it's underground ;)
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  26. cfanon Member

    Quite interesting.

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  27. Fuckeye Member

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  28. cfanon Member

    These are not the cheese toasties you are looking for.
  29. OroMatoko Member

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  30. Fuckeye Member

    That looks neither cheesy or toasty.
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  31. Profanity Member

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  32. Fuckeye Member

  33. Profanity Member

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  35. Anonymous Member


    is fine too?
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  39. Skull Member



    woops.. i mean

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