December 5th Boston Lisa McPherson Vigil

Discussion in 'Planning' started by WMAnon, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. WMAnon Member

    5pm at the org, please wear all black and guy fawkes masks, or black masks. SILENT VIGIL.

    I'll be bringing 4 battery-operated candles, extras would be great. I have some flyers left from last year and a sign, so just bring your badass self and dress for the cold.
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  2. WMAnon Member

    Oh, please DO NOT bring real candles. The wind makes them completely unusable.
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  3. Jeff Jacobsen Member

  4. WMAnon Member

    Man, I hope somebody shows up tomorrow...
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Pic's plox.
  6. WMAnon Member

    Hasn't happened yet
  7. Anonymous Member

    I know- just looking forward to them is all.
    Personally, every time I see her remembered- I am moved.
    Thanks this movement, I know of her. I mean that.
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  8. WMAnon Member

    sup, bitches? Only me and one other person showed up, you're all terrible.

    Arrived about quarter past, stayed til half past 6 and then went on a very ineffective flyer run down Newbury (I need at least half my face visible for this shit, apparently).
    Paul Bradford showed up around 6 and tried to play nicey-nicey but this is just not the day for that, and I told him so. He asked for copies of our flyers and I informed him they were the same as last year, and so was the sign. He then was an idiot and said "you know she died of a blood clot, right?" So, I stared straight at the Org and said "SHE DIED BECAUSE YOUR PEOPLE TOOK HER OUT OF THE HOSPITAL WHERE SHE WOULD HAVE GOTTEN MEDICAL CARE. GO INSIDE." and he muttered something and went away.
    On Newbury an officer approached us and asked if we were going to do anything on Beacon. Apparently despite seeing a couple Scientologists with cellphones glaring at us through the window, either the police weren't called or they didn't care enough to pass it on to the cops on the beat. He recognized my voice, and said he still thought the GF masks were creepier than my vigil getup. He almost seemed nostalgic, which was cool.

    pix or it didn't happen: 001.JPG 006.JPG
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  9. amaX Member

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  10. Anonymous Member

    Taking the liberty of posting WMAnon's Beautiful Lisa McPherson Memorial vigil Photos LARGE:


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  11. WMAnon Member

    But now you can see how crappy they are :(
  12. Anonymous Member

    For photos made in the dark of night, I think that they are very cool.
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  13. FreakE420 Member

    The second pic doesn't have a face ,,,creepy/cool.
  14. WMAnon Member

    Not photoshopped, either. Black lace shawl over the face, with a black head scarf to keep it in place.
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