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Discussion in 'Projects' started by capob, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. capob Member

    I've created a site for relating people, corporations, morals, concepts, products, and generally, things by factors of control/influence and for/against. I think this can be a useful tool, but we'll see.

    It's at
  2. Anonymous Member

    Egads!!! The color scheme!!! :mad:
  3. Anonymous Member

    Like the idea, but he's right about the color scheme. Shouldn't be a hard fix though.
  4. CantiSama Member

    Nice. Any updates happening for this? Would you like help in correcting the color scheme? I can help get the word out once we get it to a place that looks cleaner.
  5. capob Member

    I stopped developing. I had paid someone to put up some entities and entity relations, but even with paid work, the fucker got it wrong, so I figured the interface was too complicated for people and gave up. The site is mostly done except for a few bugs I found which I could fix if I thought any one was more than nominally interested in the site. I could change the color scheme so long as someone provided one to me. And, excuse the late reply, but i find that most of the responses I get are on here as with most forums are completely useless and unconstructive, and so I have stopped checking my posts for responses with any frequency.
  6. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    I looked at it and, trying to stay constructive here, not sure what I was looking at. It is a nice concept, however the fact it is user based can lead towards unscientific/unreliable data input.

    It may help to put the site in layman's terms. Add a key to it so people can understand what all the images are trying to represent.
  7. capob Member

    Where the fuck did I use scientific terms? How is this page: not laymen enough? Does anyone read books now days or is it pure youtube? Do I have to put the instructions in 3rd grade vocabulary? Maybe lots of flashy imagery with girls in tight clothing?

    I started posting online because I thought maybe I'd find some people of like mind. Instead, I found lazy, half witted, entertainment addicted cunts who do little more than whine. "Why we protest" -> I'll tell you why you protest: because you and your parents were too fucking slow, dull, selfish, and impotent to prevent exploitative systems and you are still too fucking slow, dull, selfish, and impotent to prevent exploitative systems; so all you can do is protest (ie, whine).

    If you want to build a house, you don't sit around commenting about how pretty or ugly the bricks are. You get off your ass and start making bricks and placing them. Unfortunately, it is a little more complicated than this (going to protest sleep ins at parks doesn't exactly equate to laying bricks).

    Let's make this clear so no one's time is further wasted. I don't care for any minor unspecific suggestions anyone has on here. If you aren't willing to hand over actually work (like instructions rewritten) or otherwise help me with the project, I don't want to see your opinion - because you are just a worthless commentator.

    Like I said, I stopped developing this because I figured it was too complicated for people. I never expected the "general public" to be able to use the site, but I thought, at least there would be a decent number who could benefit from it. But, I find only people whos head (not foot) is already in the grave.

    And no shit user submissions can lead to biased data (interpreting from "unscientific"). I already built algorithms to handle that; and don't give me shit about my algorithms because if you were so inclined to state something this obvious about user submissions, it is almost guaranteed you will have nothing constructive for me regarding my algorithms.

    If you think my tone is a little too harsh, then wake up and smell your brain rot. If you are a moderator and choose to remove this post, I will take that as a sign I am not welcome on this forum and I will no longer post here.
  8. Dragononymous Member

    You must be new here.
  9. Anonymous Member

    you ain't been around much, have you?
  10. Anonymous Member

  11. Anonymous Member

    Organization Any group of people such as:
    • a company
    • a government
    • a society
    • an association
    • a club
    • a think tank

    Person A human being (not a corporation)
    Product The result of production efforts by a person or organization
    Concept Something lacking physical substance describing a pattern in reality and not a Goal or Moral
    Goal The intended result of future actions by a person or organization
    Moral A pattern determining behavior that is not a law of physics
    Thing For things not classified in the other categories

    So let me take the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises aka WISE.This is a Scientology front group that pushes materials at the business community for one. Chiropractors, MD's, veterinarians as well as other businesses are their prime targets. While not knowing off the top of my head they do push a series of so-called business resources with the hopes of bringing the target (business) into the church of scientology fold. I believe that WISE is a worldwide organization going after business clients, government entities via lobbying, writing legislation as many lobbyists already do to further the WISE agenda as well as the business targeting of business already noted. The Church of Scientology has so many front groups might there be a sub-organization built in? I am not sure whom the Person or President of WISE is at this time. The product is business courses, Concept to sell said courses to generate fresh patrons of the church this would also be the goal. Moral simplistic answer to furhter the interests of CO$. I'm trying to help not hinder your product the Sub-Category might or might not be important with your database. If I am even in the ballpark of what you and if realized many others would be interested in I would appreciate any feedback you might have on the matter.
  12. capob Member

    This sort of association is what I was looking for. The associations/relations might look like:

    WISE -> For (10) -> Church of Scientology
    Church of Scientology -> Controls (8) -> WISE

    The number represent the degree and are largely subjective numbers. For instance, control (10) would be complete control while as control (0) would be no known control.

    The benefit of the system, by example, is to be able to link organizations/people to WISE without directly linking those oranigazations/people to the church of scientology and yet still have the indirect link shown when anyone looks up that person or organization.

    I could expand the types - my algorithms don't care about the types and the types are just there to help people search for things and to classify things.

    "The Church of Scientology has so many front groups might there be a sub-organization built in?"
    Well, the issue with that is it changes the architecture of the network. The deemit network is a bit of an experiment with a reduced complexity network. To be completely flexible, each entity could be related in any way to any other entity. IE, bob -> father of -> sue. WISE -> suborganization of -> Church of Scientology. However, this sort of flexibility leads to large complexity in the algorithms to parse the network, and this is not something I have the time to build for public use. Instead, the way to represent this on the current network would be to have the associatons/relations described above with the reason being "WISE is a suborganization of the church of scientology and here is the proof: ...."
  13. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator


    Wow. You gotta be new here. I swear, I can almost cook wieners from all the RAEG from that post!

    That'll teach me to be polite and constructive! /sarcasm

    First: Way to misread the post. I said that your wall of diagrams and what not needed a key or some way to decipher what is being said. You "assumed" that people would just come on your site and understand.

    Well you assumed wrong. I, and probably others, went on there and couldn't understand a damned thing. All I seen was a wall o' words and pictures and no idea what you were doing had I not read your posts.

    Secondly: If you can't take constructive criticism (which I tried to do in a polite and mature way) and get 10 shades of butthurt if somebody says "I don't get it": Then please get off the internet and the world now. Getting soo pissed off or defensive is only going to get you nowhere... or in this case a lot of ridicule and scorn.

    Also: LOL at saying:

    ...shit. Couldn't find one point that isn't LOLable!

    TL;DR: Don't take constructive criticism personally. The way it looks now: Nobody is going to understand what that website is about if you don't make it easy to understand (Remember: Most internet users have ADHD and won't read past 3 sentences) or make the assumption that people are going to understand what the fuck you are doing via wall o'words.

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  14. Anonymous Member

    Well I responded to "capob" in regards to WISE a cos subsidiary and he was very civil. He then went on to list how to use the information with his application along with the limitations of the current build.

    While "capob" may have been a little harsh earlier I think the application has it's place and could be useful to the anon community. It appears to have the potential of being a cos database that all people could benefit as far as tracking the myriad tentacles cos uses to shield itself from as it attempts to insert cos into all facets of our lives.

    I say never burn a bridge unless it is absolutely required and in this case I do not think it is.

    While there may have been a rocky start I believe over a short period of time this database could become quite useful. We have a Wiki for various subjects, the deemit application would be a searchable database giving us the information on an entity in seconds. Why not consider at least having some dialog with the member "capob" to make this quite possibly a reality.
  15. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    There is little doubt in my mind that this could be a useful tool.

    However, the OP needs to do some work on it and not get so pissed off if somebody makes some constructive criticism. I didn't tell him/her anything that warranted their defensive/aggressive response. If that is how they want to respond because they got butthurt for no good reason, I say they should grow a thicker skin especially if my criticism wasn't the "GTFO/NYPA/Tits or GTFO/DIAF" variety.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    I see your point that one response was really kinda harsh but I did ask the question on WISE and he seemed interested and replied in kind. So hopefully we can get than behind us and move on.

    By the way I was looking for that "graphic" which showed Co$ down to it's subsidiaries. CST &RTC on top going down to ABLE then criminon, nn, twth. I think finding and posting the graphic may help "capob" to get a nice visual of their operations, yet I cannot find it.

    I'm also not sure if he is up to speed on cos but he does have a domain and an application that anons and the public might find useful. For all I know he is a computer engineer or something but if his app is useful I'm willing to try to educate him a little if is interested.
  17. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Hopefully you'll have better luck than me. As I said: My first post was merely constructive advice as I did think it could be useful if they cleaned it up. However, where their sudden rage came from, despite my attempt not to come off like a dick, is unknown to me.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Is this the graphic you are referring to?

    Cult Tentacles.jpg
  19. Anonymous Member

    It will probably give him a slightly better idea ABLE=Association for Better Living and Education=> Narconon, Way to Happiness Foundation> Applied Scholastic>Criminon>Youth for Human Rights YFHR & more;
    Scientology Missions International
    Church of Scientology Religious Education College Inc
    I HELP International Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of Pastors; Life Improvement Center(below Mission level)
    FASE Foundation for Advancements in Science and Education
    Academy of Detox Specialists
    RAMS Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
    The Church of American Science (a Christian religion that then pushes you to scio)
    HAS Hubbard Association of Scio- also HASI I=International
    Fight for Kids UK is a scientology front group
    United Churches of Florida
    Drug Free World
    Foundation for a Drug Free World
    Vibrant Life Center Scientology, Loren C. Troescher AKA Karl Loren
    Foundation for Religious Tolerance
    Effective Business Tools
    and there are a heck of a lot more this will just give you some idea "Capob"
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  20. capob Member

    "I'm also not sure if he is up to speed on cos but he does have a domain and an application that anons and the public might find useful. For all I know he is a computer engineer or something but if his app is useful I'm willing to try to educate him a little if is interested."

    I'm not interested in the minor skirmish between anonymous and cos. Both organizations have dirt and serve interests contrary to the progression of humanity. However, I will take part to see how my conceived network would work. And, if deemit is used for scoping out the network that represents the power and influence of the cos, and if I get non-nebulous requests for improvements and bug fixing, I will most likely work on the project. But, I'm not going to be adding entity relations myself; so there is no point sharing these cos relations with me.

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