DELL helping spread "Way to Happiness" in Africa?

Discussion in 'Projects' started by TomCruiseThetan, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. Unlisted Member

    Already posted.
  2. Sorry, but where else has this been posted other than buried in the Leaked Footage thread?

    I just think that this merits it's own topic.
  3. eclipsael Member

  4. anonymouse95 Member

    If the Dell thing merits its own post why doesn't the protests in regards to Coca-Cola and Phillips? For that matter why not send a protest to 7-11?

    That said there doesn't appear to be quite the avalanche of votes and comments I'd expect. Maybe you should post this somewhere else as well? Perhaps on some of the more serious boards?

    Given that the DELL place looks secure it might be worth the risk to have someone with an older established account come in to vote, so it's not just newbs. I mean there's this one somewhat paranoid guy who thinks we're all a bunch of sock-puppets, and to be honest I can kinda see where he's coming from.
  5. Shadowflare Member

    Yeah, the Dell thing distresses me greatly. I may have to quit my job if this turns out to be true. Though it is kinda humorous to me considering all the bad press Dell has had to deal with in the past year.

    And if true, I think Anon should boycott Dell into oblivion.
  6. Grey Anon Member

    Can we get an official statement from DELL saying they support this? It's fucking ridiculous!
  7. Atomosk Member

    Dammit, I'm using a Dell laptop at the moment. It's a piece of shit, but I don't want to have to buy an HP computer
  8. Daywatch Member

    NEW INFO: A DELL representative just posted the following in the above IdeaStorm topic:
    I certainly hope this is true.[/quote]
  9. mistegirl Member,2933,329807,00.html#2 if you haven't seen it yet.

    Also for anyone not following the SA thread, someone called Coke and the person watched the video while on the phone and then said "No that's not true" and thanked the guy, saying he was sending it to the legal department.

    This video may land them in a world of hurt
  10. Daywatch Member

    SA linky pwease?
  11. tamphex Member

    Heh thats a first, usually I'm pointing to enturb threads from SA..
  12. Shadowflare Member

    Hehe. Yeah, with some major corporations putting pressure on them, Anon's efforts, Wise Beard Man and other old guard opponents gaining a louder voice, Miscavige's own daughter turning on them, etc, they're going to be hit from so many sides, they'll eventually have to buckle.
  13. Fuck Dell. Every Dell I've owned was a total turd and broke constantly. My Dad's laptop still blanks out TO THIS DAY.
  14. r00tdenied Member

    Fortunately this is a bullshit lie from David Miscavige.
  15. anon312 Member

    According to a Dell rep:

    "We've checked into this and have found no evidence that the assertion is accurate. Again, it's not our practice to disseminate religious materials. And, we have no affiliation with the Church of Scientology. Thanks again for bringing it to our attention. We always appreciate both regulars and newbies expressing their views on IdeaStorm." ... cientology

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