Denise Gentile Busted for Dope

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Jun 29, 2013.

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    My gawd!


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    I've heard of a group called "Narconon". They might be able to help.
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  4. haha-nelson.jpg
  5. This should be interesting
    "Roreco “Rico” Currie, a tenant of Denise and Gerald Gentile, looks at photos of the house he lived in. He says he sold Denise Gentile marijuana and eventually gave her marijuana in lieu of cash to pay his water bill. He is now in the Tomoka Correctional Institution in Daytona Beach."
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    Always wanted to do this........

    .........Posting in epic thread!
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    I am so torn. Pot should be legal. I like pot.

    HA HA HA Denise Fucking Miscavige. Your life and your lifestyle make you ugly. I hope this entire situation is extremely uncomfortable for you. People DIED because of you, you miserable human being.
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    People died because of Denise?
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    Kyle Brennan.
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    Did Christmas come early this year?
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  12. Shelley must have a new roommate by now.
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    This is crazy on so many levels. Here you have a power-elite OT 6 who is running a mission using and helping sell drugs? What will the local Scilons think of this? That they can't even trust one of their highest-ranking members? How will DM spin this? Will he throw his twin sister under the bus? Send her to Narconon?

    And she admits to smoking pot 10 years ago. What was she doing 10 years ago? That's when she was being let go at Digital Lightwave?

    This will be the gift that keeps on giving.
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  15. The arrest happened in January, according to one of the photo blurbs on the website linked to in the OP.

    The Gentiles were slum lords.
    This and five other properties they owned have gone into foreclosure.

    One former tenant said that they did not have hot water while living there.
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    Dear Mods,

    Can we please have Denise Miscavige's mug shot as our Anonymous avatar?

    Thank you,
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    Anyone remember Jesse Prince and the marijuana plant on his back porch? The church hired PIs to find this out and pushed for charges to be filed. Now it's payback time.
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  18. dui

    "After some booze and 9 blunts, I was like WHOOOOOOOOSH! "
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    Six months ago?
    Wha happened?
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    My guess is CoS managed to keep it quiet and none of the cops were nice enough to leak the news. With the trial coming up it's probably getting listed on court schedules that reporters pore over in advance to see if any juicy trials are going to be happening.
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    Has Denise Gentile ever appeared in a Scilon mag? Was she promoted as an outstanding example of OTness?
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    Tsk..tsk..tsk. :p
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    One more time with feeling

    Never forget Kyle Brennan
    This thread is full of fun. But that ^^ is why.

    Love, OP
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  27. OM to the FG. Her FB page allows "The "ban" on marijuana did not work."

    LOL. Per Yoda, the Cognitive Dissonance runs strong in this one.
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    If I'm correct, when Lightwave was in legal trouble, she got the job of CEO for no reason and ran it to ground. She's famous for putting components in boxes and count as inventory. Go to your slum property and collect a few hundred dollar rent is not very flourish and prosper. It goes much worse from there.
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    Nothing maor
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    I haven't seen every mag, but I didn't come across any big story features with her. Just a smattering of completions, the last of which that I'm aware of was the ACC's in January of 2012.

    In the Tampa Bay edition of Source, issue #4, circa Dec. 2011, there's a mention of her in the story "100% On Source" on page 20. I don't have the mag with me, so I can't see what it was about, but I'm guessing it wasn't really anything substantial and was mostly just a mention of her name. If anyone has that mag, please check it.
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    Damian DeWitt has posted a three-part comment at the article on Denise Miscavige's role in the death of Kyle Brennan:

    Comment - Part One of Three:

    Denise Miscavige plays a key role in the death of 20-year-old Kyle Brennan form Charlottesville, VA, in 2007. Information from depositions and other documents in his wrongful-death suit suggest very strongly that his death was a murder covered up to look like suicide.

    Miscavige and her husband Gentile were named as defendants in the suit along with the Flag Service Organization that manages Scientology's $100MM+ operation in Clearwater.

    The other defendant was Kyle's father Tom Brennan, who had been a Scientology staffer in Miami in his early 20s from 1973-1976. He left Scientology and married Victoria Britton and their son Kyle was born in 1986 after they moved to Charlottesville, VA, and established a small but successful catering company.

    In 1998 Victoria and Tom separated, and he rejoined Scientology by driving up to Washington DC to take courses. He then started embezzling money from the catering company and subsequently started a fire in the Ivy Gardens apartment complex which destroyed all the firm's business papers.

    Brennan lied under oath and said only personal papers were lost in the fire.

    He moved to the Fort Myers area in 2003, and then to Tampa in 2005 where he became a staff member at the West Tampa Org.

    He met Denise Miscavige while they were both working selling L. Ron Hubbard books at a Scientology kiosk. He was trying to make ends meet selling carpets on the street he had gotten from an Israeli Scientologist.

    Miscavige discovered that Brennan was a handyman. She hired him to work on nine rental properties in the Tampa Bay area she owned with her husband, and introduced Brennan to a realty company who became a major client. Brennan may well have worked at “Miss Denise’s drug house.”

    Miscavige became Brennan's confidant as he became enchanted with her her knowledge of Scientology and celebrity status as David Miscavige's twin-sister.

    At one point Brennan described himself as Miscavige's "rent-a-husband" since Miscavige's husband commuted to Maryland where he worked and lived in Clearwater only on the weekends. Having been a chef Brennan would cook for her and provide companionship. There is no evidence of sexual impropriety.

    In May 2006 Miscavige asked to become Brennan's Scientology psychotherapist or auditor. In June Brennan discovered that Kyle was being treated for a mild psychiatric ailment (mild depression) and was immediately required by Scientology to "handle" Kyle or Miscavige would be forbidden from auditing him any further.

    Scientology is waging a War on Psychiatry and Miscavige's twin-brother David Miscavige in 1995 laid down as a primary objective for all Scientologists "the total eradication of psychiatry in all its forms."

    Brennan therefore tricked Kyle to take time off and move to Clearwater for what would have been his first semester as a college sophomore under the pretense of offering him a job at $15/hour, which did not exist.

    The sole purpose was to "handle" Kyle and get him to stop seeing his psychiatrist and taking his medication. Brennan and many Scientologists pressured Kyle including his Scientology staffer girlfriend from NY and subsequently his wife.

    She was living with Miscavige, who fixed her up with Brennan. Kyle despised Scientology because he had seen it deform his father over the previous eight years turning him into an embezzler and probable arsonist. He resisted every attempt by Scientologists to handle him.

    Brennan ended up accusing Victoria of trying to kill Kyle with psychiatry and said his psychiatrist would publish his records on the internet.

    Kyle said that only an idiot would believe anything L. Ron Hubbard had to say. He later overhead Brennan and his girl friend call him "a Suppressive Person [SP]" and "an Enemy of the Church of Scientology." Later that day Brennan threatened Kyle with physical violence and Kyle fled home after having lived exclusively among Scientologists for the previous three weeks.

    Miscavige and Brennan lied under oath and denied knowing about Kyle's seeing a psychiatrist and taking medication and what happened during Kyle’s first visit to Clearwater.

    Six months later in February 2007 Kyle stopped off in Clearwater to visit his father on his way home from a two-month trip visiting schools in Iowa, Brennan's sisters in San Diego, and a vacation in Maui.

    He arrived late on Wednesday, February 7, 2007. Since Brennan had failed to handle Kyle six months earlier he tried again by buying vitamins (Scientology's replacement for psychiatric medications), which Kyle refused to take.

    On Sunday, February 11, Brennan went to Miscavige's home to make her lunch and she attempted to "handle" Victoria into putting Kyle in a drug rehab program run by Scientology's Narconon drug rehab front group at Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma, where Miscavige had sent her daughter who had an addiction to drugs.
    Comment - Part Two of Three:

    Victoria was incensed that Miscavige, whom she had never met, would dare to interfere with Kyle's treatment.

    Miscavige and Brennan lied under oath about the time, place, and content of this conversation.

    About three days before Kyle's death Brennan discovered that Kyle had called the FBI, and Kyle refused to tell him why.

    Kyle was actually calling the FBI to get them to investigate Brennan for embezzlement and arson. He hoped they would succeed and put Brennan in prison where he would be out of the hands of Scientology, which was progressively degrading him in Kyle’s eyes.

    The day before Kyle’s death Brennan seized his anti-depressant and locked it in the trunk of his car. He lied under oath and said that Kyle hated the medication and voluntarily gave it to him.

    Kyle would never have surrendered his medication to anyone let alone Brennan because it helped him, and he was well aware that Scientology is an anti-psychiatry hate group.

    Brennan arranged to have the Britton home flooded with anti-psychiatry hate literature from Scientology six months earlier right after he discovered Kyle was in the care of a psychiatrist.

    Kyle was shot through the head in Brennan’s apartment around 11:00 pm on the night of Friday, February 16, 2007. He was just 20 years old.

    Brennan told his Kyle’s brother Scott less than 24 hours after Kyle’s death that he came home around 10:30 pm after having dinner with friends. Subsequently he lied under oath and changed his story and said that he went to Miscavige’s home at 11:00 pm to borrow a book and came home at 11:15 pm and found Kyle dead.

    He did not call 911 to report Kyle’s death until shortly before midnight and then only after calling Miscavige. He was alone with his son’s dead body for anywhere from 45 minutes up to an hour before calling the police. If Kyle’s death was murder this was adequate time to tamper with evidence.

    Miscavige and her husband appeared at the apartment within minutes of the arrival of police. They both lied under oath saying that only her husband went to the apartment. There is also evidence that they both were at the apartment before Kyle the police arrived.

    Scientology’s intelligence agency the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) is in charge of all Scientology lawsuits. They propagated the story that Kyle was “severely disturbed” when he was nothing of the sort; and that he had committed suicide and that the Church of Scientology had nothing to do with his death.

    Detective Stephen Bohling of the Clearwater Police Department investigated Kyle’s death for two years and attempted to keep the investigation open beyond the statute of limitations for filing a wrongful death suit on the flimsiest of excuses.

    Kyle’s family was forced to seek the help of members of Congress to compel him to close the investigation so they could file suit.

    Detective Stephen Bohling lied repeatedly in his report, and his lies all support the OSA narrative. He falsified Kyle’s diagnosis from his psychiatrist turning him from a mild depressive into an “incipient Schizophrenic with early signs of delusions and paranoia.”

    He proceeded to systematically lie about reports on Kyle’s psychological condition from nearly everyone who had seen Kyle in the two and a half months before his death including an FBI Special Agent in Iowa, his aunts, the Maui Police, and Kyle’s mother.

    Detective Bohling never bothered to even visit the apartment where Kyle was killed. The bullet that killed him was not found nor his finger prints on his father’s .357 Magnum found near his body nor on three notes found at the scene including two stuffed into his pockets.

    When these notes were shown to Victoria, her husband, and Kyle’s oldest brother, not one of them recognized the handwriting as belonging to Kyle. These were in all likelihood forged and planted on Kyle after he was shot in the head.

    Medical Examiner Marti Scholl from Tampa’s Hillsborough Country was working side by side with the police at the apartment.

    She falsely declared the manner of Kyle’s death to be suicide saying the police “told her there was a suicide note” which apparently she did not ask to see to verify for herself when she was at the apartment. There was no suicide note.

    The police did not contact Kyle’s mother as next of kin to provide information on his medical history and religious background. These were most likely provided by OSA.

    When a Britton family member asked Scholl who provided Kyle’s information she did not answer, but said that she “did not want to get police officers in trouble.”

    Comment - Part Three of Three:

    The wrongful-death suit was heard by US Federal Court Judge Stephen Merry. He ought to be furious since he was deceived by Detective Bohling, Medical Examiner Marty Scholl, Denise Miscavige, and Tom Brennan.

    In his order for summary judgment in December 2012 Judge Merryday wrote, “ Assuming that Kyle’s father and others are liars, Scientology’s responsibility is possible, but this theoretical and remote possibility is unsupported by evidence or any reasonable and direct inference from the evidence. “

    Judge Merryday ought to fire his law clerk because the multiple lies and obstruction of justice are quite evident when one studies the depositions in this case, which have only been publicly available since February of last year.

    This information has been in the hands of the Justice Department, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Governor’s Office for quite some time now, and none of them have had the courage to act.

    To be absolutely clear, there exists substantial and plausible evidence that Kyle Brennan was murdered and his death covered up to look like suicide to protect the name of Miscavige from being involved in a Public Relations flap of the greatest magnitude.

    All the Britton family needs at this point is a lawyer willing to take on corruption in the police department and in Scientology. One hopes this new criminal affair with Denise Miscavige will give law enforcement watch dogs new impetus.

    Hats off to Tom Tobin and the Tampa Bay Times for continuing to expose Scientology corruption.

    More detailed information is available at the blogs Justice For Kyle Brennan and The Truth For Kyle Brennan.
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    Poor fellow.
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    She woke up already, or else she won't smoke weed. She is PTS, and the only SP left to disconnect must be...
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    Here are the completions -

    Denise Gentile - Scientology Completions

    Denise Gentile Completions 1.png

    No other data or significance on the Completions Site.

    Nothing on Gerald Gentile.
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