Dentists, Scientology and Me

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by username.unavailable, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. Dentists, Scientology and Me

    First time poster, long time lurker here, looking forward to helping out where and when I can, but first I thought I should post up my account of my dentist attempting to recruit me into Scientology 7 years ago. Expect a long post ahead with the tl;dr summary at the end.

    tl;dr: just compare these 2 address and see for yourself...

    12th address down in 2rd post []

    The Dental Group []
  2. Anonymeep Member

    Re: Dentists, Scientology and Me

    Wow! thanks for writing this - no, it's not a story of decades in the cult, but it's a perfect illustration of how insidious Scientology can be. What a despicable way to gain members/money.
  3. EastAnon Member

    Re: Dentists, Scientology and Me

    They seem to make a habit of this:

  4. Spot Member

    Re: Dentists, Scientology and Me

    That explains a bit about how "sterling management" and similar groups promise dentists that they'll "Increase their receipts 300000%" and shit like that.

    Fucking crazy.
  5. Marijuana Member

    Re: Dentists, Scientology and Me

    That is really very creepy. It wouldn't even seem like anything evil to people who were ignorant of what they actually do, which is every more scary. To think of all the vulnerable people who've been sucked in.. :(
  6. Anonygnome Member

    Re: Dentists, Scientology and Me

    I'm currently looking for a dentist.

    How do I avoid this?

    Ask if they use Sterling Management? I'm scared of asking bluntly about the office religion. Don't want my phone number namefagged.
  7. Spot Member

    Re: Dentists, Scientology and Me

    google the dentists' name, and the word scientology together.


    Dentist, Neil Woods.

    Google: Neil Woods scientologist

    IF you find one of these pages for him/her:
    Neil Woods - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project

    Then do a little more googling to make sure that's the right person. In this case it is, Neil Woods and his wife have a dental practice, and they were two of the scilons taking pictures of anon at the DC protest on 2/10.
  8. Incognitoast Member

    Re: Dentists, Scientology and Me

    Thank you for the story. I quite enjoyed it. The "Close your eyes and imagine.." is a nasty way to bring someone into a trance without them knowing. It's a hidious abuse of the skill.

    I'm a hypnotist myself and I have had to spend many hours fixing problems that ethicless hypnotists have done or even those with the very bare knowlage has done.

    I really grinds my gears that people abuse the skill.
  9. Re: Dentists, Scientology and Me

    Some time after I got involved in the anti-Scientology movement, I read about their "Sterling Management" front group and how they heavily targeted dentist offices. This reminded me of something.

    Several years earlier, a woman in our church asked for prayer in finding a new job. She worked as a dental hygenist, and her boss was requiring the entire office to take some "classes" that really sent up red flags with her.

    Knowing what I now know, I can't imagine those "classes" NOT being Scientology.

    (and the next week in church, she reported finding a new job at the same pay, but with a shorter commute.)

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