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Discussion in 'Anonymous vs Scientology Archive' started by SnazzyAnon, Feb 10, 2008.


Where should the protest be held?

Church of Scientology Englewood Offices 1 vote(s) 2.4%
Downtown Denver (Civic Center Park) 34 vote(s) 82.9%
Other (Please specify) 6 vote(s) 14.6%
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  1. SnazzyAnon Member

    Denver, CO

    I suppose this shall be the thread for the main CO area.

    To my understanding, the CoS building in Englewood will once again be the site of the protest. If anyone can think of anywhere better, please put forth your ideas. Given the turn-out we had, and the fact that we can likely expect more, perhaps we should move closer to Denver; such is a decision for the hive to make.

    In the meantime, with the date being locked at the Ides of March, I suggest anyone who can should begin the creation of flyers to place in public places and attract interest. Though anything goes, more serious fliers will attract more good attention; Bring up CoS's tax evasion, treatment of families and children, etc.

    At any rate, the ball is rolling, the plan is in motion.

    Make it Big.

    EDIT 2/11/08

  2. alsocake Member

    I propose we picket the Capitol. We may garner more attention there, and we can really drive home the IRS and other legal issues.
  3. anonymous7865 Member


    Please check your spelling, for example it's not bussiness but business, and it's Hubbard not Hubbad. You're making us look bad.

    All signs should have have WHITE background and nice thick solid black lines or use vibrant primary colors for the lettering.

    Keep messages short NO MEMES WILL BE TOLERTATED

    Messages that focus on the tax exemption status are encourage if you are going to be downtown.

    Pamphlets ... gyProject/
    Don't make your own.

    Optimal: Black suit RED tie, if you don't have a red tie, don't wear a suit. Guy fawkes mask. Afros are optional
    Green ties are required for anyone at the downtown protest.

    Second best: Guy fawkes mask and all black (green for downtown)

    Third best: All black and face covering (green for downtown)

  4. anonymous7865 Member


    one of us will have to call and talk to the cops and such, but not protesting at the church or at least near like on broadway seems wrongish to me.
  5. It would be interesting to see if the clams would come down to the Capital to take pictures and record everything. I would think the gathering would have to be at the org again, though.
  6. SnazzyAnon Member

    Im out of steam, this is the last bit I can make tonight.

    Seeing as how the 15th is also to be St Patricks Day, we should learn the parade schedule for the central Denver area.

    Begin the fight at the Church, and take it down to Civic Center Park at an appropriate time.

    Just a thought that ensures maxmimum effect.
  7. anonymous7865 Member

    you'd have to choose

    could imagine trying to organize transportation to the capital from the church on saint patty's day?
  8. Media

    One thing i would say to get attention is to alert the media ahead of time. I just watched on channel 2 news about the protest and the coverage was a bit weak.
  9. Dare I say we participate in the Parade?
    Imagine an Anonymous float...potential U-U-U-Ultra WIN!
  10. anon.ymous161 Member

    Oh Shi-

    Forgot to sign in. OOps
  11. kitten Member

    LA fags invaded the subway with over 300 people, we could do the same as with the lightrail. Parade 1st, "church" 2nd. We need to contact Denver PD and find out the best way to raid the parade. We may need to stay off on a side street or spread out so thin that no ones sees it as a protest. If we can go under than radar (ie: no signs, just hand out leaflets, spread out) we may not even need to contact PD at all.

    If we go incognigra at the parade the osa wont know what hit them or who to look for.

    PROTIP: Wear a backup to the parade with your full on anon gear and then put the backpack front forward under a jacket at the parade to hide the fact that you have one.

    I for one am all for a daytime St. Patrick's day raid cause either way I'm going to be too fucked up to do anything on that Sunday.

    MOAR info on the parade:
  12. Anonshadow Member

    Hello from the boulder protest!

    I'll be attending the Denver one for the March protest. :)
  13. Always contact the PD before getting a group of people together, even incog. Any legally-sketchy thing done in public could be used in favor of CoS.
  14. AtonoAnon Member

    I'm up for protesting at the org again. I can head up a small band to stay at the church, I think we should keep at least a small presence there.
  15. due date for submission to the parade has passed
  16. anonemoose Member

    Of all days, why did the Church have to move St. Pat's to the 15th? WHY? Even if we go to the parade, everyone will be so fucked up they'll have no idea what we're doing or why, just "lulz he got a mask on". And going to the church, well everyone will be elsewhere. >__>
  17. I suggest we combine the boulder people into the Denver protest. Increase our numbers a bit since there were not many at the boulder one. I'll be coming down from Wyoming for march 15.
  18. nirv117 Member

    we could get ahead of the parade and follow its route to distribute flyers to the people just waiting for the parade.
  19. anonymous7865 Member

    pretty sure they wont let you do that
  20. SnazzyAnon Member

    Very true; any one who can should get in touch with the Denver PD for deeper info on these ideas. If this is the path that we wanna take, then we should do our best to make sure we don't trip up anywhere.
  21. nirv117 Member

    If we stayed in the crowds of people on the sides - ie not in the streets, then I think we'd be perfectly legal. I don't know how we would be received in that fashion though.
  22. I like the idea of boulder and denver anons combining on the 15th.
    I like the idea of more anonymous on the trains/busses.

    I'm not sure about the capitol. Moving about the crowds with pamphlets, but no signs seems like a good idea...

    I'm on the fence about where we should focus our numbers though;
    Do we try to rile up the scientologists on their own street?
    Or do we work on getting more public reckognition/support in Denver?
  23. Kamizar Member

    Why not both, we have the numbers for an effective split...
  24. nirv117 Member

    Media wise we get more attention with signs @ $cientology HQ, (I don't know how much media we'd get) I think we can reach more public with the message by distributing flyers / cards in the crowds for the parade.

    Personally I think making more of the public aware of the truth will help move us closer to our ultimate goal. Especially if we focus the message to the parade goers as one of why does this group have tax exempt status.

    If we get over 100 people this time We could send 20 to distribute along parade route, and the rest picket outside the CO$. What time is the parade set to start?
  25. Anonimal Member

    Ooh, I can see it now: Passing out St Patrick's Day fliers declaring Co$ a "LepreCON!" :p
  26. SnazzyAnon Member

  27. AnonaBlue Member

    If there is no Boulder raid, I will be in attendance. I'd be willing to work with the police to gain permits and what not once we've decided what we will be doing.
  28. Invaderman Member

    i have informed many of people i come in contact and so far have 3 more people coming with me to the protest in denver. i cant make it all the way out to boulder.
  29. Anon812 Member

    I will be there with bells on... and about 4 other friends who are pumped about this after seeing the success of Feb 10th
  30. anon_x Member

    Boulder anon reporting in.

    Staying in Boulder is much easier for my group, but if Denver is where it's at I'm sure we can figure something out.
  31. If we did do a split, (half on COS site, half on parade), I think passing out fliers, etc. in groups of 3+ would be the safest considering the holiday/watching your back, etc. 3-6 would probably be the best for moving through the crowds, 6 may even be too cumbersome.
  32. A-nonYmus Member

    I still think doing it on st pattys is gonna mess some stuff up. people may not be driving as much, might be more interested in doing other things like drinking. But those are just my thoughts. I got a guy fawks mask and just bought a red tie, so i am ready to go.

    Spreading fliers in the crowd of a parade is a good idea though. to bad we cant have a float.
  33. Colorado Springs anon here. Was afraid to participate on Feb. 10 because a friend of mine from school warned that my university would kick me out for being arrested even for a peaceful demonstration. Not that it was at all likely to happen. I'll definitely be there on the fifteenth.

    Edit so this isn't a completely pointless post: Since I'm in Colorado Springs, where should I park? Also, I work in sort of a print shop/home office supply so if anybody needs a sign, PM me with details.
  34. Kamizar Member

    The 2 officers that initiated us on the sidewalk were pretty cool fellows, i plan to bring them at least water and a card next time...
  35. HouseSpider Member

    We could do the split site thing and have the small groups downtown pass out fliers that have info about $ci on one side, and an invite to join us in Englewood on the other with a short breakdown of the rules of picketing. If we wanna get real fancy we can offer them a cheep mask with it. Should we maybe wear green ties? Would look more acceptable to the public, it being a green holiday. We should call radio talk shows ahead of time and talk about who we are and what we are planning. But I believe we should wait to do any public promotion until a week or so ahead of time.

    I was also thinking that maybe the downtown groups could wear more festive attire. Like maybe a mask, green fro, and green t-shirts inviting people to protest the cult after the parade. They'd look less like the scary looking freaks disrupting the party. Might help if we can find a quote of LRH dissing the Irish (which wouldn't surprise me if there is one, he knocks just about everyone at some point).

    We absolutely need to do better at getting press attention this time. I only heard of one local news report that mentioned us. We should write editorials about the lack of coverage of such a major world wide event and send them to local newspapers. We need to make sure we send well thought out and concise press releases to EVERY media outlet in Colorado this time. I dare say we should make a video to match that press release and not only post it to YouTube, but send it directly to the Colorado and even Wyoming and Kansas TV stations. If we do this we must make sure that the computer generated voice is clear and easy to understand and does not have music blasting in the background. They also likely won't show it if there are copyright violations in it. It should also make clear that we have no intention of disrupting any St Patrick's Day celebrations. We need to make contact with the media outlet and verify that they got what we sent.

    We should also follow Magoo's advice and send our videos of the raid directly to all regional TV stations and even the national and international networks with an explanation of us, our goals, what we did and why we think their viewers will care. All this video might only be on air for a few moments but that's a moment in the spotlight we didn't otherwise have. And the more video we send them, the more likely they are to use it. The more stock footage they get of us, the longer and less boring the montage behind the talking head gets. All good still pix should be sent in high rez to all regional newspapers.

    EDIT -
    Another idea. There's always someone who forgets to wear green when going to the parade. Maybe we could make up some anti-scientology green t-shirts that we could offer such folks. "uh oh, looks like you forgot your green buddy. Can I offer you free green shirt? Why are we protesting scientology? Why today? Well let me tell you friend..."
  36. juntadna Member

    I will be there, wherever it is we agree on going.
  37. kitten Member

    There are no leaders here. If we divide, who is going to decide who goes where and how many people. I do not want 100 people going downtown thinking they are the only ones. If we do split, we need to meet at a place first, like 10am at the park. 6-10 anons with fliers go downtown and everyone else goes to the "church", the decision is made on site. We differently need to be at the church to provoke MOAR "free stress tests" on "guy on roof" and "guy yelling into phone." We need to show them that Denver, which was once a "saint hill size org" will not be ignored.

  38. alsocake Member

    We need to really drive home the fact that Scientology has already engaged in Fair Game here in our own town! In 1995, Bob Penny's and Lawrence Wollersheim's homes in Boulder were raided by Scientology and the FBI, basically for running Their computers were seized and the Co$ gave out a slanderous press release. It got a lot of media attention, as did the lawsuit against the Co$ to get the stuff back. We need to remind the Denver public that it has already happened HERE.

    read more:
  39. HouseSpider Member

    Good call alsocake & kitten.
  40. Anonimal Member

    HouseSpider suggested:
    I fully agree that we should wear green, although the striking, dramatic red-and-black ensemble originally suggested could be adopted at a future event. This being an established holiday, however, we should go with the flow, not against the grain. Also, I was really pretty much kidding before, but now, I'm starting to think that a St. Patrick's Day pun like the one I posted earlier ($cientology is a lepreCON) might actually be an effective flier at the parade, so long as there is a digestible chunk of truth and information to go along with it.

    Kitten and alsocake make valid points.

    As far as press coverage goes, I'm wondering if Westword wouldn't be our most sympathetic ear...

    Concerning "Ted the Hobo..."
    The dude "handled" the protest, from a scifag POV. All they need do, in their estimation, is get us distracted and chattering with them, something they call "Q&A," and that's EXACTLY what Ted did; he took the focus away from the public and put it on himself. He stole the show, and what's more, he presents a scifag's rebuttal to the protest on Youtube, courtesy of Anon! :shock:

    In the future, we might be better off if we ignore people like that, homeless or not. He was not from the general public, asking general questions about what we were doing and why it was being done; he was a knowledgeable scientologist who wanted to discuss the merits of $cientology and expose the protesters as being less-knowledgeable than his funky, homeless self. Sadly, he not only did so, he flat pwned us. The fact that that some hobo nutcase can do their job for them better than they can probably says something about the condition of the Co$, but we might be better served by remaining focused on our purpose in the future.

    We aren't trying to open a dialogue with them when we protest; we are exposing the public to the truth. Members of the general public who want to know what's up should be engaged and enlightened. People who come up and spew scifag rhetoric at us should be brushed off quietly and without remorse. Those are my thoughts, anyway. *shrug*
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