Denver, Colorado Jan 17th 2009

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by HouseSpiderV2, Jan 18, 2009.

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    Denver, Colorado Jan 17th 2009

    I came late so I missed alot of the activity at the org and that neighbourhood. Perhaps another COanon can fill the hivemind in on that. We got stopped next to the org by a bible thumper who was half out of his mind but was sorta talking about scilons too so I filmed it. I might post it cus it's a lil lulzy watching a madman ramble about moths on train tracks while scilons try to creep by without getting their faces on camera or listening to us invite them to visit various websites.

    I got followed by local scilon camerafag "PedoShave" (formerly PedoBeard) after walking around the org with a few fellow anons/critics before we headed downtown to meet up with the rest of the Anons. See video...

    [ame=]YouTube - Stalked By Scientology Agent "PedoShave" In Denver[/ame]

    Then we raided the 16th street pedestrian mall downtown. We liek to hugraid and then propagandize and troll anyone that hugs us. This time we got a herd of JB to start their own hugraid and later chased a couple terrified lolis into a dark ally where the Anons used auditing technique JB-45. I questioned the effectiveness of this tech but the lolis emerged from the alley giggling and talking about the evils of $cientology so I guess they knew what they were doing (prolly psychs irl). Anonymous gave an interview to a freelance video journalist that claims to work alot with CNN. He tried to get Anonymous to sign a release but we made it clear that wasn't going to happen. We promised that Anonymous wouldn't sue him for using it so long as he didn't sue Anonymous for distributing, using and abusing it if it evar saw publication. he was cool with that. Apparently an Anon was mildly assaulted or threatened or something by some nut (unknown at this point if he's scilon or not but he was by the org earlier apparently). Again, perhaps another COanon can clarify?

    During the raid it came to our attention that there was a marijuana legalization/fuck tha police rally a few blocks away so we decided we had to attend/propagandize/troll it. This was win. While some of us milled about warning people about the cult or looking to score a hit (they had a permit to smoke in public and under an ounce possession is legal in Denver) one of us stood behind the person addressing the crowd flipping a sign back and forth that read "Does Your Church Tape Confessionals? $cientology Does." and "Battletoads Mother#@(*er, DO YOU HAVE IT?". Eventually they gave Anonymous the bullhorn and the floor. After the complete reading of our flyer by an EFG mask, the bullhorn was thoroughly abused. That abuse attracted a few channers and random hemprally goers to gather nearer, some of whom masked up right then and there (with their own masks...).

    What else... um... Some old lady was walking her dog down 16th street, saw us, and I swear to Xenu she said with a big smile on her face something along the lines of "Stay back Anonymous! I've got a dog!" and broke into laughter as she went on her way. =O
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    Re: Denver, Colorado Jan 17th 2009

    I don't know what that dude looks like IRL, but in the video he looks like Michael Moore, imo.

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