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    It has been the case in the past that there have been "professional" deprogrammers who will attempt to deprogram just about anyone from any religion for a price.

    The notorious "Ted Patrick" who "was convicted of conspiracy, kidnapping, and false imprisonment " comes to mind. These professional deprogrammers probably did the anti-cult movement a great deal of harm and their misbehaviour (often violent) was often used inside cults to portray the "evil" of anti-cultists. I do even recall the case of a pair of conservative Jewish parents who paid anti-cult programmers to kidnap and "(unsuccessfully of course) deprogram" their lesbian daughter, and forcibly convert her to heterosexuality.

    If one substitutes the term "deprogramming" with simply "education," then in the modern world of the 21st century, with information from the anti-cult movement or the Internet about the various criticisms of cults, then from the above survey, this seems to be the main form of "external" deprogramming (though I would use the term, "education"); it is simply a process of educating cultists on the evils of their cult, and many respond positively to this.

    Prior to the existence of the WWW in the early 90's a person approached by a cult religion could not easily access information which was critical of the cult, but now it is on the tip of their fingers, and I think that this is perhaps why cults like Scientology, Sai Baba and the Moon cult, for example, now find it very hard to recruit. In 2001 any modern educated person can simply Google "Scientology" and the anti-cult sites come up on the front page. "Education" is a revolutionary activity; "deprogramming" is essentially a business.

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    Though the two (film) critics who reviewed it seemed to like.

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