DERAIL: Leah Remini has left Scientology?

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by Samki, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. OTeleventy Member

    Then your internet must be stuck. Here you go. No charge.
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  2. incog712 Member

    ITT: Self promoting talk show hosts operating on the fringe of network television
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  3. that is true. they are making monies, too , off of it. all of them, including leah.
    this is a big pr campaign. i am neutral about it, but it is a publicity campaign, and no butts about it.

    when she was on ellen, people were bumping the ellen thread all day to get people to watch and talk about the program. more spinning bullshit from career bullshitters. that is all. live moves along.
    also, none of them ever really helped us in any way shape or form, it is just now hip to leave the once cool crowd since they are not so cool anymore. some people never outgrow high school, even as full grown adults.
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  4. Quentinanon Member

    I wish someone in arms reach of Kuntie Alley would poke her with a pin to release the hot air.
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  5. RightOn Member

    eeeeww peeeew
  6. EveStropping Member

    Hell no, think of the smell.
    Step away from the pins please.
  7. Anonymous Member

    What a head case.
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  8. EveStropping Member

    Yes , but I can live with it.:rolleyes:
  9. DeathHamster Member

    Or his bladder?
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  10. Anonymous Member

    or his rectum, too drunk to not shit and piss himself David Miscavige is
  11. EveStropping Member

    "Kirstie Alley has emerged as the church’s most vocal defender" All that venom will eventually come back and bite her in the ass.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Big ass. May take some time.
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  13. EveStropping Member

    Now that's a good point you make about being less sympathetic. Back in the day when Elron started this crap people were lured into it because they wanted something new to believe in, and with the lack of media tools that we today take for granted, they were more accepting of what info was fed to them. I am not saying that's applicable to everyone, far from it, but I continually wonder why they didn't reach that point and realise it was all bull. Before Elron reared his ugly mug there had been no previous info available anywhere about this "religion". Did they ever wonder why it wasn't part of the schools curriculum? Why was it costing so much money ? Why the pseudo naval stylee uniforms?
    Why they were so accepting is beyond me, I cannot understand it at all.
    What's more right now I have a close family member who has been part of that insane cult for quite a while, and the news I got recently about my sibling is not good.

    I feel more angry than sympathetic, and my fingers are always crossed that DM has a nasty fall on the stairs.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Unless you've only been around a few months, this is a really clueless post. You seem to have not gotten the means and methods used to lure people into cults. YOur time sense is also lacking.

    Hubbard started with a national best seller self help book. It all flowed from that and Hubbard's ego and his ability to con people.

    It was another 15 years years before he started that fake navy.

    People want to believe, and that desire can overwhelm common sense.
  15. Cymbeline didn't sound clueless to me in that post, but i am new here.
  16. EveStropping Member

    My statement did not include a timeline, it raised questions that I have asked myself over and over again. I accept the reasoning in the minds of some scientologists that they did have a need to believe in something and they were within their rights to chose Scientology. Everyone has the right to chose what alter to worship at whether it's gods, goats or Gucci. Again as I stated previously before Hubbard there was no Scientology, it did not exist.
    As for my " to have not gotten the means and methods used to lure people into cults" You could not be more wrong on that point. I have read more on this subject in the last few months than most people will read in a lifetime.
    Had you read my statement with more care you would have noticed I said "but I continually wonder why they didn't reach that point and realise it was all bull" , wanting to believe in something is not what I am questioning, nor is the desire to believe in something a question that troubles me either. What does bother me is why they did not think more about what Scientology was really based on, and the tech etc that accompanies it.
    Every new club,venture or religion ( if that's how you want to describe CO$) is always exciting initially, but once the fuss dies down and the every day nitty gritty kicks in that's a point when people would begin to ask what's really happening here, particularly where money is concerned. There are plenty of very credible accounts from ex's who have been paid buttons and in many cases nothing at times. These people have gone on to say they hoped change would come eventually, and it did come but for the worse.
    Back to my original question of blind acceptance .....I will always wonder why.
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  17. EveStropping Member

    Hello Asia and welcome
  18. EveStropping Member

    Vulnerable yes. Stupid no.
  19. Anonymous Member

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  20. EveStropping Member

    Yes Nordenholz did write that book, but Scientology as a religion did not come into the public domain until Hubbard decided to make it so.
    More to the point Nordenholz is NOT advocating Scientology as a religion.
    Conformity, ok here is my opinion on that . Not everyone is a sheep.

    You have your opinions , I have mine and the courage to express them without doing it anonymously.
    Since this thread is about Leah Remini leaving Scientology and two of us have gone off topic I'd like to express my apologies for the derailment particularly to The Wrong Guy who puts so much hard work into this subject and others too. Sorry and again I appreciate your contributions.

    Meanwhile Leah Remini has left Scientology....

  22. KKS, I think that he could have known . Thanks for the link, btw.
    I say that there is a possibility that he knew about the author, Nordenholz, because his books were published in Germany, and some study of a form of Theosophy is found throughout the "philosophies" or "practices" that i know of. Maybe some wires are crossed here, but there are a lot of notable parallels to be found.
    Not all of them bad or good..... like those ancient and impossibly unresolvable conflicts about the differences or rightness in choosing either the Left or Right hand path.
  23. Hello Cymbeline.
    Happy Sunday. ;) 'Morning, wherever you may be...
  24. Anonymous Member

    If your couple of months of intense reading is good, then my 20+ years is even better.

    Again, it is not stupidity to be vulnerable.

    Telling victims of scams that they are stupid is not an effective way to view the situation. Demeaning the victims is not the way to go.

    Yes, they are both victims and victimizers, and they are also caught up in a situation that is beyond their ability to understand.

    People get into cults because they are vulnerable. The stupid ones are not kept around, since they are, well, stupid and not particularly effective.

    A smart person, OTOH, can find many more cool justifications for what he is doing. He essentially creates his own reasons for remaining. It becomes like the battered wife syndrome, they think the beatings are an indication of love. YOu and I see that as false, but to the person caught up in the emotions, it is a valid (in their mind) connection.

    So I understand that it makes no sense that people remain in what is obviously a destructive relationship. But the fact they do isn't an indication of stupidity, but of vulnerability and perceived lack of choices.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they've been fooled" --Twain? Maybe, maybe mebbe not

    But were it not so, our task would have been wrapped up long ago.
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  26. EveStropping Member

  27. JohnnyRUClear Member

    all aboard the failquote ^^^^^
  28. EveStropping Member

    Give it a rest please. I admit to making a remark that was inappropriate. Furthermore I have apologised.
    Beyond that there is nothing more I can do.
  29. Anonymous Member

    cimbeline makes a point then some ahole picks non existant holes fail fail fail fail fail fail fail always someone wantin a fight in here
  30. Anonymous Member

    That was a reference to the missing end square bracket and resulting code breakage of your post, you probably can still edit the post using the BBcode editor button (top right) and add that end square bracket back.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    The auto-deletion of the end square bracket has happened to me quite a few times, probably a glitch in the forum software (and pretty annoying when it happens posting anonymously)
  32. EveStropping Member

    Thanks , but I would like to see this particular conversation ended here. It started off as Leah Remini has left Scientology and that's where it ought to resume.
    The Wrong Guy will be bloody terrified to add more to this after doing so much good work.
  33. JohnnyRUClear Member

    As Anon mentioned, I was merely poking fun at the messed-up formatting. I have no problem with anything you're saying, except that I expect The Wrong Guy is made of sterner stuff than you suppose. :)
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  34. EveStropping Member

    Cheers Johnny , :)
  35. [IMG]
  36. i agree. she said nothing wrong as far as i am concerned, and i viewed that comment as a personal reflection of how people feel, sometimes. it doesn't have to mean that it is absolutely true at any given time, or that she should have to deflect your criticism for having said so.

    if it were an ad-hom attack on another individual, that would be a completely different matter altogether.

    when you guys are not mindful of what sorts of bickering you want to get into with one another, it really makes the conversation decompose into nothing. we all have our "stuff". all of us. there is not need to project spite onto one another over really petty and indifferent shit. thanks. and good day.

    Cymbeline, the above was not directed at you. There are little forum bullies who are a PITA at times.
  37. Yeah, everything has a price tag, doesn't it....

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