Details from Sunday Tehran university attacks

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Dinner Jacket, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. 1:56 AM ET -- Gruesome details from the Tehran University attacks emerge. The Wall Street Journal continues its stellar coverage:

    At the same time, Iran's Interior Ministry ordered a probe into an attack late Sunday night on Tehran University students in a dormitory reported to have left several students dead and many more injured or arrested. Students say it was carried out by Islamic militia and police. Iran's English-language Press TV said the ministry urged Tehran's governor's office to identify those involved. Iran's influential speaker of parliament, Ali Larijani, condemned the attack.

    Students' Web sites reported mass resignations by Tehran University professors outraged over the incident. One medical student said he and his roommate blocked their door with furniture and hid in the closet when they heard the militia's motorcycles approaching. He heard the militia breaking down doors, and then screams of anguish as students were dragged from their beds and beaten violently.

    When he came out after the militia had left, friends and classmates lay unconscious in dorm rooms and hallways, many with chest wounds from being stabbed or bloody faces from blows to their heads, he said. The staff of the hospital where the wounded students were taken, Hazrat Rasoul Hospital, was so shocked that they went on strike for two hours, standing silently outside the gate in their white medical uniforms.
  2. Holy shit...
  3. Won't be long before the international community begins to intervene. It'll begin politically and economically and who knows where it'll end.
  4. i hope the special forces that were protecting the protesters yesterday will protect the universities tonight
  5. will try and find the source, but I think 5 girls were thrown from 3-rd floor balcony
  6. I Ran Hubbard Member

    I thought that was previously reported on.
  7. Aro surprises

    Well, Special forces aren't actually protecting protesters. they're watching them so that they don't make a wrong move or preach the wrong Slogan or else!! and if they're ordered to, they will beat people to death just because of protesting Illegally(!!) in the streets.

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