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Discussion in 'Kyle Brennan' started by YouSeeNothing, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    See, that's where I'm asking. If Kyle periodically backed up his files whether on an external hard drive or online to prevent data loss should his computer become compromised, then the laptop purge means nothing. And if Mr. Gentile doesn't know about that, then he's royally screwed if there was incriminating information in it and someone grabs a hold of it.

    My college work is all digital for a portfolio, so we're encouraged to upload backups both online and on external drives. If there's some kind of inkling that Kyle had done that as well...
  2. Anonymous Member

    No there is no inkling I have copies of all of the correspondence hundreds of pages and again his Mother was very involved in this young man's life.

    I also read the FDLE investigation on the laptop if had had an external device that would have shown up on the computer properties page. If he had ever used or installed any other devices on that machine it would have shown up when they looked at it during the inspection. Also in his home town a computer savvy individual checked the machine that's how we know 2hrs after his death files were deleted.
  3. YouSeeNothing Member

    Does that computer-savvy person count as an expert witness though? I still think the laptop needs to be re-examined by a forensic tech expert...for when case this goes back to trial. :)
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  4. Anonymous Member

    What about online drives? Only the user can access data there. And I read somewhere that he had so many files on his computer that he moved stuff into an external drive. Where's the external drive then?
  5. Anonymous Member

  6. Anonymous Member

    Where did you read of online storage I have all the case documents here on my machine. I've read all of his Mother's correspondence and Clearwater PD's. Was it his brother's depo or Aunts? I just never heard that one even his Mother would want to hear of that part.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Also Scott Brennan's wife Mia has a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce with a concentration in Information Technology. She also was employed for numerous years doing computer research for a retired professor.

    She Totally Disagrees with the FDLE investigation of Kyle's laptop

  8. Anonymous Member

    I didn't hear of online storage. I was just suggesting if he had used it to store his stuff. I do it just in case my computer flatlines. The external drive comment I mixed up, so my apologies on that. The poster of the comment suggested that he/she uses an external hard drive, and wondered why Kyle didn't have one.

    But if you are able to contact his mother, maybe you can ask if he's ever talked about backing his laptop up, or if she saw him use a website specializing in data backups. If I was in his shoes, I would have done things like that to make sure the evidence was safely kept should someone get a hold of my own laptop and wipe it.
  9. Anonymous Member

    I it had a 40gig hard-drive this was also an older model, he was using Microsoft Works so I don't think he had a lot of software loaded on eating up storage space he also ran Win XP. Plus he had an Ipod, the Ipod again was returned by his so-called father however it had been wiped clean.

    The only person who used an Ext/thumb drive was Mr. Gentile the so-called computer guy I mean he does own a computer company. Kyle never had or used a thumb drive or any external storage device only the dirtbag Gentile who erased the files had one, that's after reading now 175 pages of documents.

    However your comment did cause me to read through some previous depos from various family members. Kyle stored a lot of Homework, school projects, poems, writing on other various subject matter and was a meticulous document creator this is verified in numerous court document/depos.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Okay, the iPod interests me too. My other external hard drive was my 160GB iPod. There are two ways to wipe an iPod and it depends on if the wiper in question knew that an iPod works. Take my mother, for example. She would be able to wipe out my music using iTunes, but she wouldn't know about the external drive used to store my stuff aside from my music. If Mr. Gentile wiped his iPod, did he wipe the drive too? All Kyle's mother has to do is plug it into the computer and look at the disk drive for it.

    So...Gentile has Kyle's stuff copied onto his thumb drive? It wouldn't make sense otherwise.

    See, that's what I mean. I'm reading that he was a very meticulous young man who had lots of stuff written. It would only make sense that he would store any incriminating information somewhere else for safe keeping.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Thank you Anon I was not aware there were avenues to research with the Ipod I shall pass this along:)
  12. Anonymous Member

  13. YouSeeNothing Member

    Exactly. Even 10 years ago I could retrieve 70% of a wiped hard drive with commercial software unless they specifically wrote zeroes over the platter doing a secure wipe. And if they did, that's questionable in itself. Accidentally deleting and wiping are two separate things.
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  14. JohnnyRUClear Member

    The bolded parts are stupid.

    The instant that gun went off, the laptop became evidence in an inevitable police investigation. Tampering with evidence is a no-no.

    Any interaction Jerry had with that laptop after the gun went off is highly suspect. Any alteration of anything on it is even more suspect. Installing a print driver onto it would be stupid, but not necessarily malevolent -- although someone who is involved in a computer company ought to know better, so ignorance would have been a tough sell there. Installing printer drivers is normally drama-free, but not always. Under the circumstances, it would be absolutely better to copy documents from the laptop to another computer rather than installing a printer driver on the laptop, and I'm disappoint that nobody else has pointed that out yet.

    Overwriting or deleting any files on it would be not just stupid but radioactively suspicious. If he copied files from the laptop to an external device, there would be no reason to copy anything back to the laptop. Copying the files back sounds like the kind of nonsense someone might say if they had never used a computer and were thinking of how one handles paper files. Perhaps there's something more to this than I've picked up so far (desire to preserve new formatting?), but again, the laptop was evidence, so it is not cool to alter anything on it. If preservation of new formatting is desired, just save the new version of the file(s) on the other machine or the portable drive.

    Disclaimer: I've read none of the depositions or any other source dox in this case; my knowledge about it is all secondhand from reading threads on this site.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Well I did read about 175 pages of the depo's, interviews and document it's disappointing that you find my pointing out some facts was stupid, at least to you.
  16. anonymous612 Member

    For the record, it's not a matter of suspicious. Altering the contents at all including adding drivers would be tampering with evidence. The laptop has to exist exactly as it did when Kyle was killed.
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  17. YouSeeNothing Member

    I won't presume to speak for JRUC, but I read that as he thought that Gentile was stupid as noted in the bolded parts. I read several hundred pages and I noted a lot of the glaring inconsistencies too, the stupid parts being the people involved in the investigation. Although, I would use the term negligent, not stupid.
    Taking a couple of days off from reading the depositions again. Just too mind-numbingly aggravating today.
  18. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Straw man much? I'm glad that you made the effort I didn't, and that you reported on it here. <3

    My only complaint with you is your assertion that it would make sense to install print drivers on that laptop after the death of its owner, and I only complained about that because nobody else had yet. Do not install anything on a computer at that point. Leave it exactly as it was.
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    This whole case was Fail by the PD from beginning to end they did not follow correct procedure for processing of a crime scene 101. They did not secure the scene or process evidence as they should have on so many levels. They did not get proper ID Kyle had that on him, they did not secure the computer, the Ipod etc..

    No one should have had access to the computer I agree however Mr. Gentile's compromising of evidence he alone should be prosecuted for that alone, his story is totally BS.

    There was also an Ipod returned erased that was sent back to the Mother.

    The investigating 2yr rookie Yuen should not even be allowed on a police force he is a joke.
    No one should have tampered with any evidence however Yuen did not collect so much proper evidence at the scene it is truly unbelievable.

    Here is a DOJ document printed in the late 90's which shows proper investigative scene processing all of this was diregarded. The Clearwater PD should be called on the carpet for their handling of this case.
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  20. grebe Member

    Was Jerry Gentile involved in the Digital Lightwave collapse? I seem to remember a Federal investigation. If so, then any "Oh I are retarded" excuse should not wash.
  21. Anonymous Member

    What I am not understanding is why the 'suicide' of someone who was on the record as being in contact with the FBI as Kyle was wasn't investigated more closely.
  22. Anonymous Member

    You could ask officer Yuen of the Clearwater PD he is the one responsible for the horrible investigation, scene processing and interviews. However he might be a little bit ashamed of his 2yr rookie mistakes it amazes me he has the gall to put on a badge he is a disgrace to the uniform.

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