Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by pooks, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. pooks Member

    Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    The cult has a massive Dianetics Book TV ad campaign underway. These ads are
    to be part of the latest book a thon campaign. The idea is for people to see the ads
    and then buy the book when they see the stress test tables. These ads are running
    in the US and Canada

    Network: A&E

    Crossing Jordon
    The Sopranos
    CSI: Miami
    Cold Case
    American Justice
    The First 48
    Under Siege
    Crime 360

    Network: BBC America

    Cash In The Attic
    You Are What You Eat
    How Clean Is Your House
    Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares
    Bargain Hunters
    BBC World News
    Robin Hood, Top Gear, MI-5, Not Going Out, Absolutely Fabulous

    Network: Comedy

    Mad TV
    Reno 911
    Colbert Report
    South Park
    Mind of Macia

    Network: CNBC

    Squawk Box
    Squawk On The Street
    The Call
    Power Lunch
    Street Signs
    Closing Bell
    Fast Money
    Mad Money
    Kudlow & Company
    Deal Or No Deal
    The Big Idea

    Network: Discovery

    How It's Made
    How Do They Do That
    Cash Cab
    Deadliest Catch
    Discovery Classics
    A Haunting
    It Takes A Thief

    Network: History

    Crime Wave
    True Crime
    Organized Crime
    Modern Marvels
    Ice Road Truckers

    Network: MSNBC

    Race For The Whitehouse
    Hardball With Chris Mathews
    Street Signs
    Closing Ball
    News Ball
    Countdown With Keith Olberman
    Morning Joe
    MSNBC News

    Network: MTV

    Parental Control
    My Super Sweet 16
    Engaged And Underage
    Legally Blonde The Musical
    A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila
    Room Raiders
    America's Best Dance Crews
    Rob And Big
    Run's House
    Wild'n Out
    Pimp My Ride
    Viva La Bam
    Free Countdown
  2. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    Davey's last dash for cash before he's unseated as COB?
  3. Sargo Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    LULZ I WAS WATCHING ..fuck cruise controll

    colbert n lulz^_^ one was

    i think stephen should no about this^_^

    damn those gayantics
  4. Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    Fuck. They've just blown about $20 million on this. There's no way they're going to get that back in booksales.
  5. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    So... the eternal question:

    "What can we do to wreck it?"
  6. AnonZombie Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    Add History: "The Revolution".
  7. Legione Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    We dont need to.

    The ads look like theyre straight out of 1970. Its a volcano, and the words DIANETICS.ORG float out of it in the wonderful font that all hackneyed commercials use.

    Add that to the fact that i see the ads three times an hour after midnight on Comedy Central, the stupid fucking cult is lining up to hemorrhage money.
  8. anonnews Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    Let them spend the money. When I first saw them I got pissed-off, too. Especially because they are choosing specific networks that have "credibility (all of the Discovery brands)," as well as those that target the youth market. I'm not so concerned now. The reason being that it actually gives us a more mainstream audience to speak to. What do I mean? Well, before if we talked to a stranger about dianetics, they probably (likely) would have just said "whut?" Now, we have a discussion point about the freaky/weird commercials. Scn was hoping for a curiosity factor for d****.org, so let's exploit that.
  9. JFawkeson Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    I turned on Comedy Central after reading this post and, lo and behold, there was an ad. They are absolute crap, indeed. The aspect ratio looked fucked up and that's one of my pet peeves. Ugly, shitty and hopefully extremely expensive ads.
  10. Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    I love how their time-slot seems to be after midnight on Comedy Central. That basically means people will associate Dianetics with the credibility and integrity of the other products advertised during that time: Girls Gone Wild, Extenze ("male enhancement" pills), and those Text-to-Flirt hotlines.

    This must have cost a fortune. There's no conceivable way they'll profit from this expenditure. They won't even come close to being able to pay for the ads with book-sales.
  11. Legione Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    Add to the fact that the type of person watching Comedy Central after midnight is probably like, 99% atheist college student with zero money...

    Who is their target audience there? I mean, most of the other channels, I could conceive of a few people getting curious... maybe. But probably not. But Comedy Central at midnight? Do they even WANT us people?
  12. Flynn Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.


    is no BS. Most of the commercials on Comedy Central are for male enhancement, 900 numbers, and video games. Let the DANGEROUS CULT thow thay money away. :wink:
  13. anonymal Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    Seriously stupid. The last thing the cult should be doing right now is advertising. Anything that draws people's attention to dianetics is also going to draw their attention to the critical information. It's like the cult is paying to advertise anonymous!
  14. Terl Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    Can't imagine anyone being duped by these ads... lulz@'religions' with commercials.
  15. eclipsael Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    Interesting; so far they're targeting channels owned by NBC Universal, Viacom, and Discovery Networks. I wonder how many other conglomerations they've petitioned for ad spots.
  16. QAnon Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    They're targeting NBC Universal-owned networks, but they didn't buy ads on Sci-Fi Channel. Gee, wonder why not?
  17. Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    Okay, I'll go ahead and state the obvious: Because the Xenu story is outclassed by the stuff on Sci-Fi after midnight?
  18. Anon Char Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    The majority of the time they show on Thursdays either once in the morning in the 9-10AM slot, or at 3:48-4:48 PM slot, and its mostly during reruns of shows, and not in prime time showings.

    Having the add run during those times shows they have the money, but more a desperate gesture because day time adverts cost more than a nighttime infomercial time slot.

    If Scienos believe in time zones, these time slots occur around 2PM eastern time in during the morning timeslot in the west, which gives them an inflated upstat, and while in the after noon, it gives them an inflated upstat during 2PM in hawaiian time zone while the adds are running in the late afternoon time slot in the west coast. So Scienos may be applying a sort of odd version of mest to stroke themselves.

    Oh, dianetics doesn't just appear on the screen

    The Commercial SHITS VOLCANOES.
  19. Asian-anon Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    THIS is proof that we have a 5th column on the inside bleeding the cash of the cult dry. Me likes.
  20. Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    I LOVE that they are spending so much money on ads...probably trying to recreate Jeff's initial success..

    But it's not going to work..before there was ANON I LOL'd at the ads, now I just LOL LOUDER...and from what I hear out and about, so does everyone else...don't THEY KNOW that by now nearly everyone has seen South Park? (or Cruise on the couch??)

  21. Anon Char Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    At firs it was like "FUCK NO! NOT MY DISCOVERY CHANNEL!"

    Then I'm thinking, well fuck, at least its money not going towards the use of scientology!
  22. XtremeNL Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    Counterfeit Dreams
    This is an extremely relevant blog.
    I'm guessing they are using his plan, but without doing the necesary research to update it.
  23. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    Expect more of this. All the profit margins of the 80s are gone, and whilst money is not yet an issue for the cult, it very soon will be.

  24. Ever_Anon Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    I see the commercials at night, and honestly I take the ExtenZe commercials more seriously, I mean, at least they don't look like some 12 year old is trying their hand at making a video.
  25. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    Now I remember why it is I am glad I don't have cable. I've yet to see them bother with local broadcast network television in my area, which is a pretty big city. I so wish in my mind's eye that somehow they'd slick a PBS sponsorship past NPR and we could just step back and watch the firestorm. Look at the show's demographics to know who they're trying to target.
  26. supafreak Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    Good, let the cult waste its money.
  27. an_anonymous Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    iirc google bombs are about the number of websites linking the words not about the number of times those words are linked
  28. Consensus Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    The more they bring Scientology into the national dialog, the more attention we get. They *can't get good press.* Not so long as we're around. This is very, very good.
  29. Scientragedy Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    This fact is abundantly clear now...
    CO$ advertising on the net has proved to be a TOTAL FAILURE! Internet surfers are too saavy to fall for the Cult's nonsense. Checking into the "Church" is merely a few keystrokes away.

    Word is spreading too quickly to the general population, mostly due to the protests.
    TV advertisements will fail miserably too, especially because of the demographics they have targeted.
  30. the_cloak Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    LO-FUCKING-L. With all the DVR's out there, I doubt they will get that much viewership. Not to mention does anyone pay attention to these sad looking ads you see for get rich quick/make money now/lose weight now and of course DIANETICS LOL? I'm to the point where I just tune them out or switch channels for a minute then check to see if the show it back on or go check email, take a shit or do something else equally more productive than watching their failmercials.
  31. Anonifus Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    I can't believe you did this.

    We have a fucking SHINING opportunity here and you're all for letting the ads run unmolested? To be honest, I'm not sure if those people who are saying "Lets be inactive on this one u guise!" are scilon plants, or have been handled to think that no one will take an interest.

    [/tinfoil hat]

    Advertising WORKS, even if the success rate is small, it's still worth it in the eyes of the cult- a person earns a lot in their lifetime and that income is essentially their income, if they only attract a fraction of their target amount, it's still a win for them.

    What's more, think of the potential lulz! National television, make them look like idiots nation wide! We need a brainstorm- let's hit these fuckers where it hurts.
  32. dtpthosvc Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    Are you suggesting that Anon run TV ads?

    Because that would be awesome.
  33. Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    And expensive.

    Though I'd really love to see our logo on the screen. But even if advertising would work on a very small scale, it still doesn't eclipse how much it would cost, even at the same lame times the Dianetics ads show up.
  34. twistedpuppet Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    I think he's suggesting complaining to the networks airing the commercials or to your local cable company.
  35. Chowder Member

    scientology dianetics commercials

    Ive noticed more and more dianetics commercials recently. mostly on MTV
    today one appeared in the middle of south park
  36. Re: scientology dianetics commercials

    Yes I saw one while watching South Park on Comedy Central during a commercial break. Kind of a Scilon snub at Matt and Trey if you ask me.
  37. scarletbanner Member

    Re: scientology dianetics commercials

    I've been seeing more and more then usual. Not just the History Channel or the Discovery channel anymore. I saw one earlier on Comedy Central and late last night on TV Land.
  38. voiceless849 Member

    Re: scientology dianetics commercials

    Expect big ad campaign to continue.... Scientology is coming up the conditions! It appears that Scientology is officially applying the condition of "Emergency".

    Condition of Emergency.

    # Promote and produce. Here are your ads.

    # Change your operating basis. Unsure about this one, but be on the lookout for more front groups, a la Quixtar / Pyxis / Amway. It seems that whenever faced with truth, Scientology generates exponentially more lies.

    # Economize. Expect to see them sell off property in the next 6 months or so.

    # Then prepare to deliver. They'll get the flag super-duper-powers building completed.

    # Stiffen discipline or stiffen ethics. Lots of RPFers...

    Nice when you can predict the actions of your opponent?
  39. AnonymousTV Member

    Re: Dianetic TV Ad Campaign.

    I love how many shows they've spent money on for MTV, specifically.

    Looks like they need soem new, young staff members.
  40. Gaius_Baltar Member

    Re: scientology dianetics commercials

    I really doubt those commercials are gonna make any profit.
    Sure their sales might triple (in other words, the'll sell 2 more copies than usual) but the sheer cost of all these commercials will end up costing them more economicly than what they're gaining back.

    I recently went into a Chapters (book store) and while looking for another book by using one of their computers; I decided to look up Dianetics.
    It's rating was 1.6 out of 5. Technicly it was 0.6 out of 4, since the lowest rating you can give a book is a 1 on 5.

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